Saturday Night was spent Fighting

Sunday May 19 1935                                                                                                                                                                           We had a swell time at the show. Went into Diana’s afterwards and danced. Art is a swell person. Friday night Marion, Will, Margee and I played tennis and when we came home we played cards in at our place with Gord. P., Morley, and Jim Milne. Jim isn’t nearly as quiet as I thought he was and he is a darn nice kid.

A 1935 tennis player named Susan Noel.
A 1935 tennis player named Susan Noel.

Saturday I got up at 6 o’clock and went to down to the lake front with Helen, Marg and Nancy Smith, Royce and Cliff to play tennis. It was grand but slightly cool at times. Helen and I walked into the Parkdale Canoe Club and got a drink. A snooty place that.

In the afternoon I fooled around in Haugh’s backyard trying to write an essay for Margee & writing poetry on the sly. The boys were trying to fix the old car. I had told Jack that I had broken my ring again (he had fixed it again form me on Thursday night) just to see if I could get him mad (I really had not broken it) But he didn’t get the least bit mad just said he’d fix it another way so I had to tell him I was only fooling.

Saturday night was spent fighting & finally Marion and I ended up by playing bridge with Bruce and Jack. Bruce made me mad. Jack sure must be good natured to put up with him all the time. To-day I am so stiff I could hardly get out of bed. My right arm feels as if it is all swollen and I certainly can’t do anything strenuous with it.

Sunday May 26                                                                                                                                                                           It has been a glorious weekend. I was to have gone out to Norval but complications arose. However I really have had a swell time in the city (or out of it) Thursday night I went up to play tennis with A.Y.  Art walked home with me and we are going to have a game of tennis together next Monday.  Friday I went out to the farm with the Dances’ plus of course Jack. We met Jim & Morley & Poole out there and took some pictures. It was a grand day. After supper we played bridge (Jack, Bruce & Marion) with interference from the family.

Saturday afternoon was spent in Walker’s back yard, sitting in the sun, knitting & looking at movie magazines. Incidentally Grace told Wilma that I thought Art liked me but he was really crazy about her. That was before he took me out –Is that a laugh.

Saturday night Marion & I bought a pineapple and Wilma & Jack helped us eat it. Sunday the family went for a picnic & Marion. She had her camera and we took a lot of dumb pictures.

Thursday May 30                                                                                                                                                                     Last night Jack, Marion & I and Margee went over to the park to see the Ratakin (not sure of the handwriting here) ball team play. To-night I went up to play tennis with A.Y.  Art and Ralph Day walked home with me.  Got teased about Rolly.  Went down to the drug store and got a drink.  Coming home eating ice cream cones we met Glen M. (Milne) He really spoke  to me. And I got razed about him. Jack came out of Dances while we were talking. I was praying that he would not come over and he didn’t. (Mirabile dictu)

Isabelle Chesterfield phoned while I was out I phoned her back and she is coming our for supper Saturday night.

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  1. Kimberley forwarded Bernicesjournals address and I’ve spent the whole afternoon reading and catching up on all the episodes. Anne, you’ve done a terrific job. Have enjoyed this immensely and am now anxiously awaiting the next instalment. Interesting what we’re all learning about the family and the times!

    1. So glad you are enjoying it. She is rather entertaining isn’t she? Love the references to the Milne family too.

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