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July 1928

Seaforth, Ontario
All text is transcribed exactly as she had written it.  Spelling errors, short-forms, and sentence structure as all as she originally written.  Editor.

July 21, 1928
It was my birthday, so in the afternoon, I had a party & at night I was sick at my stomach.

22nd; Lay on the couch out in the veranda all day Sunday because I wasn’t feeling well, and read.

23rd; In the morning I slept in and in the afternoon, we, Betty, Claire, and I went to the slaughter H. and the smell was beyond description so we came home.

24th; I pick black currents in the morn & went over to Aunt Jean’s in the afternoon because Claire had gone swimming & Bett was car riding.

25th; In the aft we went to cases grove for a picnic went in swimming, took some pictures had our lunch got a drive home by Doctor Mun.  (unsure of handwriting.  Could be Dr. Moon; Ed.)   At night we went to the show.

Note; Case’s was a farm east of Seaforth.  It was a popular picnic spot for people from town.  It was later turned into a golf course but went bankrupt during World War Two.

26th; Took the film to get developed and only two out 6 turned out.  In the afternoon I went to sleep til 4 then  we played in the leaves.

27th; The afternoon Alas (I believe she meant ‘Alice’; Ed.) and I played store and then walked down to Cases where Joan and Claire were swimming.  Went to the show with Bett at night.

28th; Lofed around in the morn and in the aft played beauty shop and concert on the lumbers with mashed raspberries for ruge.

29th; In the morning I was to church & Sunday School.  Read all afternoon and went to the band concert with (dear old) Mary Flett.

30th; Slept in in the morning and in the afternoon played with Mary and at night played on the lumbers with that horrid pest of a brother with us.

31st; In the aft I went to a picnic with our Sunday school class and Jenett’s to illegible word exspecially the swim and the eating time.


August 1928

August 1928
Nora was Bernice’s older sister by 5 years.  
The visit to ‘Negmees’ is referring to the Van Egmond family, a well known Seaforth family at the time and close friends with Bernice’s parents and grandparents.

1st; Claire, and I played with Betty M, M. H. MF.  Mary, Claire, Ruth and I got mad so I played in Mary’s house.  At night I did the same.

2nd; In the morning played with Mary and Claire.  In the afternoon we, Joan, Claire and I got under the hose on our lawn then we sowed.

Speedy43rd; Sowed (sic) in the morn.  In the afternoon went in swim had a nice time flowing down the river on logs.   At night I went to Harold Loyd (sic) in Speedy.

4th; In the morning sowed knee pads for the rocks when we floated down the river.  At night Mother came back.

5th; In the morning slept in and then had my bath.  In the afternoon painted & did as usual at night went to the band concert.

6th; In the morning Joan and I played down at the track in the aft Alice Joan and I went swim.  Betty & Claire were away.  At night we were at illegible word.

7th; Were down at Ted’s Gramas in morn.  In the aft. we went swimming.  At night we were peaking in at the show and bake shop.

8th; In the morn we went for a ride with Jim C. to Brucefield then Alice Joan and I didn’t get home till a quarter to one.  After dinner we went swimming.  At night played around.

9th; In the morning I painted and in the afternoon I went to BayField then went in swimming the water was great.  At night went to bed.

10th; Did nothing much In the afternoon went in swimming then it rained so I played with Billy then we went up town in the car.

11th; In the morning Bill and I played in the sand, went swimming in the aft.  At night did as usual, played then went to bed.

12th; All day I just sat around and read or did something the lake was so cold I didn’t go in and nor did I have Billy to play with because he wasn’t home.

13th; In the morning and afternoon I played in the sand in my bathing suit for the lake was to cold to go in.  At night I went to bed.

14th; In the morning I was up the beach hunting stones, in the aft Mama & I went Abraherts & in swim.  At night Billy came back.

15th; Billy and I played in the sand in the morn.  Went in swimming in the aft.  After supper Nanna and I went to the bank to watch the sunset.

16th; In the aft we went in swimming.  In the morning & night I did about as usual in Bay-Field.

18th; In the aft. Counters went to Clinton.  We went in swim. then we went & got a hot dog & went to Aberherts cottage.

19th; I lay around in the morning & in the aft Nanna and I went in swimming.  At night we went up to the Aberherts.

20th; We got up at six in the morn because we had a chance into Seaforth, we went swimming in the aft. then sowed and rode the illegible word.

