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February 1929

February 1929
6th; Went to school.  After I went sleigh r. At night I went to Helen Smith’s.

7th; Went to school, after I went sleigh riding with Helen.  At night I practised and studied.

8th; Went to school.  After school took my lesson. At night went to club and practised “Incomprehensible.”

9th; (Saturday)
Function in the morning with H. S. Had a street car adventure.

10th;  Slept in & read.  I did not go to church or Sunday school as I did not feel well.

11th; Went school & in the morning we had cooking.  At night I went to Guides.

12th; Went school then went sleigh riding but soon had to pull Bob home because he hurt his leg.

This is all she writes for 1929.  She seems to be interested in developing the habit of keeping a journal but we have no further entries or books until she begins again in 1931.  The family seems to have moved to Toronto sometime in 1928, hence the streetcar adventure.  
The 1931 journal entries are much longer and more descriptive.  She also kept some of her creative writing assignments.