I’ve Never had such a Wild Night

Monday April 22 1935                                                                                                                                                                   Have just arrived home from C4th (Seaforth) where Elizabeth, Jack (Bernice’s brother), Mother & I spent Easter. We went up Friday morning.  School closed Thursday at noon. We had our second last exam Thursday afternoon. Betty C., Marion & Margee & I went over in the park. After supper Jack (Milne), Bruce, Marion & I played bridge.

Friday when we got to C4th we went on to Clinton to see Nana & the Counters.  Mr. Counter is pretty sick.  We are to have their cottage this summer at Bayfield.  Isn’t that marvellous?  Miracles never cease.

Saturday Jessie and I walked out to the country & sat on the bridge all day in the sun.  Jack & I were staying at Mrs. Chapman’s although Eileen was not home. sunday I went to United chuch in the morning with Mrs. Chapman & the Presbyterian at night with Jessie.  After that I went to see Aunt Jean & then to Devereaux.  They had a lot of company so Joan & I thought we’d go outside & her cousin Bruce came out and took us for a ride in his smart new car.  We went out and got Keith Sharpe (although Joan did not want us to) and brought him in to see Issy who was in Pete’s car with Ken Beatty.  Of all the crazy people, that Bruce takes the cake.  I’ve never had such a wild night in my life.  He finally drove me home.

Going home Monday we dropped in to see Eileen.  She wanted me to stay but I felt I couldn’t.  They have a lovely place there.

Saturday April 27                                                                                                                                                                                I have had the grandest Easter holdays. Tuesday afternoon we, Marion & I were playing skipping with Jack M. & Gord P. & Morley in Hough’s. Then we had a wild time in Haugh’s kitchen where Margee was baking. Even Jim M. (Milne) came in and we had a grand time acting crazy and generally getting in Margee’s way.

Tuesday night Helen, Marion & I went to the library and then played cards at our place with Jack Milne & Morley. Neither Morley or Jack hardly opened their mouths the whole evening.

Wednesday Mother & I went down town. I got shoes but I couldn’t get any stuff for a coat.  Wednesday night I went to a party at Kennedy’s. Art was there.

Thursday night I went roller skating with A.Y.. I had a grand time.  Art wanted to bring me home but there was a mix up about cars so I had to go in with somebody else. (sigh!)

This image is of Middle Road which eventually became the QEW.  A usable photo of Lake Shore Road circa 1935 was not available.
This image is of Middle Road which eventually became the QEW. A usable photo of Lake Shore Road circa 1935 was not available.

Friday, Margee, Betty C, Marion & I borrowed McPhee’s bicycles & went bicycling. we went thru the park & along the Lake Shore Road.  Then we got off & lay on the beach for a long time.  It was a grand day.  After supper Albert phoned up & wanted me to go out with him but I said I had another date. (what a fool I am) Grace also phoned & I told her I’d be busy!  Then I went over & helped Marion do the dishes.  Finally six boys – Gord Haugh, Windy, Morley, Jack Milne, George V. and Jack Alberts and Marion, Margee & I landed at Haugh’s and we played cards.  We had a smart time.  Windy lost his hat and spent half an hour looking for it –Marion & I did some chiselling.  The best way to pep up a game is to start doing that — take it from me.

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