21st; In the morn. didn’t do much.  Played with Betty in the afternoon.  At night I went to the picture show with Nora and Nancy.

22nd; In the morning I didn’t have enyone to play with.  In the afternoon I went to a picnic down and Negmees.  It lasted till illegible word.

23rd; In the morning & aft. we played around.  at night Bettsy & I got fussed up using powder, cold cream, Italian perfume, illegible word just to go to show.

24th; It was terribly cold all day.  In the morning we played around.  In the aft. we played dress ups in our house.  At went to see a performance in the park.

25th; Betty and I got mad in the morning & made up in the afternoon.  At night we got fussed up and went up town.  Had a hot dog and & ice cream.

26th; In the morning I had a bath & went to church.  In the aft. Betty and I went walking with Buster.  At night Betty & I & her Grandma went to the Band.

27th; In the morn Betty & I got mad at each other.  In the aft we went swimming.  At night Betty & I went to Clara Bow in Hula with Nancy & Nora.

February 1929

February 1929
6th; Went to school.  After I went sleigh r. At night I went to Helen Smith’s.

7th; Went to school, after I went sleigh riding with Helen.  At night I practised and studied.

8th; Went to school.  After school took my lesson. At night went to club and practised “Incomprehensible.”

9th; (Saturday)
Function in the morning with H. S. Had a street car adventure.

10th;  Slept in & read.  I did not go to church or Sunday school as I did not feel well.

11th; Went school & in the morning we had cooking.  At night I went to Guides.

12th; Went school then went sleigh riding but soon had to pull Bob home because he hurt his leg.

This is all she writes for 1929.  She seems to be interested in developing the habit of keeping a journal but we have no further entries or books until she begins again in 1931.  The family seems to have moved to Toronto sometime in 1928, hence the streetcar adventure.  
The 1931 journal entries are much longer and more descriptive.  She also kept some of her creative writing assignments.

I Seem to be Coming up in the World

Thursday February 15th 1934                                                                                                                                                          .     A  belated valentine arrived to-day from Jim. But he still owes me a letter.  Well I gave my oral at last.  all the kids said I wouldn’t  be there to-day but I fooled them.  Outside of the fact that I draped myself over the front desk and fooled with the ink well the whole time & hardly looked at the class at all.  I got through it not too badly. Miss Stock got mad because I was talking and wouldn’t play the gramophone & made us work instead.  Gosh what am I coming to?  Nana and I went down to the Royal York to see the Cambell (sic) Soup broadcast & did we have a time getting there.  (ask Nana for particulars)  It sure is a snooty place down there. I guess I’d better struggle away with algebra now.  I actually got a question right in school to-day.

Wuthering-Heights-Book-CoverFriday February 16                                                                                                                                                                         .      Algebra test to-day!  (I think I’d better leave out particulars)  Betty was supposed to give her oral but absent.  Give the kids something to talk about besides me.  Her second time too.  I’m reading a smart book “Christopher & Columbus” very amusing.  Also have just finished reading “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin. Am trying to improve my reading. I mean to read better books. Miss McGonigall read my book review on “Wuthering Heights” and said it was excellent. I seem to be coming up in the world.

Monday Feb.19.                                                                                                                                                                            .     Weekend terribly dry but I got a lot of homework done. Got algebra test back to-day. I got 6 out of 30. Well well! I went down and worked it out on his board after school & I did pretty well too. Baldwin got 8. Imagine him beating me. That’s what hurts.

Sunday Feb 25.                                                                                                                                                                         .      Friday night Morley myself Nora & Mother went up to Moon’s. (in Seaforth) It was Mr. Moon’s idea to form a Huron Old Boy’s Young People Society but Mr. Moon went too far so there was a row about it and it was called off till next fall. We expected when we went to Moon’s that it would be just a party to get acquainted but instead of that he sent all the old people out into the kitchen and started organizing a club which he said wouldn’t have anything to do with the Huron Old Boys just at present but later on they would come to us with open arms. Yeah I see them. Anyway I had a swell time. There were about 25 there. I was very much taken with Kay Campbell. Also I liked Margaret Pringle & Max and Charlie Bennett (Do I like doughnuts dunked? Ask him.) Jack Moon, personally is a pain in the neck. I went to church this morning with Nana.

