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January 1931, Toronto

Diary 1931

  1. I will try not to use any more slang, or swear.
  2. I will try not to lose my temper when Nora bosses me around and I will try and keep our room tidy and hang up my clothes.
Saturday Jan. 3.
     The Christmas holidays have been terribly dry since there has been little snow.  I’m afraid I have stuck around the house entirely too much but there was nothing to do half the time except skate.  We, Nora, Helen A., Marion and myself were skating on Harveys the other day and in some places we could hear the ice crack so we walked over to Greny (Grenadier Pond in High Park) on our skates.  I fell about 6 times (with no exageration) and when we got there we were all too tired to skate so we took off our skates and came home.
     Margee Haugh had a party the other night and I was quite shocked for it didn’t start till 8o’clock.  I have been doing Christmas cards but I’m not much of an artist although Mother thinks they are very good.
My Report (I am partly pleased with it and partly not.)
Composition    66     History     71
Literature         64
Geography      67
Algebra           82
Art                  58
Botany           70
Latin               92
French            77
P.T or Gym    62
Standing – 7.  % – 71.
     I am not pleased with my standing or my comp & lit marks.  I hope to improve them next time.
     I was down to see “Tom Sawyer” at the Imperial Wednesday and it was a lovely picture.  Coming home some of us got hungry and went into the (illegible word) for something to eat.  There was a man in there who was whistling and smiling at everybody and when Grace had gotten her eats and had gone down to her table he followed and pulled out her chair for her and shoved it in when she sat down.  Then he asked very politely how she was and also that the weather wasn’t very nice and then he said something very impolite and Grace turned her back on him.  When I came down I wondered why she was being so rude to him but Betty (who was sitting across from her) motioned to me to go to another table.  This I did and Betty and Grace soon got up and left him and came and sat down beside me.
     “Don’t you know him?” I asked them.
     “No we don’t” replied Grace “and what’s more if he comes near me again I shall scream.”
     By this time the man had gone up to the counter and put down some money.
     “This is to pay for their food.”
     “There (sic) food has already been paid for” said the waitress.
     “But I was strictly told to pay for it.”
     “There must be some mistake” replied the waitress “they have already paid for it.”
     But he still argued and 3 more waitresses were called out to explain to him and at last he got it into his head and rather angry put on his coat and hat and turned and went out of the door.
     This story I have just written has really happened and now I am going to write another one that has happened but a long time ago when Dorthy (sic) Walker lived on our street.
to be continued….Editor

A Ghost Story, School Results, and a Swim

The Ghost in Lawson’s House
     (The following story really happened & was when we were small enough to believe is such spooky things as ghosts).
     We were having a lovely time playing “prove it” in our backyard when Nancy, Jean & Marg came & asked us to go up and play in Lawson’s house. Now Lawson’s house was next to Yaneths & had been vacant for several weeks.
     We started cantering in, Mary first, when suddenly, we heard an unearthly moan, and Marg screamed that she had seen a ghost.  We all made a dash for the door & thanked Heaven that it  was not yet gotten dark.  Young as I was I thought it was only a imagination on the part of Marg.  I got the other kids around to the front of the house with me to peak (sic) in the windows.  We slowly crept up the steps to the veranda.  (We needed to go no farther however for) On the veranda looking through the window we got the shock of our young lives.  We stood there white faced & motionless not daring to move less that awful thing should suddenly jump through the window at us.  There it was plain as day, all white & spooky standing in the middle of the parlour floor waving a sword.  At the sight of the sword our legs took immediate action & in a few seconds we had somehow landed on the street and were chatting nervously.  Then Betty burst into tears & ran home.  We didn’t take much notice of her however and soon began edging to the window again.  We had just got there however when Mrs. Colston –illegible words– walked right in the front door and up to the ghost.  Then she pulled at its whiteness & off came a sheet and there stood Nora. (Bernice’s older sister)
     Well, when we saw Nora there, Mrs. Colston wasn’t the only one that was mad.
Tuesday June
     Morley (Bernice’s younger brother) didn’t pass & it’s his second year too.  He’s awfully disappointed because he expected to. But  as Hr. Haugh said “Nobody’s got to do anyth
    “There’s only one thing anybody’s got to do in this world and that is to suffer there (sic) own results.”
     Well Morley’s suffering his plenty but I’m praying & hoping that he’ll pass up at Humberside because Mother is awfully disappointed too.
     This morning however better news came in the paper.  Nora passed her honour course, got second highest in her class, and came -illegible words- was wondering what she would have come had she had decent health.
     But those things are not important to the wonderful time we had Saturday.
     Morley, Lloyd, Pooly, Bruce, Gordon Haugh, Margee, Betty, Doris and I went to the farm in the morning.  Marion Hough drove us out.  Four in the front seat & six in the back.  I don’t know how we ever piled in but somehow we did and we had a jolly time going out.
    Mr. Griffith doesn’t like us going to out there any more because he’s afraid we’l let the cows out, so Marion drove us up to the woods and we got out there.
     We girls got our bathing suits on here while the boys went farther down then we went for a swim.
Next week, a dance, boys smoking and a tattle tale…

