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A Crush, Teachers and The Quire

Sunday April 26, 1931
I have just been to 8 o’clock communion. there were only 12 there amongst whom was my boy friend –G.  Those are his initials.  I won’t write his name.
     I know several things about him although I have never really met him.
1.  He goes to our church & was confirmed same time as I was.
2.  He usually goes to church with a friend of his but the friend was not there this morning.
3.  He goes to Humberside & is in Mr. Devitt’s form.
4.  I think he is very nice.  He is a church goer anyways.
He is terribly handsome escpecially (sic) when he smiles & I think a lot of him getting up so early to go to church escpecially )sic) when he didn’t have any one to go with.  The clock was changed last night so we really got up one hour earlier.

Our Teachers

Miss McCraie -Latin-  I like her awfully well although she is rather sloppy.

Miss MacIntosh -French- I also like her & I think it’s real mean for the boys to make her cry.  She is rather funny though.  One minute she’ll be real mad & the next she’ll be smiling.

Miss McNerre -(I know I’ve spelled it wrong)  She’s nice but I don’t like her much.  She doesn’t even know my name yet.  History.

Miss MacAllister -Gym- I can’t stand her.  I can do everything almost & yet she hardly give me a mark for it. Pig!  She just has a pick on me & anyways her bloomer leg is always showing.  Even in pictures.

Mr. Ford -Geography- I’ve written enough in here about him and nothing is very complimentary either.  He’s another pig.

Mr. Hatch -Art- I like him most of the time but sometimes I don’t.  He’s rather a queer personage.  He’s very strict & yet there is a decided sense of humour about him.  He speaks of things that no other teacher would dare speak of.  He is a fine looking man with an old fashioned moustache.  He is always asking rather funny questions like
-“What is a cow?”
“An animal.”
“Gracious no!  A cow is a cow isn’t it?”

Mr. Kinney -Funny looking.  Quiet.  Nobody will do anything he is saying.  I feel sort of sorry for him.  Algebra

Stuffy (or Mr. McGinnes) He is always yelling at us if we talk.  An old hen but rather nice.

Miss Mitchell (English) She is extremely clever & knows all about words.  I admire her but am not particularly fond of her.

Our Quire
     Anyone reading the following descriptions will certainly end with the opinion that our quire is composed of freaks.  (which they are)  Grace & I often laugh over them & I’m sure if you could see them you would too.
     There is “Beaky” so called because of her long, pointed beak-like nose.  She is to me the most maddening person in the quire.  Every time the quire gets up to sing she faces the congregation.