Miracles Never Cease

Monday March 25 1935                                                                                                                                                                    .     Last Thursday night I went to A.Y. What a speaker. Grace or Albert were not there. Friday night I went to play night at Humberside. Helen pretty good. Saturday afternoon Margee & I & Marion went walking. It was the most gorgeous. I just had a blazer on & I was hot. Saturday night Marion, Jack & I played bridge in the kitchen. I heard some awful thumping overhead & here it was Bruce & Jim practicing for the “Follies”. Some of the kids dropped out. They are going to put it on at “Amateur Night” at the Runnymede Theatre. Of all the people in the world those are the last two that I would have thought would do that. Miracles never cease.

Sunday March 31                                                                                                                                                                   .     Amateur night at A.Y. on Thursday – not so hot. Albert walked home with me.  FlirtationWalkFriday night Marion & Helen & I went to see “Flirtation Walk” -not bad. Saturday Mother & I went down town -just looked around. Have decided to remodel my old blue coat instead of getting a new one. Jack wanted us to play bridge Saturday night but Bruce said he had to study so it was called off. Met Miss Stock twice on street car. Got a letter from Jessie.

Sunday April 7                                                                                                                                                                      Have been studying hard. Did not go to A.Y. on Thursday. Saturday night Jack & Marion & I played bridge. Snowy’s gone for good I guess. He’s been gone for two weeks to-day. How we miss him! Sunday April 14 Have been studying hard. Last night Marion, Jack, Bruce & I played bridge. This afternoon Helen & Marion & I went for a walk. A beautiful day. We’ve decided to start a tea room & dog kennels & farm.

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