Easter Sunday was a very drab sort of day…

Thursday March 29 1934                                                                                                                                                    .     Well isn’t this nice.  The beginning of the Easter Holidays and lots of snow. (Let’s go ski-ing) and nothing doing.  I had fond hopes of going up to Seaforth with Anna & her boyfriend but he isn’t going up now & Anna is going by train so that lets me out.  Elizabeth is singing in the Easter chorus down at the Imperial.  Helen & I and Nora went up to the library to-night and Helen came in afterwards.  The cat was badly abused by Morley & he knocked the lamp over.  Lucky the chair was there.  We had coffee & ginger bread and decided that to-morrow afternoon we’re going to (Helen & I) write for a tennis permit and we have to have about 20 names so I suggested the boys & call it the “Pacific Tennis Club”.  I hope they don’t all come though I suppose we’ll have to tell them we put their names down.

Friday March 30                                                                                                                                                                      .     Went to church in the morning.  Helen and I wrote for an application for a tennis permit in the afternoon also to Campbells soup for tickets for their programe.  Went to church again at night.  Helen & I are considering cleaning chickens to-morrow.   “Fellow inmates” –nearly put the class to sleep and ______ finished the job.

Monday April 2nd                                                                                                                                                                  .       Saturday was a very dull day.  After supper Nancy, Nora, Helen and I went after Easter Lillies.  After which Helen and I tried to puzzle out “Die Woche”.  It was a lot of fun.

Easter Sunday was a very drab sort of day and didn’t seem the least like Easter Sunday.

Sunnyside Easter Fashion Parade 1934
Sunnyside Easter Fashion Parade 1924

They broadcasted the fashion parade from Sunnyside.  I went to our church in the morning and High Park Church at night with Helen who was all decked out in Easter finery.  Mike and Morley went to Seaforth at 8 Sunday morning & I wanted to go but Mum didn’t think much of the idea of my coming back with the cattle.  So that was off.

Got a letter from Joan on Saturday. About time. Apparently my letters have had a very good effect on two cases.

11:15 and everybody in bed but me.  Helen & I went to the show and had a long drawn out talk out in front (we were both nearly frozen).  She told me a few shocking things about some people then when I got in the house Mother told me that she had phoned Mrs. Campbell & that she told Mother that Mr. Moon had told her (get it?) that Mother had said to him just to ignore the letter he had got from Dad and that Dad had said that he hadn’t meant the letter at all but the other men had made him write it.  I simply cannot understand that man.  Dad hasn’t seen or heard from him since he sent the letter & Mother didn’t say anything of the kind.  Well we won’t go to the affair on Thursday night & Mother’s going to phone up Mrs. Dr. Campbell & give her the low down & Mr. Moon will likely be asked to resign his position in the Huron Old Boys sooner or later & the sooner the better. Here Helen & I were quite disgusted with how uninteresting everything has been & its all turning out quite exciting.

(the show was Janet Gaynor in “Carolina”)

The Interesting Romance of Mother & Father

Friday May June 1st 1934                                                                                                                                                  .      (Hard to realize considering its rather cool) got my pictures to-day from the negatives of the pictures Marg took.  They are pretty good.  Also got a film and took a picture of Snoon.

Monday June 4th                                                                                                                                                                   .     Terrific heat.  King’s birthday holiday.  Yesterday we went out to Abell’s farm.  Quite a lovely place.  Had a lot of fun, bicycling.  Helen went in swimming.  Some swimming hole.  (George’s hat incident + cow tray also climbing fence and swimming without bathing suit).  I hear Grace has stopped school.  Nut!

Monday June 11                                                                                                                                                                     .     Went to Peggy Reynold’s graduation on Thursday with Elizabeth.  Friday afternoon went to Nora’s.  It was lovely.  Saturday we left  for Kincardine to take Nora up.  From there we went to C4th arriving there about 1:30 a.m.  Left Seaforth about 4 p.m. Sunday and went to Lucan.  From there we came to Toronto arriving here about 12 p.m.  We left Nana in C4th.  She is going to stay for a week & Jack (has lost his job) is going up for a week too.

Gladys and Edna_20140809_0001
Gladys Henderson (Bernice’s Mother) and her sister Edna (referred to as Nana in the journals) in Seaforth circa 1910.

