I’m Sort of Scared

Thursday May 2 1935                                                                                                                                                              It seems impossible for me to get any home work done to-night.  Interferences from across the street.  Jack & Bruce have a great big flash light and they keep flooding it over here & just for spite I turn off the light and then I don’t get any homework done.  Bruce won $21 at the Camera Club & he has to make a speech (sic) to-morrow.  I think they are composing it. I set Marion’s hair to-night for her and have yet to set Mother’s and learn my geometry and latin.

Tuesday May 7                                                                                                                                                                      Roberta_1935_movie_posterHave just been to see “Roberta” with Marion & Mrs. Dance.  A swell picture.  Well its stopped raining at last and its lovely and springlike out for a change.  Last Friday night Bruce, Jack, Marion & I played bridge.  Saturday night Margee, Marion & I fooled around. The boys couldn’t get the old car to go to take them out to Norval.  Sunday Marg Smith came out for supper.  It poured all day.  After supper Marg & I played solitaire.  Monday Marion & I went out to the farm – rained.  Marion & I had supper at our place and rushed off to the show but there was a big line up for second show so we didn’t wait.  I came home and settled down to homework when the telephone rang and it was Jack.  He wanted me to play bridge and of course I couldn’t refuse.  I should be rejoicing to-day.  Miss Stock stopped me in the hall and told me I got 68 in German comp.  Am I glad.

Sunday May 12                                                                                                                                                              Thursday night there was a social at A.Y. (closing banquet) and Art asked me to go to the Embassy with him on Wednesday night.  A pack from his office are going.  Friday night Marion, Jack, Well and I played bridge.  Saturday Nora and I housecleaned our room and put the mattresses out on the side veranda.  We spent the rest of the day lying out on them. Jack came over and fixed my ring. (Much to my surprise)  We watched them taking the boat down that Jack & Charlie made.  It sure is a swell boat.  It looks like one of these millionaire launches.

Wednesday May 15                                                                                                                                                                        I am just waiting for Art to come and get me.  The dance was called off and we are going to a show.  I’m sort of scared. Last Monday Coleman gave me his opinion of Grace & Helen which certainly isn’t much.  He said he had some extra tickets for a private dance at the Savorn (her handwriting is difficult to read here, ‘Savorn’ is a best guess, ed.) and told me he’d give me two if I’d get Art to go.  However I refused since I felt I did not know Art well enough.

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