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A Picnic Adventure


     As I sit here in bed I can feel the cool, refreshing lake More breeze with its lovely, soothing honey smell.

I am tired oh so tired and it doesn’t vanish at the thought of church parade tomorrow or the fact that my homework isn’t done & that my practising (sic) is simply isn’t.

To these things there surely must be some deadly weapon & there is.  We went down to Sunnyside today.  It was thrilling of course & we enjoyed ourselves very much but I still long for the roasted… (-so sorry, but the remainder of this sentence is completely illegible due to water damage.)


Wednesday May 12

I am sitting in the sun room thinking how beautiful is the amber sunset before me.  It is very quiet out for a city all the trees are still & only occasionally can I hear a bird chirping.

I have been busy writing poetry.  It is rather silly poetry so I won’t put it in here. I but if it is good enough I’ll put it in “Odds and Ends” when I finish it.

Our exams start on the 28th.  Happy thought.

The Guides had another church parade last Sunday & the minister preached on Mothers.  (for Mother’s Day)

Saturday June 6

A rainy Saturday nothing more detestable I don’t think.

We had planned to go to the farm for a swim in the Humber but alas with rain & cold our pastime was turned to lighter things such as paying cards & fighting.  First Marion’s mother turned the carpet so we wouldn’t get it dirty.  Imagine!  I was discusted.  (sic) you’d think we were two year olds.  Fist fighting came in & Betty got hold of Marion’s shoes.  Then Marion sat back & sulked while Bety made the shoes dance & then put them out in the rain.  Of course Marion was enraged & went to Helen’s veranda here soon dispersing because Billy was asleep & we were too noisy.

Last Wednesday Mr. Dance drove Helen A., Marion, Margee, Betty, & I out to the Huber (by their farm.)  We took our lunch & wore or bathing suits under our dresses.  After lunch we took a sunbath having been particularly not to go in till an hour should pass.  It seemed ages but when it finally did pass we swankered down to the river.  we plunged in and had a great time while the boys played ball.

After swimming, being thirsty Margee & Helen & I borrowed the boy’s bicycles & went to the farm to get a drink.  Coming back however we felt particularly gay & decided to ride along the country road for awhile.  It was awfully thrilling & exciting going up & down hills with over hanging willows, & maples or poplars making beautiful paterns (sic) on the road.  Escpecially (sic) going up a hill you didn’t know what was before you just as going around a bend.

Then suddenly all the beautifulness came to an end as Helen fell & I swerving out to miss her fell & cut my hand and knee.  They hurt terribly but of course it couldn’t have been something desent (sic) like breaking my ankle or something.  No body ever thinks anything of a cut knee but if you have a broken ankle its quite different.  But then I’m running off of my story.  When we reached the car Marion & Betty had gone to get our things & the boys were sprawled leisurly (sic) on the grass waiting for their bicycles.  We got a drink & then along came Marion & Betty.  They were both looking mad at each other & all Betty had was her bag while Marion had all our things besides the rug & hers.  Did I say all?  Not so.  Alas they had left my coat & towel behind.

I just stood there & looked.  My knee was awfully sore & to think I had to walk all that way back.  Well it was my turn to be mad & believe me I was.  I called them a few names but not having time to waste I started on.

Then Ross came up.  He said he’d ride me down the road to the field so I wouldn’t have so far to go.  Of course it was very kind of him and I appreciated it very much but why couldn’t it have been someone more romantic?

When we got there he offered to go down to the river with me and help me find my coat.  But I said no & went myself.  I found my coat, my towel, & Margee’s socks and saw something that wasn’t particularly nice so I wont’ record it.  Then I acted the fool & went up the other way to meet the car never thinking of Ross that Ross would be waiting for me.

Of course Mr. Dance was ready to go and I would have had to go back to get Ross had not George greatfullly (sic) offered to go after him on his wheel.

It certainly was an eventful day but I’m quite sure we all enjoyed it.       _________________________________________________________________________

We have had all our credits & I have passed in them all except Botany.  (I don’t know the result of it yet.)

(I forgot to record with the picnic that Betty lost her watch, but found it again.  Also earlier in the day at dinner time Betty tried on her last year’s belt.  It was terribly tight & poor Betty couldn’t get it off.  we were laughing so hard that we couldn’t assist & Betty grabbed for the knife but Helen came to & helped her before the deed was done.)