Thursday June 14th                                                                                                                                                             .     Have just heard the interesting romance of Mother & Father before they were married.  Pop was engaged when he came to C4th to start up a practice to a girl in Toronto. Mother was in the hotel and one night Unk phoned up and said that Doc Hodgins wanted to take Mum or Nana out for a drive.  Nana had Unk of course so Mum went.  They kept going together & things began to get serious so Mother went over to Detroit for a while and decided that when she came back she wouldn’t see him anymore & Dad decided the same thing.  The first night she was back Dad asked her to go out in the country with him some place and Mother went!  Later he wrote the girl who he was engaged to and the engagement was broken & Maw (sic) & him got married & had four kids.


Monday June 18                                                                                                                                                                     .   Friday night Betty & Margee & I bummed around (shoe polish and shredded wheat) Saturday night Bob MacLean, Windy and Margee & I played bridge at Haugh’s.  They pulled some fast ones over on us whereas we cheated openly.  We had lots of fun. Yesterday I was swimming out at Abell’s in the creek.  The boys came out in the old ford.  Bill Murray was out there for the weekend.  When I got home Margee came in and wanted me to go for a walk.   So Betty & we two went. This morning I’m up to study algebra and I’m going to school for help in it this afternoon.

Sunday June 24                                                                                                                                                                        .     Well I have to write history & I’m good and mad.  He let Marjorie thru who got identically the same marks as I did only we had a test after Easter and I got 78 and she only got 71.  Of all the dirty mean low down tricks.  Mother came home from C4th to-day and I think I’ll get her to phone up Mr. Wren about it.  She says she will.  The only reason I can see why he didn’t recommend me is because I talked to (sic) much in his periods.

Margee and I were naughty last night.

Three Boys came along in a Car…

Sunday July 8 1934
…..I’m up in Seaforth now trying to get up a camp.  But it’s pretty hopeless.  A lot of the kids are backing out and we can’t get anybody to chaperone us.  However I’ll have a week out at Chapman’s anyway.  Joan and I were playing tennis with Stan and the new ministers son. Doug came over & was talking to me at the Catholic church garden party and he asked me up to play tennis.  The first Saturday night I was here he wanted me to go out with him but we (Margee & I) had told Liz and Jack that we were going to bed and had sneaked out the back door so that’s what they told Doug.

Wednesday June 11
…..Camp looking up. We’ve got Dolly Carlon for chaperone and we are raking the town for kids to go.  We will have to take some younger kinds.  Mad at Doug.

Bayfield July 17. Tuesday
…..I’m out at Chapman’s and Scott’s cottage now and having a grand time (very sunburned) I came out Saturday night in the Devereaux car (Tom Sills driving) Sunday Peggy Reynolds came down.  (She was staying at the hotel and has gone back now.)  After supper Soup Forthgate and I went cottage hunting.  We decided on Deer Lodge and Monday morning I looked over Boxe’s at $12 a week and decided on it.  We have yet to find out whether we can have it or not.  Soup’s coming out to-morrow.  The water has been terribly cold also the land.  Went in on Sunday and that has been all.

…..Resorted to pulling peddles (sic) off a daisy to find out whether “he” loves me. –he does.

…..The lady next door was asking me where I lived in Toronto & I said Pacific Ave. and she said she knew a Dr. Fowler who used to live there at 52.  Funny world.  Small (very).

…..We spent the afternoon out on the pier getting burned up to-day.  I was going to jump off the diving board but it was too cold. (the water)

Bayfield June 19

This is a photo from our family archives.  It is Bayfield, but much earlier than 1934.  Bernice may be one of the children in the picture.
This is a photo from our family archives. It is Bayfield, but much earlier than 1934. Bernice may be one of the children in the picture.

Went in swimming three times yesterday.  Twice off the pier.  Got a card from Lloyd as he promised and to-day I sent he and Betty one – Betty’s for her birthday.  Last night Jessie and I had a hamburger –very good.  We went down on the pier after and three boys came along in a car.  Two from Clinton and on from Detroit.  First they offered us cigarettes and then beer which they had in the car.  They said they were just out for a good time.  They wanted to take us to the dance but we wouldn’t go.  We had fun with them.  Went swimming this morning – very cold and we had a thunderstorm.

Saturday July 21st
…..My birthday (18) and I’ve been sick all day.  Didn’t eat any dinner and they all say I’m homesick but I’m not.  I didn’t get and mail from home but didn’t expect it. Got a letter from Betty.  I sent her a card and apparently she got it too soon.  It’s a rotten dull day. I’m supposed to have a date with Charlie Ferguson to-night and Eileen with Fred Weston but don’t know whether it will come off or not. Eileen and Jessie and I got caught “Sking”* down on a fisherman’s boat Thursday afternoon by Don & Hank.  It was a beautiful day yesterday and the water was the nicest its been since I came out here.