This Silly Diary 1934

Editor’s Note; At this point in the journals we leap ahead to 1934 where Bernice is still in high school (Humberside Collegiate) and by my estimation she is in grade 11.

January 15 1934

I haven’t written in this silly diary for so long that I feel quite a stranger.  I’ll just state a few facts and maybe someday I shall write an account of camp.

I spent the summer in Seaforth.  Had a swell time and two weeks of camp out at Bayfield at Deer Lodge with Mrs. Chapman as chaperone.  Met Jim.

Joan and I spent most of the time in Seaforth at the tennis court. (Doug and Stan.)

Returned to school in September.  Have Missed the odd day but got along fine.  Put in the same class with all the same teachers.  Which isn’t so good.  Got my exams ok (ex P.T.) Algebra still a big trouble.

Christmas – Aunt Mill came over and Vipper (our new Kitty who was found out in the garage on Sunday morning.  He is a yellow-striped) was with us so it was a very jolly Christmas.  Nora has her graduation pictures and they are beautiful.  I was sick with the flu for most of the holidays but managed to go to the show and see “Little Women”.  A swell picture.  Too bad there aren’t more like it.

New Year’s Eve I expected to spend quietly at home on account of my cold but the gang came in and we had a party.  Everybody was here and it was quite a reunion.  Even Windy managed to get down before before it was over.  George was in from the country to stay (for good.)  Helen A. & Margee weren’t here New Year’s, Bert and Mrs. S. came over.  Went over too (sic) Abell’s at night.

School again! but I didn’t start back till a few days later and my cold came in handy as I got out of my oral but not for good.  Grace & I went and saw “Bombshell” Friday night and on Saturday night Windy and Lloyd wanted me to go to the Parkdale with them but I didn’t go.  Rather nuts I’d say.

Wednesday Jan 17

They were taking moving pictures down at the tank to-day. We went down for swimming period but could only have the shallow end of the tank.  I didn’t go in.  Just as the boys were going in the bell rang.  We thought they’d let us stay and watch them but no such luck.  Mr. Wren showed us the door and gently told us to scram so thinking that we weren’t exactly wanted we rambled up to algebra period.  the old guy popped a test on us and believe it or not I got 20 out of 20.  Still a mystery.  Have been in a very bad temper all day.  Guess I’ll see if can sleep it off.  Oh by the way have joined Young Peoples.  Went last night with Margee.  I don’t like it as well as I did at first.