A Ghost Story, School Results, and a Swim

The Ghost in Lawson’s House
     (The following story really happened & was when we were small enough to believe is such spooky things as ghosts).
     We were having a lovely time playing “prove it” in our backyard when Nancy, Jean & Marg came & asked us to go up and play in Lawson’s house. Now Lawson’s house was next to Yaneths & had been vacant for several weeks.
     We started cantering in, Mary first, when suddenly, we heard an unearthly moan, and Marg screamed that she had seen a ghost.  We all made a dash for the door & thanked Heaven that it  was not yet gotten dark.  Young as I was I thought it was only a imagination on the part of Marg.  I got the other kids around to the front of the house with me to peak (sic) in the windows.  We slowly crept up the steps to the veranda.  (We needed to go no farther however for) On the veranda looking through the window we got the shock of our young lives.  We stood there white faced & motionless not daring to move less that awful thing should suddenly jump through the window at us.  There it was plain as day, all white & spooky standing in the middle of the parlour floor waving a sword.  At the sight of the sword our legs took immediate action & in a few seconds we had somehow landed on the street and were chatting nervously.  Then Betty burst into tears & ran home.  We didn’t take much notice of her however and soon began edging to the window again.  We had just got there however when Mrs. Colston –illegible words– walked right in the front door and up to the ghost.  Then she pulled at its whiteness & off came a sheet and there stood Nora. (Bernice’s older sister)
     Well, when we saw Nora there, Mrs. Colston wasn’t the only one that was mad.
Tuesday June
     Morley (Bernice’s younger brother) didn’t pass & it’s his second year too.  He’s awfully disappointed because he expected to. But  as Hr. Haugh said “Nobody’s got to do anyth
    “There’s only one thing anybody’s got to do in this world and that is to suffer there (sic) own results.”
     Well Morley’s suffering his plenty but I’m praying & hoping that he’ll pass up at Humberside because Mother is awfully disappointed too.
     This morning however better news came in the paper.  Nora passed her honour course, got second highest in her class, and came -illegible words- was wondering what she would have come had she had decent health.
     But those things are not important to the wonderful time we had Saturday.
     Morley, Lloyd, Pooly, Bruce, Gordon Haugh, Margee, Betty, Doris and I went to the farm in the morning.  Marion Hough drove us out.  Four in the front seat & six in the back.  I don’t know how we ever piled in but somehow we did and we had a jolly time going out.
    Mr. Griffith doesn’t like us going to out there any more because he’s afraid we’l let the cows out, so Marion drove us up to the woods and we got out there.
     We girls got our bathing suits on here while the boys went farther down then we went for a swim.
Next week, a dance, boys smoking and a tattle tale…

Isn’t that life for you?

Friday Jan 19th 1934
We had swimming to-day the water was grand.  Don’t feel any bad effects so far but will probably begin feeling to-morrow.  Mrs. Taylor phoned this afternoon and asked me to come in.  I said I would, not having been asked anywhere else.  After that the phone rang three times each time an invite for me to go out and I had told Mrs. Taylor I’d come in there. Isn’t that life for you?  After school Grace and I walked out Runnymede and did some shopping.  She sure can talk.  I can’t get a word in edgewise or any other way for that matter.  I intend to write up “camp” in this diary if I can so to help me I got some old letters from Margee.

Editor’s Note;
She did in fact write up “camp” in this diary.  Sadly, it is written on the pages with the water damage. From the legible bits, it sounds like she had a wonderful time.  Camp, to her meant something quite different than it does now. As near as I can tell, ‘camp’ meant several kids from different families staying together at a place called Deer Lodge in Bayfield.  One or two adults would act as chaperone, and it seems as though the kids were mostly of adolescent age.