…..Mary McIver was out and says the kids are making a great fuss out me getting Boxe’s cottage instead of Deer Lodge.  After all the trouble I went to.  I’m disgusted.  They don’t know what’s good for them.

*Editor’s Note; I do not know what she meant by “Sking”.  I could be misreading her handwriting, or she could have misspelled something.  I doubt if she meant skiing as it was a fisherman’s boat.  

I’m 18 and he’s too young for me

Bayfield Tuesday July 24 1934                                                                                                                                                    Bayfield Harbour 1910Have moved to camp.  Last nite (sic) was a wild night for all concerned.  Went riding down to pier in Mackellar’s truck and Mrs. Chapman & Mrs. Scott saw us.  Went to pav (pavillion) and swimming off pier afterwards.  Some night. Hamilton took us for a ride in McKellars truck at noon.  Like cottage very much.  Pat going out with Charlie.  Spend time swimming.

Thursday July 26                                                                                                                                                                    .     Last night went up to the pav. (pavillion) intending to go in but such a crowd I changed my mind.  I bunged up the works between Helen Crich, Dru & Grieve.  Finally landed home with Crich, Grieve and Van Bell.  They didn’t go home till 1:30.  McKellar and Rankin were tight and the kids had a lot of fun watching them.  To-day Soup and Joan & I went to Seaforth with Sharpe (Keith) took Tom Sills in and brought Ken Beatty out.  Had a hard time getting the car to go & spent the short time chasing around town in slacks.  We invited the boys from the tent over for the evening as its a dull rainy day.

Saturday July 28                                                                                                                                                                    .     Writing this down on the beach with Joan beside me reading the funnies.  There’s a very cold wind to-day but we found a nice sheltered spot and are getting warmed up. This morning about 8:30 Sharpe and Beatty and Dru dropped in on us on the way to Seaforth, also Mary & Jean McIver and Peg Case.  We were awake but still in bed.  Hamilton & Alice & Soup went to Seaforth with them. It was terribly cold but we managed to get up and get some breakfast.  Last night Helen Crich, Joan, Van Bell, Frank Grieve, Keith Sharpe & I had a marshmallow roast.  Lots of fun but very cold.  (Van) Bell is only 15 and has never gone out with any girls before.  I’m 18 and he’s too young for me.  He asked me what I was doing to-night and I changed the subject.  He’s all right but I don’t really like him and every time I go near the camp they all start yelling, “Van, here’s Berny.”  I don’t want to turn him down so I’m in sort of a mess.

Sunday July 29                                                                                                                                                                       .    Marie Dressler is dead — war has broken out in Europe (Austria) – Dillinger has been caught – poor Cricket is a sick as a dog – Van & Ted & Mac Southgate were sick at the boys camp and they had to take Ted home.  Last night Crich told a little white lie for me and I got out of going with Van.  Pete, Dru, Ken Beatty, and Grieve came over & Crich and I were left to entertain them.  Ken left and I went after him and told him to take the rest of the crowd home.  He’s a swell kid and Hamilton went & walked out on him.  I wish he’d take me out but he calls me the “Duchess” and teases me about Van so I guess there’s no hope.  Tom Sills came in & ate all our chocolate cake & then went up to the pav. (Pavillion) for Hamilton and left me flat with Grieve & Crich.  I was mad.  I went to bed and was wakened up three times.  Also moved from Isabelle’s bed.

This Town is so Dead

Saturday Aug 4                                                                                                                                                                           .     Got up and spent the day on the beach. (Little man you’re swearing)  Walked up to the pav (pavilion) with Stan after supper.  Crick & Soup & I ate some buns & so to bed.  Tom Sills came in after we got into bed, broke a glass & lay down on Dolly’s bed and went to sleep.  Joan & Hamilton & Alice went out with the orchestra boys Eve & I met on the road.  One of them wanted to know where the blonde was they met.  Hamilton said it was Isabelle but I’m sure it was me because they couldn’t have seen Isabelle as she walked right on and I was talking to them.

Sunday Aug 5                                                                                                                                                                                   I should like to meet the orchestra boys.  They are just a bunch of high school kids from St Thomas. One is only 14.  I’m writing this down on the beach sheltered by a bush from the wind.  Every body but Crich & I have gone to church.