Makes One Proud of One’s City

Tuesday March 6, 1934                                                                                                                                                           .royalyork1       Had an aud. (sic) this morning to celebrate Toronto’s centenary year.  Lasted from nine to eleven.  Some speeches, two plays and some dances.  Do you know that Humberside is the biggest collegiate in the Br. Empire, that the Royal York is the biggest hotel, that the bank of Commerce the highest building?  Makes one proud of one’s city to hear things like that.  Rose and I went down to Mr. Melbourne to-night.  Can you see any sense in a dizzy problem like this “Show that it is impossible to divide a line six inches in length into two parts such that the area of the rectangle untrained (unclear handwriting, ed.) by them may be ten sq. inches.”  Now I could have told him before I ever started the thing that it was impossible.  Anyone can see that.  Then to make matters worse I drew  Δ for a rectangle.  And he says “that’s your idea of a rectangle is it & walks away.  I was nearly finished it when the bell rang and was making a dash for the door when he caught me and asked me if I’d finished it and of course I had to say “no” and even though I told him I’d come back to-morrow night and finish it he made me go back and finish it then.  What a man!

Wednesday March 7                                                                                                                                                                  .        Went for algebra after school.  Very uninteresting day.  Nora pretty sick.  I hate McAllister more & more.  Miss MacIntosh is very sick.  She’s supposed to be in the asylum but I asked Pop and he said no one my that name had come in.  Mr. Wren says that its the kids fault that she’s in the condition she is.  She was never made to teach school.

See how much Chizzling you can do Without Getting Caught

Sunday March 18th 1934                                                                                                                                                                       I haven’t written in this book for so long that I ought to have a lot to say.  To begin with last Friday night I was in at Mrs. Taylor’s and the kids got this book & my German reader mixed up with some other books and put them in the book case.  Consequently they were lost for awhile.  Incidentally Mary & Joan between them smashed a china table lamp, a glass and Joan sat on Mrs. Taylor’s knitting needle and broke it.  Great fun.  On Sunday Elizabeth came out.  I went to school Monday (we got off at 2 because of someone’s death) the next 3 days I stayed at home, felt perfectly rotten and went back on Friday. Helen S. did the same thing.  Had to hand in an essay on “My Choice of Profession” -social service work. ahem!  Got 6 out of 30 in another algebra test and we had a history test.  Tests are good for (you)-yah-see how much chizzling you can do without getting caught.

Friday night Jack and I upheld the honour of the Hodgins family by going to the CSC. Morley didn’t want to go and Nora was sick.  It was held at Mrs. MacGammond’s on Oriole Parkway.  What a marvelous house!  Two or three bathrooms and a maid answers the door.  Chuck wasn’t there and neither was the French boy.  Half-Moon was and was there a row? Dad wrote him a letter and he was supposed to disband.  Instead of that he collected the fees first without saying anything about the letter.  Jack and I and June MacCreath (whose father made her resign) were about the only ones didn’t pay fees.  They collected $7.50.  I’m afraid Mr. Moon is going to get into serious trouble.  The two people that I really don’t like now are June and Malcolm.  I actually had two dances with Max and quite a few with Jack McFarlane.  I went and wore my evening dress and half of the kids that wore evening dresses before were there in sports dresses.  Well anyway we can’t go next time so I won’t have to worry about what I’ll wear.

s0071_it10161Last night I was going to do homework but Helen S phoned and she and Margee and I went up to the library.  It just began to pour rain and of course we got caught in it.  Went into Haugh’s after and played court whist.  Grace phoned yesterday.  This morning I was so surprised when I looked out and the ground was covered with snow. Disgusting  and I didn’t go to church either.  Have finished Stalky and co. by R. Kipling.  Great book.

Helen S. and I have decided to go to Europe.  The date isn’t quite settled upon yet.

Easter Sunday was a very drab sort of day…

Thursday March 29 1934                                                                                                                                                    .     Well isn’t this nice.  The beginning of the Easter Holidays and lots of snow. (Let’s go ski-ing) and nothing doing.  I had fond hopes of going up to Seaforth with Anna & her boyfriend but he isn’t going up now & Anna is going by train so that lets me out.  Elizabeth is singing in the Easter chorus down at the Imperial.  Helen & I and Nora went up to the library to-night and Helen came in afterwards.  The cat was badly abused by Morley & he knocked the lamp over.  Lucky the chair was there.  We had coffee & ginger bread and decided that to-morrow afternoon we’re going to (Helen & I) write for a tennis permit and we have to have about 20 names so I suggested the boys & call it the “Pacific Tennis Club”.  I hope they don’t all come though I suppose we’ll have to tell them we put their names down.