Monday January 22nd
Saturday morning I took my lesson (piano). Yesterday Anna and Elizabeth came out for supper.  We had a lot of fun.  I’m going there next Friday.  Was sick in school this afternoon. The usual thing.  Roslyn and I went down to the medical room but Miss Thompson wouldn’t let her stay.  There was another girl down there.  At the end of the second period who should land in but Helen Tenute and Ruth Scott.  It’s a small school after all.  We had a regular reunion.  Helen had a tooth ache and Ruth had cramps or sompin’. (sic) We got a big laugh out of Helen’s story about her mother although it was an awful thing. Mrs. Tenute had a tooth ache so she went to the dentist.  It was before she got married I guess.  Anyways the crazy sap went and pulled every one of her top teeth without gas or freezing. She just about passed out. He was tight. (drunk) She sued but that wouldn’t bring back her teeth.  That struck Ruth and I as funny although it sure wasn’t.  We laughed so hard we thought sure Miss Thompson would come in and send us back to our classrooms.

If She can get him She’s Welcome to Him

Monday Feb. 26 1934                                                                                                                                                          .    Left out 21 lines in memory work this morning.  Just where yours truly gets an invitation to-morrow to “come up & see her sometime.”

 I      I got a letter from Jessie to-day.  She says “Edna Plant was down here a few weeks ago for supper and somehow or other we got talking about Merle Keating.  Edna asked me if she went around with some fellow by the name of Jim Forth when we were in Bayfield.  She said that Merle told her he kind of went around with Bernice but she really thought he liked her.  So you better be careful.”  A bit of a surprise.  I must admit he seems partial to redheads or sumpin‘ (sic) but if she can get him she’s welcome to him.  She also said “I went up to see Eileen a week ago.  She is terribly thin & pale and the doctor says she can’t go back to school till after Easter.  Poor Eileen.  I must write her.  I got a letter from Eileen she says “Joan hasn’t been up to see me I guess she doesn’t realize I exist anymore.  I never even hear anything about her anymore.  The last time I heard her name mentioned the person said she wondered what Mrs. Devereaux was thinking of to let Joan walk the streets the way she does.”  Small town gossip.  So there you are.  I can’t understand Joan after the way she marched around Eileen in the summer & then when Eileen gets sick not to even go near her.  Is she another fair weather friend?Toronto Steetcar

Thursday March 1st                                                                                                                                                                .     Just arrived home from a final hockey game.  Oakwood beat us 4 to 0.  Isn’t that awful? Will I get razed at the next meeting of C.B.C.  We got out at half past twelve.  I think I skipped German period.  Coming home the conductor said we had to get off at Dundas and get onto another car.  So we got off but instead of getting onto another car we walked home and saved three tickets.  Helen S. Margee and I.  It’s about time the T.T.C. got chizzled out of something.  This has been a swell week at school.  A hall on Tuesday, one on Wednesday afternoon for the Sr. oratorical finals, short periods today and believe-it-or-not Miss Lynch has been away and we’ve had the dumbest teacher in her place.  I’m quite sure he doesn’t know any latin.


The Morality Squad had been There

Thursday April 12 1934                                                                                                                                                                  .     Exams posted!  Yesterday at my locker – Baldwin – Last night Nana & I went over to Anna’s apartment for supper.  07_08_25_royal_alex_oldAunt Jean, Elizabeth & Anna & us to Royal Alexander afterwards.  Saw the play “Reunion in Vienna” with Barry Joans & Maurice Colbourne.  It was swell.  At least I thought so.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that the morality squad had been there to see the performance.  It was a bit immoral and there were a few cracks (I should never have let Hugo in the bathroom alone – Venus & wedding ring -does she bulge) but if you took it as a comedy as it was supposed to be taken they were easily overlooked. And it was such wonderful acting that it didn’t seem cheap or anything.  I think that what the paper said was perfectly ridiculous & considering that they’ve played in big centres all over U.S.A. & England you’d wonder.  Terrible weather.  Snow.  Back to winter coat.

Friday April 13                                                                                                                                                                         .      Baldwin has suddenly become interested in me again.  Came along to my locker, picked up a piece of paper & handed it to me.  Sneaked away with my lock & I had to go after it. What’s the big idea?  Poor old “Snoon” dropped from roof and then chased up a tree by “Hercy”.  Margee going dancing with Lloyd Monday night.  Had fun in gym today.  Square dancing.  Went back to Jocelyn’s seat in Fr. period.  What a life.  Colder out.

