He spoke to me for the first time

Saturday Jan 26 1935                                                                                                                                                         Last night the Hodgin’s Family threw a party.  At first we were just going to have the Wilson family out & ourselves, then we invited Kay Stewart & Jim Scott and we didn’t have enough girls so we invited Helen & Nancy S., also Elizabeth.  We played cards & danced & ate.  Had met Doug & her before but not Bob.  They are all swell kids.

Monday Feb 18                                                                                                                                                                         I’ve been feeling rotten for the last couple of weeks but have kept on going to school.  However I was sick in school this morning & thought I’d never get home at noon.  –eyes. Slept most of this p.m. & feel punk.  I had a nice week-end though.  Marion wanted to know what I was doing at noon & we decided to go to a show since Helen S. & Marg Hough were both going out. However we didn’t see any show on that we wanted to see & since everybody was going out to Dance’s we decided we’d play double solitaire.  However Jack Milne & Bruce were there & after much humming & hawing around on the part of Bruce we got them to play bridge.  Jack’s a swell kid & so is Bruce.  Expecting to have a very boring evening & had a swell time instead.

Saturday night Marion & I had decided to go up to the library when Margee phoned & wanted us to play bridge.  We said we would but she couldn’t get a fourth so she said her mother would play.  However Marion had told me that Bruce & Jack would play bridge with us again after we went up to the library so I managed to call it off.  Every time I see Jack I him better, ditto with Bruce.  Much better than playing bridge with Windy & Morley who snubbed us Friday night.  Bruce took the smartest picture of Jim & he’ll take my picture for 50 cents.  I found out that Jim (Jim Milne, Jack’s older brother) is going on 20.   (hands – Tiny & kisses – Uncle Jack & Gramma Bernice). (Editor’s note; I am unsure of her handwriting here and can only assume she is referring to jokes that were made during their bridge games.)

Thursday night Marg Bouchon, Marion & I went to the Rutakin (spelling?)hockey game & the R’s won at last 1-0.  Then I went to AYPA (I’ve started  AYPA at St. Martin’s) with Marg and Marion came home with Jack Milne.  Monday night I went to a social at St Pat’s & Here_is_My_Heart_PosterSaturday night Marion & I went to see Bing Crosby in “Here is my Heart”.  Friday night Liz and Marg H., Marion & I went tobogganing.  The first time we went down we had a grand spill & I was thrown into a snow drift.  When I worked my way up for air everybody was standing around laughing at me. I was so covered with snow that all they could see was two holes for my eyes.

Saturday I met Jim M. on the street & he spoke to me for the first time, or rather I spoke to him.

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    1. Hi Marg, His name was Jim Milne. I’m glad you like the pictures –I wish I had more of her from this period of time.

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