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January 1931, Toronto

Diary 1931

  1. I will try not to use any more slang, or swear.
  2. I will try not to lose my temper when Nora bosses me around and I will try and keep our room tidy and hang up my clothes.
Saturday Jan. 3.
     The Christmas holidays have been terribly dry since there has been little snow.  I’m afraid I have stuck around the house entirely too much but there was nothing to do half the time except skate.  We, Nora, Helen A., Marion and myself were skating on Harveys the other day and in some places we could hear the ice crack so we walked over to Greny (Grenadier Pond in High Park) on our skates.  I fell about 6 times (with no exageration) and when we got there we were all too tired to skate so we took off our skates and came home.
     Margee Haugh had a party the other night and I was quite shocked for it didn’t start till 8o’clock.  I have been doing Christmas cards but I’m not much of an artist although Mother thinks they are very good.
My Report (I am partly pleased with it and partly not.)
Composition    66     History     71
Literature         64
Geography      67
Algebra           82
Art                  58
Botany           70
Latin               92
French            77
P.T or Gym    62
Standing – 7.  % – 71.
     I am not pleased with my standing or my comp & lit marks.  I hope to improve them next time.
     I was down to see “Tom Sawyer” at the Imperial Wednesday and it was a lovely picture.  Coming home some of us got hungry and went into the (illegible word) for something to eat.  There was a man in there who was whistling and smiling at everybody and when Grace had gotten her eats and had gone down to her table he followed and pulled out her chair for her and shoved it in when she sat down.  Then he asked very politely how she was and also that the weather wasn’t very nice and then he said something very impolite and Grace turned her back on him.  When I came down I wondered why she was being so rude to him but Betty (who was sitting across from her) motioned to me to go to another table.  This I did and Betty and Grace soon got up and left him and came and sat down beside me.
     “Don’t you know him?” I asked them.
     “No we don’t” replied Grace “and what’s more if he comes near me again I shall scream.”
     By this time the man had gone up to the counter and put down some money.
     “This is to pay for their food.”
     “There (sic) food has already been paid for” said the waitress.
     “But I was strictly told to pay for it.”
     “There must be some mistake” replied the waitress “they have already paid for it.”
     But he still argued and 3 more waitresses were called out to explain to him and at last he got it into his head and rather angry put on his coat and hat and turned and went out of the door.
     This story I have just written has really happened and now I am going to write another one that has happened but a long time ago when Dorthy (sic) Walker lived on our street.
to be continued….Editor

I Seem to be Coming up in the World

Thursday February 15th 1934                                                                                                                                                          .     A  belated valentine arrived to-day from Jim. But he still owes me a letter.  Well I gave my oral at last.  all the kids said I wouldn’t  be there to-day but I fooled them.  Outside of the fact that I draped myself over the front desk and fooled with the ink well the whole time & hardly looked at the class at all.  I got through it not too badly. Miss Stock got mad because I was talking and wouldn’t play the gramophone & made us work instead.  Gosh what am I coming to?  Nana and I went down to the Royal York to see the Cambell (sic) Soup broadcast & did we have a time getting there.  (ask Nana for particulars)  It sure is a snooty place down there. I guess I’d better struggle away with algebra now.  I actually got a question right in school to-day.

Wuthering-Heights-Book-CoverFriday February 16                                                                                                                                                                         .      Algebra test to-day!  (I think I’d better leave out particulars)  Betty was supposed to give her oral but absent.  Give the kids something to talk about besides me.  Her second time too.  I’m reading a smart book “Christopher & Columbus” very amusing.  Also have just finished reading “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin. Am trying to improve my reading. I mean to read better books. Miss McGonigall read my book review on “Wuthering Heights” and said it was excellent. I seem to be coming up in the world.

Monday Feb.19.                                                                                                                                                                            .     Weekend terribly dry but I got a lot of homework done. Got algebra test back to-day. I got 6 out of 30. Well well! I went down and worked it out on his board after school & I did pretty well too. Baldwin got 8. Imagine him beating me. That’s what hurts.

Sunday Feb 25.                                                                                                                                                                         .      Friday night Morley myself Nora & Mother went up to Moon’s. (in Seaforth) It was Mr. Moon’s idea to form a Huron Old Boy’s Young People Society but Mr. Moon went too far so there was a row about it and it was called off till next fall. We expected when we went to Moon’s that it would be just a party to get acquainted but instead of that he sent all the old people out into the kitchen and started organizing a club which he said wouldn’t have anything to do with the Huron Old Boys just at present but later on they would come to us with open arms. Yeah I see them. Anyway I had a swell time. There were about 25 there. I was very much taken with Kay Campbell. Also I liked Margaret Pringle & Max and Charlie Bennett (Do I like doughnuts dunked? Ask him.) Jack Moon, personally is a pain in the neck. I went to church this morning with Nana.