Tuesday April 17                                                                                                                                                                    .     Got a detention for acting up in history period.  Margee & I went up to the store after school to get flowers for Miss Lewis.  She died last night.  Just got news that the Abells were in an accident & Mr. Abell was taken to the hospital.  They seem to have one bad break after another.  N.B. – Mr. Abell wasn’t taken to the hospital.  He went with the girl who ran into his car on her bicycle.  Not seriously injured.

Thursday April 19                                                                                                                                                                  .     Study – Study- Study – and then I don’t seem to get any where & such gorgeous weather out.  Went swimming yesterday & expect to go to-morrow.  Everybody dropping German. Wish I could drop Algebra.

Friday April 20                                                                                                                                                                            .     Went in swimming to-day. Was trying to dive. Believe me I’m pretty punk even McAlister was laughing at me. I had a good laugh in French period at Wicks.

What a Beaut I Made

Tuesday May 4 1934                                                                                                                                                                  .     All the exams over!  I don’t have to go to school worrying about some exam.  But I fear me – the worst is yet to come & I feel so tired.  However it’s perfectly marvelous weather out.

Wednesday May 5                                                                                                                                                                 .       Last night I went down to Massey Hall with Ruth.  Got 34 in Algebra.  Helen failed in German Comp;.  Beat Helen in algebra – she only got 24.  Am I good.

Monday May 7                                                                                                                                                                         .    Marvellous (sic) weather over the weekend but nothing doing.  Finished the “Whiteoaks of Jalna” sequel to Jalna.

I went down to Melbourne’s to-night.  What a beaut I made.  Our opening conversation was something like this.

“Will you show me how to do surd equations” says me.

Mr. Melbourne “Wait until we come to them in review.”

Me, quite innocently, “When are we going to start to review?”

Mr. M. “What do you think we’re doing now?”

Me,  “Oh I thought that was new work.”

Mr. M. “Yes that’s just the trouble.  It probably is new work to you but it isn’t to the rest of the class.”

And I got two small questions done all the time I was there.

What a life. From sorrow I go down there. (Editor’s note –the handwriting here was difficult to read; ‘From sorrow’ was my best guess.)   

Thursday May 10                                                                                                                                                                   .   Well here I am out in Taylor’s kitchen surrounded by lemonaide (sic) and Joan and Mary I’ve been trying to do Algebra but as usual have been unsuccessful.  Elizabeth came out and stayed for supper to-day.

Dinner at EightLast night Marg, Nancy & Helen, Nora & I went up to the Lyndhurst to see “Dinner at Eight”.  It was swell but the other picture with it was vile.

Had a lot of fun in English period to-day.  “The tropical sun is like Hades Hell”.  “A new moon is like a cradle with the rockers taken off” or an empty hammock”. “to wait for a knight means that you’re going places with him.” (What’s a seraphin?  Matt to Johnny. “A little fellow with wings.”)

Friday May 11                                                                                                                                                                             Believe it or not the end of the week shows a slight improvement in Algebra.  Got 3 questions done to-day compared with one yesterday.  Wrote to Jimmie last night.  Got a letter from Eileen to-day.  Margee referring to the minister’s age “He’s and old hen – oh excuse me I mean rooster.”  Tsk.

Monday May 14                                                                                                                                                                       .   Took music lesson Saturday morning –baseball game with Mrs. Speare in the afternoon Baltimore vs. M. Leafs.  Had a grand game of tennis after supper.  First this year. – Marion D. Margee & Betty Homell & I.  Lots of fun.  Friday night Margee & I knitted, ate candy and listened to the radio.  Yesterday I wrote to Jessie & Joan.

Thursday May 17                                                                                                                                                                    .    9:30 and I’ve just arrived home from a duet practice with Jean Miller.  We have improved greatly.  It’s lovely and hot again.  Just like summer.  Went swimming yesterday.

I’m writing this in a “Place of Places”

Sunday May 20 1934                                                                                                                                                            .     Have had the grandest weekend.  Friday after school Margee & I knitted (Incidentally I’ve ended the sleeves with 60 stitches and have to rip it all out.)  After supper Margee, Betty Harnell & Marion & I played tennis and when it got too dark we went down to the Greeks & had sundaes.  Then we went for a walk & visited Betty’s aunt and she wanted to give us a lemon drink on top of the sundaes but we “just couldn’t take it”.   Saturday Mrs. Hogan took me down to see “The House of Rothschild” a swell picture (George Arliss is going to get knighted for it).  Lunch in the Honey Dew afterwards & then shopping.  She’s a dear, she insisted on buying me a box of candy before we came home & she’s promised me a trip across the lake for the summer time.  It’s nice to have somebody take you places.  Mrs. Speare & she are both so good to me.  After supper I went to a lesson (what a lesson!) and then played tennis.  Elizabeth came out to-night. It sure is a hot day.

