Jack’s a Darn Devil

Thursday June 6 1935                                                                                                                                                       Last weekend was pretty dry.  Isabelle Chesterfield came out for supper Saturday night and we had a nice time talking over old times.  Sunday night Wilma & Dorothea and I went up to High Park Church and a walk after.  Monday, was June 3rd and I was sick all day. Monday night Albert came for me and we went sailing out over the Bay.  It was grand.  There was just four of us. Ed, the boy who owned to boat and his girl Claire -had popcorn and ice cream afterwards and got home about 12.  Jack M. was away for the weekend. Wednesday night Ewan MacTavish from Seaforth took me to the show.  We saw “Royal Cavlcade” and “Folies Bergere”.  Both good pictures.  To-night I played tennis.  Art wasn’t there.

To-morrow is the big day.  We find out what exams we have to try.  Mine are so uncertain that I don’t know how I shall ever get up the nerve to look at that list.  To-day I was out skipping with Jim and Doris. Also playing cribbage with Pete.  Elizabeth has gone to Seaforth.  It’s lonesome without her.  What shall it be like when she goes home?

Tuesday June 11                                                                                                                                                                          Went for a walk with Wilma to-night. Met George Rulman.  It’s funny he sat across from me all year in school and I just got interested in him now.

Thursday June 13                                                                                                                                                                        I spent the afternoon out in the yard playing double solitaire with Jack M.  We did a little bit of geometry.  Jim did a swell imitation of Abby which amused me last night Jack and Marion and I went to the Ratakin game.  Jack absolutely ruined a pair of my stockings (they only had 3 runs in them to begin with) He pulled a thread and cut them almost in half consequently I had a time of it getting home.  However I got an ice cream cone out of him and Marion knocked it out of my hand and so I got another out of her.  It was a great night and Jack’s a darn devil.  We’ve got a bet on and he has to kiss Marion with me as witness.

Monday June 17                                                                                                                                                                To-day Jack came over and tried to help me with my geometry but Liz and I had been fooling around up stairs (Mickey Mouse legs & dances) and I was in too good a mood and I’d just laugh at him every time he’d try to explain everything. So I heard his memory work and got blood all over his book. (I stabbed my finger with my compass).  Saturday Jack wanted me to go out to the farm for a swim but Marion wouldn’t go.  Saturday night Jack bought Marion and I a brick of ice cream and then said he had to study and went home. Margee came over afterwards and we talked.  Sunday Aunt Mill came out and Margee fooled around at night and read and sizzled on the verandah.

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