Monday Aug 6                                                                                                                                                                                         .     The orchestra boys came over last night. They are funny kids.  Marg Crick walked in on us.  They had to leave early for St. Thomas. We ended up eating marshmallows (roasted) over at the boy’s tents.  Pat and Isabelle went to the midnight dance. Stan wanted me to go but I wouldn’t.  I broke a lamp chimney – fell down stairs.  The boys left this afternoon – chocolate cake – It seems lonely without the boys camp.  The kids are going to the dance to-night.  I don’t know whether I’ll go or not – Dolly seems to have deserted us. Ken Beatty came out in the car & brought his cousin, Tom Sills and Stan, so I went to the dance after all.

Wednesday Aug 8

"This town is so dead."
“This town is so dead.”

Soup and Aggie (Helen Crick) went home on Monday. Dolly was gone so the rest of us were left to clean up the cottage – broke another lamp chimney – spent the day on the beach – Had a swell meal about four in the afternoon.  Frank came up and said he’d been  talking to Mrs. Forth – they had just moved in & we were just moving out.  Jim is coming later.  I hope he comes over to Seaforth to see me. Another reason why I hated to leave.    Edward & Mrs. Devereaux brought Isabelle, Joan & I home.  Dr. Ross was out for Pat, and Helen & Alice.  Had supper at Aunt Jean’s.  Mother is here.  Was talking to a gang of the camp kids in front of Devereaux’s.  Went for a drive with Box & Sharpe, Joan & I.  Picked up Mary M. & Jim Chuff.  — Disgusted with Mary.  Camp is over & this town is so dead & I didn’t see Jim but I had a swell time.  Van told Stan he must be hard up. –what a crack.

Home Again & Back to School

Thursday Aug 30 1934
Mother & Dad & Jack came up. Played tennis with Grieve.  What a game!  Had a fight with Joan.
Friday Aug 31
Went to Kincardine for Nora.  Got stung by a bee.  Met Isabelle.  Had supper by the lake on the way home.  Drove down Bruce Beach to see the Rosses but they had left.
Saturday Sept. 1
Very sore leg – swollen.  -Knitted.  Was supposed to hitch hike but it was a rainy day so we couldn’t.  Also leg was too sore.

Sunday Sept 2
Went to Presbyterian church with Nana in the morning.  Joan & I went down to Jessies’s in the afternoon.  Mother & I went to church – Anglican – at night – Joan & I up to Soup’s.
 Keith Sharpe came home.  Norman Chesterfield, Joan, Morley, & I sat on the verandah, waiting for Isabelle to come home.  (out with Ken) Morley got the car for awhile.
Tuesday Sept. 11
Home again & back to school!  Extra period every night – in Melbournes’s room.
Saturday Oct 29
Haven’t written here so long that there is a terrible lot to say.  Elizabeth Jones is living out here with us now.  She is swell & really livens up the house.  Since I came back from C4th (Seaforth) I have had Marg Smith, Frank Grieve, out for supper also Jim Scott, Jack Rankin, and R. Hawkins have been here. Stan sent the pictures he took & they are awful.  Have been sleeping with Liz the last few nights as Granma came down & brought some people down (Aletha & Harold) who proceeded to park in our house for the rest of the week.  Thank goodness they are gone.  Helen & I went down to the Eaton Aud.  last Saturday to see “As You Like It”.   Sign of the Cross 1932Last night we went to the Parkdale & saw “Hide Away” & a revival of  “The Sign of the Cross”.  Got home after one & was locked out.
Tuesday Nov 13
Gave my oral this morning.  Bell rang when I was half way through – not as nervous as usual.  This afternoon final rugby game. Our Juniors against North Toronto.  Score 6-5.  Rain & snow.  Saturday night Helen & Margee & I went up to Windy’s.  Morley & Gord Poole there. Had a big row with Windy but he apologized later.  Yesterday Helen & I went to a Dramatic Club meeting after school.  Didn’t get home till 6 o’clock.  Read parts.  Helen is director of the Ranger play.  Went to a French picture & could understand only one sentence.
Fall Exams 1934 – 4B
Eng comp 60                                 Lat Auth 63
Eng Lit 80 (highest in form)  Lat Comp 75
Geom 54                                         French A. 70
Am Hist 87                                     French C. 59
Germ A 61                                      P.T. 80
Germ C 59
Percent 68 and standing 13 in class of 43.