Wednesday May 23                                                                                                                                                               .    Played at the recital last night.  Made an awful mess of things (so did Jean for which reason she wouldn’t play the duet with me – was I mad after all that practising (sic) – so Ruth & I played it and got along fine.)

Friday May 25                                                                                                                                                                              I’m writing this in a “place of places”.  At Nobles farm in the kitchen.  We came out here yesterday morning – Ruth, & Marion Farthering, Marg & Helen Smith, Marg Brown and myself on the bus and we’ve been having the grandest time ever since.  We moved all the beds of the old farmhouse into one room and lit the fire and were swell and cosy.  We walked to the village about seven times.  This morning Ruth went home and the rest of us put on our bathing suits and had a sun bath (by rights Helen & I and Marg should be at school).  I am just waiting for Helen to come back from the village with weiners and then we are hiking along the river and back to the old farm house.  The country around here is beautiful.

L.M. Montgomery's home,  1933
L.M. Montgomery’s home, 1933

L.M. Montgomery lives in Norval and I was disappointed in her house.  I haven’t seen her yet but we expect to see her in church on Sunday.

Saturday May 26                                                                                                                                                                           .      3 o’clock day light saving time and I am reclining in a deck chair on the lawn in front of the house waiting for Helen & M.B. to return with Dora, Eileen Lawson & Marg Sinclair (Pen ran out).   We had quite an eventful hike yesterday.  Met a swell (devastating) looking boy named Ed Hoare and his two dogs.  He was hunting.  We took his picture and then he sort of stuck around so we had to invite him to stay for supper.  We are going to send him his picture.  Last night Helen, M.B. & myself went into Norval for chocolate bars. (Swiping milk & fisherman on the bridge and garden) and this morning Helen & I had a swell time paddling around the river in Mr. P.’s canoe.

Monday May 28                                                                                                                                                                      .     Well I’m home again & it’s not much fun.  We came home on the 10 o’clock (standard time) bus.  We had to wait for the 3rd bus and even then it was so crowded I had to sit on Marg’s knee all the way home.  Saturday night did some shopping at Norval and then had to sleep 3 in a bed.  Sunday morning we went for a breakfast hike.  We came home early on purpose to go to L.M. Montgomery’s church so imagine how mad I was when a lady told us that they were having church at Union that Sunday.  So I didn’t see her after all but I saw her son who is sort of a sap.  We went swimming both Saturday and Sunday and we had Sunday dinner out on the lawn. You should have seen us hiking along the road to Norval at 9:30 (St. T.) with all our luggage the poor bus driver nearly had a fit when he saw it all.  He asked us why we didn’t charter a bus.  There were just ten of us.

Smith’s have got a dog about the size of a flea.  Got an invitation to Peggy’s graduation to-day.

The Interesting Romance of Mother & Father

Friday May June 1st 1934                                                                                                                                                  .      (Hard to realize considering its rather cool) got my pictures to-day from the negatives of the pictures Marg took.  They are pretty good.  Also got a film and took a picture of Snoon.

Monday June 4th                                                                                                                                                                   .     Terrific heat.  King’s birthday holiday.  Yesterday we went out to Abell’s farm.  Quite a lovely place.  Had a lot of fun, bicycling.  Helen went in swimming.  Some swimming hole.  (George’s hat incident + cow tray also climbing fence and swimming without bathing suit).  I hear Grace has stopped school.  Nut!

Monday June 11                                                                                                                                                                     .     Went to Peggy Reynold’s graduation on Thursday with Elizabeth.  Friday afternoon went to Nora’s.  It was lovely.  Saturday we left  for Kincardine to take Nora up.  From there we went to C4th arriving there about 1:30 a.m.  Left Seaforth about 4 p.m. Sunday and went to Lucan.  From there we came to Toronto arriving here about 12 p.m.  We left Nana in C4th.  She is going to stay for a week & Jack (has lost his job) is going up for a week too.

