It Was a Lovely Day

BerniceAug 15 Sat.  Stayed home all day.  Am giving the baby some formula as I think she is hungry, altho Dr. says no.  She is still constipated.  After the Ashbys came home at 10:30, Jim & I got dressed & went for a beer.  Ended up at Mrs. Henderson’s.

Aug 16 Sun.  Took Barbara for her first walk to-night.  Rained nearly all day.

Aug 19 Wed.  Nora was supposed to come to-day but she phoned just as I left to drive Jim to work & said she was sick, so I phoned Mrs. Whitby & she asked Barbara and I down for the aft and Jim to come down for supper.  We had a lovely time.

Aug 20 Thurs.  Nora came this a.m.  I drove down & met the 11:15 boat.  It was a lovely day.  We went up to the park for awhile.  This evening Marion had a brush demonstrator here & I attended.  Nora & Jim went for a walk.

Aug 21 Fri.  Mrs. Whitby phoned about an apartment & Nora & I looked at it, then went down to Queenston for our supper.  Coming home we drove around to see Eleanor Gauld’s place.  She gave us a lot of vegetables.

Aug 22 Sat.  Mother & Dad came about noon.  This p.m. Jim & Dad went to the races.  To-night we went apartment hunting but no one will take us on account of the baby.

Aug 23 Sun.  Went after a house we heard about to-day.  This p.m. the family all drove to Lake Erie.  On the way back we visited the hydro park.  Nora left for Toronto.

Aug 24 Mon.  Dad & Jim to races this p.m.  Mother & I walked down to see the house in daylight & to Eleanor Gauld’s.  Mother & Dad left for Seaforth to-night.

Aug 25 Tues.  Jim & I went to see the woman about the house to-day.  She won’t rent it for less than $40, so it is out.  Jim saw the head of the plant & he wants him to stay & is going to get him a raise.

Dear Readers,

With a new baby, and a busy life with her husband, Bernice falls out of the habit of keeping a diary.   August 25, 1942 was her last entry — until 1982 when she began again.  She kept a journal in her later years right up until she died in 1995.

As her daughter, these early diaries have been a joy to transcribe.  The next step for these journals is to publish them as an e-book, and in a paper copy.  I will update you when these are available.

Thank you for reading these journals.  I have appreciated all of your comments and encouragement. 


Anne Milne

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