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January 1931, Toronto

Diary 1931

  1. I will try not to use any more slang, or swear.
  2. I will try not to lose my temper when Nora bosses me around and I will try and keep our room tidy and hang up my clothes.
Saturday Jan. 3.
     The Christmas holidays have been terribly dry since there has been little snow.  I’m afraid I have stuck around the house entirely too much but there was nothing to do half the time except skate.  We, Nora, Helen A., Marion and myself were skating on Harveys the other day and in some places we could hear the ice crack so we walked over to Greny (Grenadier Pond in High Park) on our skates.  I fell about 6 times (with no exageration) and when we got there we were all too tired to skate so we took off our skates and came home.
     Margee Haugh had a party the other night and I was quite shocked for it didn’t start till 8o’clock.  I have been doing Christmas cards but I’m not much of an artist although Mother thinks they are very good.
My Report (I am partly pleased with it and partly not.)
Composition    66     History     71
Literature         64
Geography      67
Algebra           82
Art                  58
Botany           70
Latin               92
French            77
P.T or Gym    62
Standing – 7.  % – 71.
     I am not pleased with my standing or my comp & lit marks.  I hope to improve them next time.
     I was down to see “Tom Sawyer” at the Imperial Wednesday and it was a lovely picture.  Coming home some of us got hungry and went into the (illegible word) for something to eat.  There was a man in there who was whistling and smiling at everybody and when Grace had gotten her eats and had gone down to her table he followed and pulled out her chair for her and shoved it in when she sat down.  Then he asked very politely how she was and also that the weather wasn’t very nice and then he said something very impolite and Grace turned her back on him.  When I came down I wondered why she was being so rude to him but Betty (who was sitting across from her) motioned to me to go to another table.  This I did and Betty and Grace soon got up and left him and came and sat down beside me.
     “Don’t you know him?” I asked them.
     “No we don’t” replied Grace “and what’s more if he comes near me again I shall scream.”
     By this time the man had gone up to the counter and put down some money.
     “This is to pay for their food.”
     “There (sic) food has already been paid for” said the waitress.
     “But I was strictly told to pay for it.”
     “There must be some mistake” replied the waitress “they have already paid for it.”
     But he still argued and 3 more waitresses were called out to explain to him and at last he got it into his head and rather angry put on his coat and hat and turned and went out of the door.
     This story I have just written has really happened and now I am going to write another one that has happened but a long time ago when Dorthy (sic) Walker lived on our street.
to be continued….Editor

One Dirty Louse

1935 Theatre PhotoSaturday Dec 20 1935                                     

Last night Al took me to the show.  We sat in the parlour afterwards and talked and I had a grand time.  I thought he was swell and then to-night he went and spoiled it all and I hope I never see him again except to tell him what I think of him.  (one dirty louse).  He came over to-night and went up to the library with Marion and I.  Coming home we met Dorothea and Will going out Runnymede so of course Marion started to go out them, and Al, so he would not get stuck with me wanted to go with them so he dragged me along (although I would have given anything to go home and let him have his Dorothea). The big sissy with four girls.  We went out to Molly’s and then waited half an hour while Will selected some Xmas cards.  In the meantime I sneaked out of the store and came home and Al didn’t even bother coming after me.  Later Marion phone and wanted me to go over there.  They were eating but Al didn’t bother asking me when Marion could not get me to come.  I appreciated Marion calling up and asking me anyway.  Later I saw Al taking Dorothea home.  If he was where I wish he was right now he’d be pretty warm.  He’s probably pretty hot over at Dorothea’s house right now anyway.  At least from what I hear of Dorothea he probably is.

I phoned Neil to-day to get some addresses.  He’s swell.  He didn’t know who it was at first but when he did he burst out “My God it’s Agony!”  He sure seemed glad to hear from me.  He and Marg are still going strong.  Darn him or darn her.

Monday Dec 23                                                                                                                                                   Last night Marion and I went to High Park Church.  Cliff and Roy walked home with us.  Dorothea and Al and Will caught up to us and did I ever ignore Al.  We went into Dance’s and Al wanted to come but Dorothea wouldn’t.  Thanks Dorothea.  We had tea and Xmas cake and a lot of fun.  They are both swell kids.

This afternoon Jim, Morley, Marion, and I went ski-ing and to-night Marion and I went out Bloor St.  We went into the drug store on the way home and Roy was there with another fellow.  I got the song sheet from him.