Gladys and Edna_20140809_0001
Gladys Henderson (Bernice’s Mother) and her sister Edna (referred to as Nana in the journals) in Seaforth circa 1910.

Thursday June 14th                                                                                                                                                             .     Have just heard the interesting romance of Mother & Father before they were married.  Pop was engaged when he came to C4th to start up a practice to a girl in Toronto. Mother was in the hotel and one night Unk phoned up and said that Doc Hodgins wanted to take Mum or Nana out for a drive.  Nana had Unk of course so Mum went.  They kept going together & things began to get serious so Mother went over to Detroit for a while and decided that when she came back she wouldn’t see him anymore & Dad decided the same thing.  The first night she was back Dad asked her to go out in the country with him some place and Mother went!  Later he wrote the girl who he was engaged to and the engagement was broken & Maw (sic) & him got married & had four kids.


Monday June 18                                                                                                                                                                     .   Friday night Betty & Margee & I bummed around (shoe polish and shredded wheat) Saturday night Bob MacLean, Windy and Margee & I played bridge at Haugh’s.  They pulled some fast ones over on us whereas we cheated openly.  We had lots of fun. Yesterday I was swimming out at Abell’s in the creek.  The boys came out in the old ford.  Bill Murray was out there for the weekend.  When I got home Margee came in and wanted me to go for a walk.   So Betty & we two went. This morning I’m up to study algebra and I’m going to school for help in it this afternoon.

Sunday June 24                                                                                                                                                                        .     Well I have to write history & I’m good and mad.  He let Marjorie thru who got identically the same marks as I did only we had a test after Easter and I got 78 and she only got 71.  Of all the dirty mean low down tricks.  Mother came home from C4th to-day and I think I’ll get her to phone up Mr. Wren about it.  She says she will.  The only reason I can see why he didn’t recommend me is because I talked to (sic) much in his periods.

Margee and I were naughty last night.

Three Boys came along in a Car…

Sunday July 8 1934
…..I’m up in Seaforth now trying to get up a camp.  But it’s pretty hopeless.  A lot of the kids are backing out and we can’t get anybody to chaperone us.  However I’ll have a week out at Chapman’s anyway.  Joan and I were playing tennis with Stan and the new ministers son. Doug came over & was talking to me at the Catholic church garden party and he asked me up to play tennis.  The first Saturday night I was here he wanted me to go out with him but we (Margee & I) had told Liz and Jack that we were going to bed and had sneaked out the back door so that’s what they told Doug.

Wednesday June 11
…..Camp looking up. We’ve got Dolly Carlon for chaperone and we are raking the town for kids to go.  We will have to take some younger kinds.  Mad at Doug.

Bayfield July 17. Tuesday
…..I’m out at Chapman’s and Scott’s cottage now and having a grand time (very sunburned) I came out Saturday night in the Devereaux car (Tom Sills driving) Sunday Peggy Reynolds came down.  (She was staying at the hotel and has gone back now.)  After supper Soup Forthgate and I went cottage hunting.  We decided on Deer Lodge and Monday morning I looked over Boxe’s at $12 a week and decided on it.  We have yet to find out whether we can have it or not.  Soup’s coming out to-morrow.  The water has been terribly cold also the land.  Went in on Sunday and that has been all.

…..Resorted to pulling peddles (sic) off a daisy to find out whether “he” loves me. –he does.

…..The lady next door was asking me where I lived in Toronto & I said Pacific Ave. and she said she knew a Dr. Fowler who used to live there at 52.  Funny world.  Small (very).

…..We spent the afternoon out on the pier getting burned up to-day.  I was going to jump off the diving board but it was too cold. (the water)

Bayfield June 19

This is a photo from our family archives.  It is Bayfield, but much earlier than 1934.  Bernice may be one of the children in the picture.
This is a photo from our family archives. It is Bayfield, but much earlier than 1934. Bernice may be one of the children in the picture.

Went in swimming three times yesterday.  Twice off the pier.  Got a card from Lloyd as he promised and to-day I sent he and Betty one – Betty’s for her birthday.  Last night Jessie and I had a hamburger –very good.  We went down on the pier after and three boys came along in a car.  Two from Clinton and on from Detroit.  First they offered us cigarettes and then beer which they had in the car.  They said they were just out for a good time.  They wanted to take us to the dance but we wouldn’t go.  We had fun with them.  Went swimming this morning – very cold and we had a thunderstorm.

