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School Blues

Sunday Feb 9th
I have not written in this for a long time in story or diary form.  I suppose one of the causes is the fact that I have had the flu and have missed 2 weeks of school.  Thus I have had to do a lot of extra homework.
At school, “all’s well” as usual.  I had a detention from Hatch the other night.  He gives me a pain now and seems to delight in making girls cry.  But he won’t make me.
I hate school now and I never want to do my homework or anything.  I doubt if I’ll pass next time.
I went down to Hart House to see the “Gondoliers” yesterday and enjoyed it very much.

Tuesday March 24th
We have all our exams over and are not doing much at school.  My marks are very discusting (sic) and there are only 2 that I am pleased with, art and algebra.
Composition 68
Literature 66
Geography 66
Algebra 90
Art 70
Botany 65
Latin 77
French 66
Gymn 68
History 68
Standing – 9   %70.5

I have decided that I hate Mr. Ford.  Of all the pains I took with my note book and wrote a page on nearly every city and then I only got 12 term marks out of 20 and Helen Abell got 18.  I won’t say that my writing’s better that hers (b I got higher marks on all my other note books but geography than she did.)  I took the trouble to do mine in red ink and all the other teachers gave me higher marks for my writing than they did her and then he went and gave me –illegible words- old pig.  If I get him in third for English I’m done for.  And how!
I’m beginning to steam my hair and its twice as curly although nobody seems to like it much.  At least they don’t say so.

Next week, Bernice, Nora and Helen have an adventures with a strange man on their street… stay tuned.

A Crush, Teachers and The Quire

Sunday April 26, 1931
I have just been to 8 o’clock communion. there were only 12 there amongst whom was my boy friend –G.  Those are his initials.  I won’t write his name.
     I know several things about him although I have never really met him.
1.  He goes to our church & was confirmed same time as I was.
2.  He usually goes to church with a friend of his but the friend was not there this morning.
3.  He goes to Humberside & is in Mr. Devitt’s form.
4.  I think he is very nice.  He is a church goer anyways.
He is terribly handsome escpecially (sic) when he smiles & I think a lot of him getting up so early to go to church escpecially )sic) when he didn’t have any one to go with.  The clock was changed last night so we really got up one hour earlier.

Our Teachers

Miss McCraie -Latin-  I like her awfully well although she is rather sloppy.

Miss MacIntosh -French- I also like her & I think it’s real mean for the boys to make her cry.  She is rather funny though.  One minute she’ll be real mad & the next she’ll be smiling.

Miss McNerre -(I know I’ve spelled it wrong)  She’s nice but I don’t like her much.  She doesn’t even know my name yet.  History.

Miss MacAllister -Gym- I can’t stand her.  I can do everything almost & yet she hardly give me a mark for it. Pig!  She just has a pick on me & anyways her bloomer leg is always showing.  Even in pictures.

Mr. Ford -Geography- I’ve written enough in here about him and nothing is very complimentary either.  He’s another pig.

Mr. Hatch -Art- I like him most of the time but sometimes I don’t.  He’s rather a queer personage.  He’s very strict & yet there is a decided sense of humour about him.  He speaks of things that no other teacher would dare speak of.  He is a fine looking man with an old fashioned moustache.  He is always asking rather funny questions like
-“What is a cow?”
“An animal.”
“Gracious no!  A cow is a cow isn’t it?”

Mr. Kinney -Funny looking.  Quiet.  Nobody will do anything he is saying.  I feel sort of sorry for him.  Algebra

Stuffy (or Mr. McGinnes) He is always yelling at us if we talk.  An old hen but rather nice.

Miss Mitchell (English) She is extremely clever & knows all about words.  I admire her but am not particularly fond of her.

Our Quire
     Anyone reading the following descriptions will certainly end with the opinion that our quire is composed of freaks.  (which they are)  Grace & I often laugh over them & I’m sure if you could see them you would too.
     There is “Beaky” so called because of her long, pointed beak-like nose.  She is to me the most maddening person in the quire.  Every time the quire gets up to sing she faces the congregation.

A Break for Yours Truly


Editor’s Note; So much of Bernice’s journals at this point in her life are about her high school life.  Attached is a photo of Humberside Collegiate, circa 1921.  It probably had not changed very much in 1934.  The architect was James Ellis, famous for his contributions to ‘the Junction’ region of Toronto.


Wednesday Jan 23rd 1934                                                                                                                                                         Jack smashed his toe at work.  Dr. says he can’t go back for a while he doesn’t know whether its broken as he can’t take an x-ray till the swelling goes down.                                                    Is broken.

Monday Jan 29th                                                                                                                                                                Went over to Anna’s and Elizabeth’s apartment Friday after school.  After supper Peggy Reynolds came down. I’ve promised to phone her as she won’t phone me. I stayed all night and came home Saturday morning.  I was very displeased with my dress but Mother fixed it over again and now it looks swell. Elizabeth is going to the Huron Old Boy’s with us.  I went to church yesterday.  Finished “Wuthering Heights” the end was much better than the rest of it.  To-day its just freezing out if it wasn’t for my muff I don’t know what I’d do.  We had a smart aud. (auditorium) this morning (illegible words) in Deutsch test.  I’d better get at my home work now as I have tons of English to do.

