A Ghost Story, School Results, and a Swim

The Ghost in Lawson’s House
     (The following story really happened & was when we were small enough to believe is such spooky things as ghosts).
     We were having a lovely time playing “prove it” in our backyard when Nancy, Jean & Marg came & asked us to go up and play in Lawson’s house. Now Lawson’s house was next to Yaneths & had been vacant for several weeks.
     We started cantering in, Mary first, when suddenly, we heard an unearthly moan, and Marg screamed that she had seen a ghost.  We all made a dash for the door & thanked Heaven that it  was not yet gotten dark.  Young as I was I thought it was only a imagination on the part of Marg.  I got the other kids around to the front of the house with me to peak (sic) in the windows.  We slowly crept up the steps to the veranda.  (We needed to go no farther however for) On the veranda looking through the window we got the shock of our young lives.  We stood there white faced & motionless not daring to move less that awful thing should suddenly jump through the window at us.  There it was plain as day, all white & spooky standing in the middle of the parlour floor waving a sword.  At the sight of the sword our legs took immediate action & in a few seconds we had somehow landed on the street and were chatting nervously.  Then Betty burst into tears & ran home.  We didn’t take much notice of her however and soon began edging to the window again.  We had just got there however when Mrs. Colston –illegible words– walked right in the front door and up to the ghost.  Then she pulled at its whiteness & off came a sheet and there stood Nora. (Bernice’s older sister)
     Well, when we saw Nora there, Mrs. Colston wasn’t the only one that was mad.
Tuesday June
     Morley (Bernice’s younger brother) didn’t pass & it’s his second year too.  He’s awfully disappointed because he expected to. But  as Hr. Haugh said “Nobody’s got to do anyth
    “There’s only one thing anybody’s got to do in this world and that is to suffer there (sic) own results.”
     Well Morley’s suffering his plenty but I’m praying & hoping that he’ll pass up at Humberside because Mother is awfully disappointed too.
     This morning however better news came in the paper.  Nora passed her honour course, got second highest in her class, and came -illegible words- was wondering what she would have come had she had decent health.
     But those things are not important to the wonderful time we had Saturday.
     Morley, Lloyd, Pooly, Bruce, Gordon Haugh, Margee, Betty, Doris and I went to the farm in the morning.  Marion Hough drove us out.  Four in the front seat & six in the back.  I don’t know how we ever piled in but somehow we did and we had a jolly time going out.
    Mr. Griffith doesn’t like us going to out there any more because he’s afraid we’l let the cows out, so Marion drove us up to the woods and we got out there.
     We girls got our bathing suits on here while the boys went farther down then we went for a swim.
Next week, a dance, boys smoking and a tattle tale…

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