Friday March 30                                                                                                                                                                      .     Went to church in the morning.  Helen and I wrote for an application for a tennis permit in the afternoon also to Campbells soup for tickets for their programe.  Went to church again at night.  Helen & I are considering cleaning chickens to-morrow.   “Fellow inmates” –nearly put the class to sleep and ______ finished the job.

Monday April 2nd                                                                                                                                                                  .       Saturday was a very dull day.  After supper Nancy, Nora, Helen and I went after Easter Lillies.  After which Helen and I tried to puzzle out “Die Woche”.  It was a lot of fun.

Easter Sunday was a very drab sort of day and didn’t seem the least like Easter Sunday.

Sunnyside Easter Fashion Parade 1934
Sunnyside Easter Fashion Parade 1924

They broadcasted the fashion parade from Sunnyside.  I went to our church in the morning and High Park Church at night with Helen who was all decked out in Easter finery.  Mike and Morley went to Seaforth at 8 Sunday morning & I wanted to go but Mum didn’t think much of the idea of my coming back with the cattle.  So that was off.

Got a letter from Joan on Saturday. About time. Apparently my letters have had a very good effect on two cases.

11:15 and everybody in bed but me.  Helen & I went to the show and had a long drawn out talk out in front (we were both nearly frozen).  She told me a few shocking things about some people then when I got in the house Mother told me that she had phoned Mrs. Campbell & that she told Mother that Mr. Moon had told her (get it?) that Mother had said to him just to ignore the letter he had got from Dad and that Dad had said that he hadn’t meant the letter at all but the other men had made him write it.  I simply cannot understand that man.  Dad hasn’t seen or heard from him since he sent the letter & Mother didn’t say anything of the kind.  Well we won’t go to the affair on Thursday night & Mother’s going to phone up Mrs. Dr. Campbell & give her the low down & Mr. Moon will likely be asked to resign his position in the Huron Old Boys sooner or later & the sooner the better. Here Helen & I were quite disgusted with how uninteresting everything has been & its all turning out quite exciting.

(the show was Janet Gaynor in “Carolina”)

The Interesting Romance of Mother & Father

Friday May June 1st 1934                                                                                                                                                  .      (Hard to realize considering its rather cool) got my pictures to-day from the negatives of the pictures Marg took.  They are pretty good.  Also got a film and took a picture of Snoon.

Monday June 4th                                                                                                                                                                   .     Terrific heat.  King’s birthday holiday.  Yesterday we went out to Abell’s farm.  Quite a lovely place.  Had a lot of fun, bicycling.  Helen went in swimming.  Some swimming hole.  (George’s hat incident + cow tray also climbing fence and swimming without bathing suit).  I hear Grace has stopped school.  Nut!

Monday June 11                                                                                                                                                                     .     Went to Peggy Reynold’s graduation on Thursday with Elizabeth.  Friday afternoon went to Nora’s.  It was lovely.  Saturday we left  for Kincardine to take Nora up.  From there we went to C4th arriving there about 1:30 a.m.  Left Seaforth about 4 p.m. Sunday and went to Lucan.  From there we came to Toronto arriving here about 12 p.m.  We left Nana in C4th.  She is going to stay for a week & Jack (has lost his job) is going up for a week too.

Gladys and Edna_20140809_0001
Gladys Henderson (Bernice’s Mother) and her sister Edna (referred to as Nana in the journals) in Seaforth circa 1910.

Thursday June 14th                                                                                                                                                             .     Have just heard the interesting romance of Mother & Father before they were married.  Pop was engaged when he came to C4th to start up a practice to a girl in Toronto. Mother was in the hotel and one night Unk phoned up and said that Doc Hodgins wanted to take Mum or Nana out for a drive.  Nana had Unk of course so Mum went.  They kept going together & things began to get serious so Mother went over to Detroit for a while and decided that when she came back she wouldn’t see him anymore & Dad decided the same thing.  The first night she was back Dad asked her to go out in the country with him some place and Mother went!  Later he wrote the girl who he was engaged to and the engagement was broken & Maw (sic) & him got married & had four kids.


