4:50 Baby born. Girl.


July 16 Thurs.  This a.m. I had a few pains.  However I had made plans to go downtown so I went anyway & just as well as nothing happened.  Came home & baked a raspberry pie.

July 17 Fri.  Very hot.  Eleanor G. dropped in to-day.  Two terrific storms to-night.  Jim & I went for a walk after the last one & the street lights went out.  Woke up at 3:00 and about 4:30 there was a bloody discharge.  I got quite excited & woke Jim & Marion but no pains.  Very disappointed.

July 18 Sat.  Went back to bed & slept until 9:30.  Phoned Dr. & he said pains would come.  Awfully hot.  Jim vomiting all night.  Think ptomaine poisoning. 

July 19 Sun.  This p.m., Jean Calder phoned & asked us down there.  We stayed for supper.  Came home about 9:30.  Had a few pains 10:30 rather severe.  11:30 Water broke.  12:15 In hospital.  4:50 Baby born.  Girl.

Nurses with Babies July 20 Mon.  I was certainly surprised when the nurse told me I had an 8 pound baby girl without any trouble at all – not even instruments.  I am so glad it is all over with.  I feel fine & the baby is awfully cute.  She has black hair which is a surprise – & blue eyes.  She is pretty red but they say she will lose that.  Jim here all day – Isabel in aft – woke this a.m. at 6:30.

July 21 Tues.  My birthday today.  I got a dozen lovely red roses from the family & a fountain pen from Jim.  Yesterday they brought me my daughter at 2 p.m.  I nearly had a fit when she coughed a little.  I certainly am afraid of her.  I still feel fine.

July 22 Wed.  To-day was castor oil day & I don’t feel so good.  I nursed the baby to-day & she hurts me very much.  Jim brought Marion to-night to see me.  The first time since the night she was born.  Sure was grand having her there.  She brought me a sweater & two pairs of booties.  Blue of course.  Isabel came in this p.m.

July 23 Thurs.  It has been very hot since I have been in the hospital.  The Dr. says I had a baby 2 lbs. too much for me.  However I didn’t have any trouble so I should worry.  He said he was quite worried abut me for awhile.  Thought I was all water & no baby.  R. Walker came in to-day.  Got flowers from Mrs. Liscun & Ben.

July 24 Fri.  Hospital life isn’t too bad but I do wish they would let me sleep.  Jean Calder came in to-day.  She brought me some lovely flowers & 2 books.  She certainly got a surprise when Jim phoned her Monday morning.  The cards & letters are certainly pouring in.

July 25 Sat.  Isabell came in this a.m.  She has been a very faithful visitor.  Jack came too but they wouldn’t let him in.  I asked them down for to-night but they couldn’t come.  The baby still hurts me.

July 26 Sun.  Mother & Dad & the Milnes came over to-day & they would only let Mother in.  Nora sneaked in for a few minutes.  They like the baby.

July 27 Mon.  I am getting pretty restless – wish I could go home.  Marion came in to see me to-night.  Also George.  Got flowers from Mrs. Whitby.  I do hate the nights here.  I don’t like the nurses & I don’t like being wakened at 2.  Am counting the days until I can get home.

July 28 Tues.  This is my last whole day here & they didn’t even let me let up.  We now have a name for her – Barbara Joan Milne.  I have written air mail letters to Glen & Jack.  Also one to George.

July 29 Wed.  Could hardly wait until 7:00 when I am going home.  They got me up at ten to seven.  Are my legs weak.  Marion & Jim came for me.  Then Jim went to meet Mother at the boat.  Isabel & Jack dropped in.  Seems funny to have the baby all to myself.  She cried quite a bit.

July 30 Thurs.  I stayed in bed pretty much.  My poor legs are so small.  The baby is awfully good in the day time but cries after her ten o’clock feeding.

July 31 Fri.  The baby howled from 10 until 2 to-night.  Jim is an old softie.  Keeps picking her up to see what is the matter.  I think it is just temper.

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