Poor Margee had to be Carried Home

Wednesday June 19 1935                                                                                                                                                  Well Elizabeth and Jack have both gone – Jack kissed me good bye, Jack Hodgins that is. Monday night I slept with Liz and I found out how she really feels about Jack. Knowing that I felt darn sorry for her having to leave but once Jack had gone she did not find it so hard.

Jack M. came over at one o’clock Tuesday afternoon and stayed till five and I’ll bet we didn’t get fifteen minutes geometry done. Pete came up and stayed most of the aft and “he’s not afraid to put his mouth in a dog’s hand.”

Elizabeth’s train did not leave till 11:20 p.m. and we all went down to the Union station to see her off. How I hate to see her go! I hope she comes back again but I’m afraid she won’t. To-day Jack M. came over early in the aft. but I sent him home and he came over later. I’m getting too darn fond of him. A letter came for Liz and the top part was not sealed very well so I stuck in a note from me and changed the address.

Thursday June 20                                                                                                                                                              This was the big day. Jack came over about 8:30 a.m. to borrow a protractor and so to school for the exam and what an exam. Mr. Milne’s pupil did not get along too well. I found out that he told Marion that he didn’t think I’d get my geometry. How right he was! To-night Margee and I went for a ride with Gord. We were sitting on the verandah afterwards and Ted and Jack M. came along. Did Jack make me mad! grrrrrrr

Sunday June 23

I believe this photo is the Runnymede Theatre, not the Lyndhurst.
I believe this photo is the Runnymede Theatre, not the Lyndhurst, but both theatres would have been similar in style.

Friday night Marion and I went to the Lyndhurst. Saw two smart pictures. Saturday night I went to see the doctor. He told me just what I thought he would. I’d be feeling fine after the summer. However he says that within the next 2 or 3 years I’ll lose my appendix. Something to look forward to.

At night Jack and Jim, Bruce, Marion and I took turns playing bridge. Si vales bene est, ego vales. (Your beloved editor had to google this one; it is Latin for “If you are well, I am well.”)

Tuesday June 25                                                                                                                                                        Yesterday Morley gave Jim the most awful picture of me in a bathing suit and he wouldn’t give it back. However he promised me he wouldn’t show it to Jack and only to anyone else with my permission. I walked over to the R. game with Jack, Windy, Jim, Morley, Margee and I had a wild time out on our verandah afterwards — so wild that poor Margee had to be carried home by the three of them. I got my picture back.

Sick again and Nora has put me on a diet. What fun I have swiping things behind her back! I’m in at Mrs. Taylor’s to-night playing cards with Margee and Mary. I was talking to Marg Beasley to-night, met her on the street.

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  1. Anne, I’m so glad that you, Glen, Barbara and Marilyn decided to publish your Mom’s diaries. I’m looking forward to more and am eagerly waiting for more of the Milnes!

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