Wednesday Dec 25                                                                                                                                              We had a grand Xmas – nice and snowy.  Aunt Mill is here.   To-night we got up a toboggan party and invited every body and then found out we couldn’t borrow a toboggan, so Jim and Will and I went ski-ing over in the park and the rest of the kids went to Dance’s.  We joined them later and Doug and his boyfriend came in.  His boyfriend was the one I followed home on the street car from the rugby game.  When I went to get my coat out of the closet Doug pushed me in and came in after me.  Right in the middle of a kiss Wilma opened the door.  Did Doug ever straighten up in a hurry!

Tuesday I was working up at Jenny Lind’s from one p.m. to 11:30, when I was out getting change at the theatre I met Derrick.   ♥♥♥  Throbs. 

Tobogganing Party –No Mishaps

TobogganingJanuary 1938

Jan 1  Mother & Dad out for dinner.  Jim came over for dinner.  We went skiing after – Rather slow.  Home early & fooled around.

Jan 2 Mon. -Bad cold.  To bed early.

Jan 3 Bad cold.  To bed early.

Jan 4 Tues. Very bad cold.  Bed early.

Jan 5 Wed.  Bad cold.  To bed early.

Jan 6 Thurs.  Bad cold.  To bed early. Home on street car with Jim.  Giggled all the way home.  Disgraced myself.

Jan 7 Fri.  Jack left for Timmins.  Elizabeth absolutely horrid to him.  But after all it should be her privilege –she sure chased him.

Jan 8 Sat.  Jim to hockey game at night with friend.  I stayed home & read.  Campaign to save money & gain weight.

Jan 9 Sun.  To church in aft for A.Y.  Jim over at night.  He is getting very much under my skin.  I think he went home mad.

Jan 10 Mon. Got a raise of $1.50, making $14 a week.  Waited 15 minutes for Jim at Bay & Bloor -very cold –he did not come, must be mad.

Jan 11 Tues.  Invitations sent for toboggan party.

Jan12 Wed.  Lots of snow for the toboggan party.  Sure hope it lasts. Dorothy & I to show downtown.  Still no Jim.

Jan 13 Thurs.  Phoned Jim & we went over to the park to see about renting toboggans as we can’t have Haugh’s.  Thinking of giving Jim up as bad job as he gets under my skin so.  Went to A.Y.  Late –bill.

Jan 14 Fri.  Night of my tobogganing party –no mishaps.  Nearly everyone could come.  A grand night –lots of snow.  We all came home covered with it.  Ate hot dogs, cake with coffee & played a nursery rhyme game.   I think every one had a good time.

Jan 15 Sat.  I had decided to tell Jim I wouldn’t see him anymore to-night.  But I broke down & wept copious tears.  I simply couldn’t stop & poor Jim didn’t know what was wrong or what to do.  I finally got control of myself.  But hope it doesn’t happen again.

Jan 16 Sun.  Jim & I walked in the park in the aft.  Marion & I to A.Y. sevice at night.  Home in snow storm.

Jan 17 Mon.  Very cold & much snow.  Jim & I walked home from Dundas.

Jan 18 Tues.  Marion & I bought me a pair of shoes.

Jan 19 Wed.  Marion & I went skiing & I lost a new ski.  Had all the boys looking for it.  Little mouse.

Jan 20 Thurs.  A.Y. tobogganing party.  Marg & Sam, J & I back to church through the park.  Had a lot of fun in snow.

Jan 21 Fri.  Marion & I down at Milne’s waiting for Jim to go skiing.  When we came home J & I had it out & we seem to have once again made up.  Talking to Glen (Milne, Jim’s younger brother) in park –very queer but nice. 

Jan 22 Sat.  Everyone out.  J told me what he likes about me -good sport – I like little clothe (sic) animals — my sense of humour – when I am skiing my determination not to fall — I seem different than any other girls.  I can talk about little things & make them interesting.

Jan 23 Sun.  J & I for walk in slushy park in aft.  At night we got along so perfectly.  I let him stay til 11:30.  -Bread and catsup.  Right now I think he is grand.  How long will it last?

Jan 24 Mon.  Nothing exciting.

Jan 25 Tues.  Ditto.

Jan 26 Wed.  Ditto.

Jan 27 Thurs.  Jim came down to A.Y. with me & came home early.  He is most annoying & a terrible mixer.  We mended chairs etc.

Jan 28 Fri.  Ditto.

Jan 29 Sat.  J & I went skating – very cold – Coming home slippery – He carried me & slipped.  We both went down.

Jan 30 Sun.  Ditto.

Jan 31 Mon.  Marion &  I went to see “Stage Door” at the Uptown – Very good.  We saw it through twice.

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