A Picnic Adventure


     As I sit here in bed I can feel the cool, refreshing lake More breeze with its lovely, soothing honey smell.

I am tired oh so tired and it doesn’t vanish at the thought of church parade tomorrow or the fact that my homework isn’t done & that my practising (sic) is simply isn’t.

To these things there surely must be some deadly weapon & there is.  We went down to Sunnyside today.  It was thrilling of course & we enjoyed ourselves very much but I still long for the roasted… (-so sorry, but the remainder of this sentence is completely illegible due to water damage.)


Wednesday May 12

I am sitting in the sun room thinking how beautiful is the amber sunset before me.  It is very quiet out for a city all the trees are still & only occasionally can I hear a bird chirping.

I have been busy writing poetry.  It is rather silly poetry so I won’t put it in here. I but if it is good enough I’ll put it in “Odds and Ends” when I finish it.

Our exams start on the 28th.  Happy thought.

The Guides had another church parade last Sunday & the minister preached on Mothers.  (for Mother’s Day)

Saturday June 6

A rainy Saturday nothing more detestable I don’t think.

We had planned to go to the farm for a swim in the Humber but alas with rain & cold our pastime was turned to lighter things such as paying cards & fighting.  First Marion’s mother turned the carpet so we wouldn’t get it dirty.  Imagine!  I was discusted.  (sic) you’d think we were two year olds.  Fist fighting came in & Betty got hold of Marion’s shoes.  Then Marion sat back & sulked while Bety made the shoes dance & then put them out in the rain.  Of course Marion was enraged & went to Helen’s veranda here soon dispersing because Billy was asleep & we were too noisy.

Last Wednesday Mr. Dance drove Helen A., Marion, Margee, Betty, & I out to the Huber (by their farm.)  We took our lunch & wore or bathing suits under our dresses.  After lunch we took a sunbath having been particularly not to go in till an hour should pass.  It seemed ages but when it finally did pass we swankered down to the river.  we plunged in and had a great time while the boys played ball.

After swimming, being thirsty Margee & Helen & I borrowed the boy’s bicycles & went to the farm to get a drink.  Coming back however we felt particularly gay & decided to ride along the country road for awhile.  It was awfully thrilling & exciting going up & down hills with over hanging willows, & maples or poplars making beautiful paterns (sic) on the road.  Escpecially (sic) going up a hill you didn’t know what was before you just as going around a bend.

Then suddenly all the beautifulness came to an end as Helen fell & I swerving out to miss her fell & cut my hand and knee.  They hurt terribly but of course it couldn’t have been something desent (sic) like breaking my ankle or something.  No body ever thinks anything of a cut knee but if you have a broken ankle its quite different.  But then I’m running off of my story.  When we reached the car Marion & Betty had gone to get our things & the boys were sprawled leisurly (sic) on the grass waiting for their bicycles.  We got a drink & then along came Marion & Betty.  They were both looking mad at each other & all Betty had was her bag while Marion had all our things besides the rug & hers.  Did I say all?  Not so.  Alas they had left my coat & towel behind.

I just stood there & looked.  My knee was awfully sore & to think I had to walk all that way back.  Well it was my turn to be mad & believe me I was.  I called them a few names but not having time to waste I started on.

Then Ross came up.  He said he’d ride me down the road to the field so I wouldn’t have so far to go.  Of course it was very kind of him and I appreciated it very much but why couldn’t it have been someone more romantic?

When we got there he offered to go down to the river with me and help me find my coat.  But I said no & went myself.  I found my coat, my towel, & Margee’s socks and saw something that wasn’t particularly nice so I wont’ record it.  Then I acted the fool & went up the other way to meet the car never thinking of Ross that Ross would be waiting for me.

Of course Mr. Dance was ready to go and I would have had to go back to get Ross had not George greatfullly (sic) offered to go after him on his wheel.

It certainly was an eventful day but I’m quite sure we all enjoyed it.       _________________________________________________________________________

We have had all our credits & I have passed in them all except Botany.  (I don’t know the result of it yet.)

(I forgot to record with the picnic that Betty lost her watch, but found it again.  Also earlier in the day at dinner time Betty tried on her last year’s belt.  It was terribly tight & poor Betty couldn’t get it off.  we were laughing so hard that we couldn’t assist & Betty grabbed for the knife but Helen came to & helped her before the deed was done.)

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  1. Still can’t get over the old-fashioned language. I am wondering if the Betty she talks about is “Aunt” Betty.

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