Recurring Characters

Bernice’s family and friends are mentioned throughout the entries;

  • Nora; Bernice’s older sister by 5 years
  • Jack; Bernice’s older brother by about 3 years
  • Morley; Bernice’s younger brother by about 2 years
  • Nana is her Aunt Edna on her Mother’s side.  ‘Aunt + Edna = Nana’
  • In the 1935 entries ‘Jack M.’ is a frequent companion of Bernice’s.  This would be Jack Milne.  The Milne family moved to Pacific Avenue about 1934.
  • Elizabeth was a young woman staying with the Hodgins family.  She seems to have been involved with Bernice’s older brother Jack.
  • Art, who Bernice sees at her A.Y. meetings became a life long friend.  He and his future wife became godparents to one of Bernice’s children.
  • The neighborhood; It has to be said–this was a classic Toronto 1930’s neighborhood.  The street name was Pacific Avenue.  The house that the Hodgins family lived in has long since given way to high rises.

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  1. Hi Anne, just a note, Nora was the oldest child and Jack was two years younger than Nora, not the other way around. Cheers, Gunny

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