Saturday July 21st
…..My birthday (18) and I’ve been sick all day.  Didn’t eat any dinner and they all say I’m homesick but I’m not.  I didn’t get and mail from home but didn’t expect it. Got a letter from Betty.  I sent her a card and apparently she got it too soon.  It’s a rotten dull day. I’m supposed to have a date with Charlie Ferguson to-night and Eileen with Fred Weston but don’t know whether it will come off or not. Eileen and Jessie and I got caught “Sking”* down on a fisherman’s boat Thursday afternoon by Don & Hank.  It was a beautiful day yesterday and the water was the nicest its been since I came out here.

…..Mary McIver was out and says the kids are making a great fuss out me getting Boxe’s cottage instead of Deer Lodge.  After all the trouble I went to.  I’m disgusted.  They don’t know what’s good for them.

*Editor’s Note; I do not know what she meant by “Sking”.  I could be misreading her handwriting, or she could have misspelled something.  I doubt if she meant skiing as it was a fisherman’s boat.  

I’m 18 and he’s too young for me

Bayfield Tuesday July 24 1934                                                                                                                                                    Bayfield Harbour 1910Have moved to camp.  Last nite (sic) was a wild night for all concerned.  Went riding down to pier in Mackellar’s truck and Mrs. Chapman & Mrs. Scott saw us.  Went to pav (pavillion) and swimming off pier afterwards.  Some night. Hamilton took us for a ride in McKellars truck at noon.  Like cottage very much.  Pat going out with Charlie.  Spend time swimming.

Thursday July 26                                                                                                                                                                    .     Last night went up to the pav. (pavillion) intending to go in but such a crowd I changed my mind.  I bunged up the works between Helen Crich, Dru & Grieve.  Finally landed home with Crich, Grieve and Van Bell.  They didn’t go home till 1:30.  McKellar and Rankin were tight and the kids had a lot of fun watching them.  To-day Soup and Joan & I went to Seaforth with Sharpe (Keith) took Tom Sills in and brought Ken Beatty out.  Had a hard time getting the car to go & spent the short time chasing around town in slacks.  We invited the boys from the tent over for the evening as its a dull rainy day.

Saturday July 28                                                                                                                                                                    .     Writing this down on the beach with Joan beside me reading the funnies.  There’s a very cold wind to-day but we found a nice sheltered spot and are getting warmed up. This morning about 8:30 Sharpe and Beatty and Dru dropped in on us on the way to Seaforth, also Mary & Jean McIver and Peg Case.  We were awake but still in bed.  Hamilton & Alice & Soup went to Seaforth with them. It was terribly cold but we managed to get up and get some breakfast.  Last night Helen Crich, Joan, Van Bell, Frank Grieve, Keith Sharpe & I had a marshmallow roast.  Lots of fun but very cold.  (Van) Bell is only 15 and has never gone out with any girls before.  I’m 18 and he’s too young for me.  He asked me what I was doing to-night and I changed the subject.  He’s all right but I don’t really like him and every time I go near the camp they all start yelling, “Van, here’s Berny.”  I don’t want to turn him down so I’m in sort of a mess.

Sunday July 29                                                                                                                                                                       .    Marie Dressler is dead — war has broken out in Europe (Austria) – Dillinger has been caught – poor Cricket is a sick as a dog – Van & Ted & Mac Southgate were sick at the boys camp and they had to take Ted home.  Last night Crich told a little white lie for me and I got out of going with Van.  Pete, Dru, Ken Beatty, and Grieve came over & Crich and I were left to entertain them.  Ken left and I went after him and told him to take the rest of the crowd home.  He’s a swell kid and Hamilton went & walked out on him.  I wish he’d take me out but he calls me the “Duchess” and teases me about Van so I guess there’s no hope.  Tom Sills came in & ate all our chocolate cake & then went up to the pav. (Pavillion) for Hamilton and left me flat with Grieve & Crich.  I was mad.  I went to bed and was wakened up three times.  Also moved from Isabelle’s bed.