Monday June 18                                                                                                                                                                     .   Friday night Betty & Margee & I bummed around (shoe polish and shredded wheat) Saturday night Bob MacLean, Windy and Margee & I played bridge at Haugh’s.  They pulled some fast ones over on us whereas we cheated openly.  We had lots of fun. Yesterday I was swimming out at Abell’s in the creek.  The boys came out in the old ford.  Bill Murray was out there for the weekend.  When I got home Margee came in and wanted me to go for a walk.   So Betty & we two went. This morning I’m up to study algebra and I’m going to school for help in it this afternoon.

Sunday June 24                                                                                                                                                                        .     Well I have to write history & I’m good and mad.  He let Marjorie thru who got identically the same marks as I did only we had a test after Easter and I got 78 and she only got 71.  Of all the dirty mean low down tricks.  Mother came home from C4th to-day and I think I’ll get her to phone up Mr. Wren about it.  She says she will.  The only reason I can see why he didn’t recommend me is because I talked to (sic) much in his periods.

Margee and I were naughty last night.

Home Again & Back to School

Thursday Aug 30 1934
Mother & Dad & Jack came up. Played tennis with Grieve.  What a game!  Had a fight with Joan.
Friday Aug 31
Went to Kincardine for Nora.  Got stung by a bee.  Met Isabelle.  Had supper by the lake on the way home.  Drove down Bruce Beach to see the Rosses but they had left.
Saturday Sept. 1
Very sore leg – swollen.  -Knitted.  Was supposed to hitch hike but it was a rainy day so we couldn’t.  Also leg was too sore.

Sunday Sept 2
Went to Presbyterian church with Nana in the morning.  Joan & I went down to Jessies’s in the afternoon.  Mother & I went to church – Anglican – at night – Joan & I up to Soup’s.
 Keith Sharpe came home.  Norman Chesterfield, Joan, Morley, & I sat on the verandah, waiting for Isabelle to come home.  (out with Ken) Morley got the car for awhile.
Tuesday Sept. 11
Home again & back to school!  Extra period every night – in Melbournes’s room.
Saturday Oct 29
Haven’t written here so long that there is a terrible lot to say.  Elizabeth Jones is living out here with us now.  She is swell & really livens up the house.  Since I came back from C4th (Seaforth) I have had Marg Smith, Frank Grieve, out for supper also Jim Scott, Jack Rankin, and R. Hawkins have been here. Stan sent the pictures he took & they are awful.  Have been sleeping with Liz the last few nights as Granma came down & brought some people down (Aletha & Harold) who proceeded to park in our house for the rest of the week.  Thank goodness they are gone.  Helen & I went down to the Eaton Aud.  last Saturday to see “As You Like It”.   Sign of the Cross 1932Last night we went to the Parkdale & saw “Hide Away” & a revival of  “The Sign of the Cross”.  Got home after one & was locked out.
Tuesday Nov 13
Gave my oral this morning.  Bell rang when I was half way through – not as nervous as usual.  This afternoon final rugby game. Our Juniors against North Toronto.  Score 6-5.  Rain & snow.  Saturday night Helen & Margee & I went up to Windy’s.  Morley & Gord Poole there. Had a big row with Windy but he apologized later.  Yesterday Helen & I went to a Dramatic Club meeting after school.  Didn’t get home till 6 o’clock.  Read parts.  Helen is director of the Ranger play.  Went to a French picture & could understand only one sentence.
Fall Exams 1934 – 4B
Eng comp 60                                 Lat Auth 63
Eng Lit 80 (highest in form)  Lat Comp 75
Geom 54                                         French A. 70
Am Hist 87                                     French C. 59
Germ A 61                                      P.T. 80
Germ C 59
Percent 68 and standing 13 in class of 43.