Tuesday Jan 30th                                                                                                                                                                   Had to read a part in Caesar to-day.  Started laughing and made a perfect mess of it.  In Algebra period Pills told me if I put the wrong thing down I’d come up after school and write it out 50 times.  Sweet little lad.  I already had the wrong thing down but I got it crossed out before he saw it. What a break for yours truly.  I had a perfectly terrible history test to-day.   He never tells us when there going to come.  Besides that he has the sweetest habit of coming down and standing right beside us.  I guess he think our intentions aren’t altogether honourable.  I worked hours trying to get my English finished up last night. Got it finished too. Mother didn’t get my shoes so I suppose I’ll be able to skip school and go down to-morrow afternoon.  I simply have to get a pair for the Huron Old Boys Dance.

Makes One Proud of One’s City

Tuesday March 6, 1934                                                                                                                                                           .royalyork1       Had an aud. (sic) this morning to celebrate Toronto’s centenary year.  Lasted from nine to eleven.  Some speeches, two plays and some dances.  Do you know that Humberside is the biggest collegiate in the Br. Empire, that the Royal York is the biggest hotel, that the bank of Commerce the highest building?  Makes one proud of one’s city to hear things like that.  Rose and I went down to Mr. Melbourne to-night.  Can you see any sense in a dizzy problem like this “Show that it is impossible to divide a line six inches in length into two parts such that the area of the rectangle untrained (unclear handwriting, ed.) by them may be ten sq. inches.”  Now I could have told him before I ever started the thing that it was impossible.  Anyone can see that.  Then to make matters worse I drew  Δ for a rectangle.  And he says “that’s your idea of a rectangle is it & walks away.  I was nearly finished it when the bell rang and was making a dash for the door when he caught me and asked me if I’d finished it and of course I had to say “no” and even though I told him I’d come back to-morrow night and finish it he made me go back and finish it then.  What a man!

Wednesday March 7                                                                                                                                                                  .        Went for algebra after school.  Very uninteresting day.  Nora pretty sick.  I hate McAllister more & more.  Miss MacIntosh is very sick.  She’s supposed to be in the asylum but I asked Pop and he said no one my that name had come in.  Mr. Wren says that its the kids fault that she’s in the condition she is.  She was never made to teach school.

What a Beaut I Made

Tuesday May 4 1934                                                                                                                                                                  .     All the exams over!  I don’t have to go to school worrying about some exam.  But I fear me – the worst is yet to come & I feel so tired.  However it’s perfectly marvelous weather out.

Wednesday May 5                                                                                                                                                                 .       Last night I went down to Massey Hall with Ruth.  Got 34 in Algebra.  Helen failed in German Comp;.  Beat Helen in algebra – she only got 24.  Am I good.

Monday May 7                                                                                                                                                                         .    Marvellous (sic) weather over the weekend but nothing doing.  Finished the “Whiteoaks of Jalna” sequel to Jalna.

I went down to Melbourne’s to-night.  What a beaut I made.  Our opening conversation was something like this.

“Will you show me how to do surd equations” says me.

Mr. Melbourne “Wait until we come to them in review.”

Me, quite innocently, “When are we going to start to review?”

Mr. M. “What do you think we’re doing now?”

Me,  “Oh I thought that was new work.”

Mr. M. “Yes that’s just the trouble.  It probably is new work to you but it isn’t to the rest of the class.”

And I got two small questions done all the time I was there.

What a life. From sorrow I go down there. (Editor’s note –the handwriting here was difficult to read; ‘From sorrow’ was my best guess.)   

Thursday May 10                                                                                                                                                                   .   Well here I am out in Taylor’s kitchen surrounded by lemonaide (sic) and Joan and Mary I’ve been trying to do Algebra but as usual have been unsuccessful.  Elizabeth came out and stayed for supper to-day.

Dinner at EightLast night Marg, Nancy & Helen, Nora & I went up to the Lyndhurst to see “Dinner at Eight”.  It was swell but the other picture with it was vile.

Had a lot of fun in English period to-day.  “The tropical sun is like Hades Hell”.  “A new moon is like a cradle with the rockers taken off” or an empty hammock”. “to wait for a knight means that you’re going places with him.” (What’s a seraphin?  Matt to Johnny. “A little fellow with wings.”)

Friday May 11                                                                                                                                                                             Believe it or not the end of the week shows a slight improvement in Algebra.  Got 3 questions done to-day compared with one yesterday.  Wrote to Jimmie last night.  Got a letter from Eileen to-day.  Margee referring to the minister’s age “He’s and old hen – oh excuse me I mean rooster.”  Tsk.

Monday May 14                                                                                                                                                                       .   Took music lesson Saturday morning –baseball game with Mrs. Speare in the afternoon Baltimore vs. M. Leafs.  Had a grand game of tennis after supper.  First this year. – Marion D. Margee & Betty Homell & I.  Lots of fun.  Friday night Margee & I knitted, ate candy and listened to the radio.  Yesterday I wrote to Jessie & Joan.

Thursday May 17                                                                                                                                                                    .    9:30 and I’ve just arrived home from a duet practice with Jean Miller.  We have improved greatly.  It’s lovely and hot again.  Just like summer.  Went swimming yesterday.