I am a Real Invalid

Monday April 23 1934                                                                                                                                                                        Well I had a great time of it yesterday.  I felt pretty rotten on Saturday and Sunday about one o’clock I got the most terrible pains.  Boy I thought I was passing out.  Dr. McIntire came about 6:30 and another doctor came about 8.  They decided it was appendicitis but I wouldn’t have to be operated on me (sic) just now.  He came again at noon to-day.  (Doc McIntire)  He said that he didn’t get me last night but he’d get me yet.  Wasn’t that cheerful of him?  He actually said I could have something to eat and if that stayed down I could have a good supper.  I sure was starved.  Nothing to eat since yesterday morning. I feel a lot better now since I had something to eat.  It’s still a bit painfull (sic) to walk but otherwise I feel pretty good.  I have a latin exam to-morrow.  The doctor said if I felt o-kay to-morrow I could go for but otherwise to stay home.  6 more exams besides that this week.   Mrs. Speare sent me over a beautiful bouquette (sic) last night and Aunt Mill brought me some marvellous (sic) sweet peas.  Also have some snow drops from from the back yard.  I am a real invalid.  Two doctors and flowers.  Kitty is a the bottom of the bed.  Helen came down this afternoon for some latin sentences She has to go to a practise (sic) for “Lord Simcoe” again to-night.  I have become quite an important figure all of a sudden.  My temperature hasn’t gone down yet.

Got a letter from Joan the other day – very prompt for her.  (I lost it before I read it and then found it again)  Also got one from Jim on Friday – says he stopped school.

Wednesday April 25                                                                                                                                                                 Am back at school again plugging at exams.   Have written 3.  Lat comp and two Germans.  Made some silly mistakes.  Don’t feel very good.  I sure get babyed (sic) around the house now.  It’s funny.  Bed at 9 a.m. sharp. (sic)

Thursday April 26                                                                                                                                                                        .   History – awful.  French Authors a bit long but not too bad.  Had a few pains to-day.

Saturday April 28th                                                                                                                                                               .    Has been very cold.  We had snow yesterday.  All the Abells came over for dinner yesterday.  Most of them left for the farm about 12:30. Helen is going to board at Campbells.  I went over and helped her sweep the house up after school. Our exams weren’t bad.  Latin authors and Lit.  Got history marks. 5 8 and latin 63.  The two things I depended on to get good marks in I flunked in.  Felt very tired to-day.  I’m supposed to take a lesson but I think I’ll call it off.  Nana has gone up to Aunt Edith’s for the week-end.

Monday May 2                                                                                                                                                                              .    Marvellous day.  The most spring-like yet.  Algebra this morning – terrible.  Got the afternoon off and Helen & I went for a walk over in the park.  I got 73 in Latin Authors.  Grace phoned to-night.

Home Again & Back to School

Thursday Aug 30 1934
Mother & Dad & Jack came up. Played tennis with Grieve.  What a game!  Had a fight with Joan.
Friday Aug 31
Went to Kincardine for Nora.  Got stung by a bee.  Met Isabelle.  Had supper by the lake on the way home.  Drove down Bruce Beach to see the Rosses but they had left.
Saturday Sept. 1
Very sore leg – swollen.  -Knitted.  Was supposed to hitch hike but it was a rainy day so we couldn’t.  Also leg was too sore.

Sunday Sept 2
Went to Presbyterian church with Nana in the morning.  Joan & I went down to Jessies’s in the afternoon.  Mother & I went to church – Anglican – at night – Joan & I up to Soup’s.
 Keith Sharpe came home.  Norman Chesterfield, Joan, Morley, & I sat on the verandah, waiting for Isabelle to come home.  (out with Ken) Morley got the car for awhile.
Tuesday Sept. 11
Home again & back to school!  Extra period every night – in Melbournes’s room.
Saturday Oct 29
Haven’t written here so long that there is a terrible lot to say.  Elizabeth Jones is living out here with us now.  She is swell & really livens up the house.  Since I came back from C4th (Seaforth) I have had Marg Smith, Frank Grieve, out for supper also Jim Scott, Jack Rankin, and R. Hawkins have been here. Stan sent the pictures he took & they are awful.  Have been sleeping with Liz the last few nights as Granma came down & brought some people down (Aletha & Harold) who proceeded to park in our house for the rest of the week.  Thank goodness they are gone.  Helen & I went down to the Eaton Aud.  last Saturday to see “As You Like It”.   Sign of the Cross 1932Last night we went to the Parkdale & saw “Hide Away” & a revival of  “The Sign of the Cross”.  Got home after one & was locked out.
Tuesday Nov 13
Gave my oral this morning.  Bell rang when I was half way through – not as nervous as usual.  This afternoon final rugby game. Our Juniors against North Toronto.  Score 6-5.  Rain & snow.  Saturday night Helen & Margee & I went up to Windy’s.  Morley & Gord Poole there. Had a big row with Windy but he apologized later.  Yesterday Helen & I went to a Dramatic Club meeting after school.  Didn’t get home till 6 o’clock.  Read parts.  Helen is director of the Ranger play.  Went to a French picture & could understand only one sentence.
Fall Exams 1934 – 4B
Eng comp 60                                 Lat Auth 63
Eng Lit 80 (highest in form)  Lat Comp 75
Geom 54                                         French A. 70
Am Hist 87                                     French C. 59
Germ A 61                                      P.T. 80
Germ C 59
Percent 68 and standing 13 in class of 43.