Home Again & Back to School

Thursday Aug 30 1934
Mother & Dad & Jack came up. Played tennis with Grieve.  What a game!  Had a fight with Joan.
Friday Aug 31
Went to Kincardine for Nora.  Got stung by a bee.  Met Isabelle.  Had supper by the lake on the way home.  Drove down Bruce Beach to see the Rosses but they had left.
Saturday Sept. 1
Very sore leg – swollen.  -Knitted.  Was supposed to hitch hike but it was a rainy day so we couldn’t.  Also leg was too sore.

Sunday Sept 2
Went to Presbyterian church with Nana in the morning.  Joan & I went down to Jessies’s in the afternoon.  Mother & I went to church – Anglican – at night – Joan & I up to Soup’s.
 Keith Sharpe came home.  Norman Chesterfield, Joan, Morley, & I sat on the verandah, waiting for Isabelle to come home.  (out with Ken) Morley got the car for awhile.
Tuesday Sept. 11
Home again & back to school!  Extra period every night – in Melbournes’s room.
Saturday Oct 29
Haven’t written here so long that there is a terrible lot to say.  Elizabeth Jones is living out here with us now.  She is swell & really livens up the house.  Since I came back from C4th (Seaforth) I have had Marg Smith, Frank Grieve, out for supper also Jim Scott, Jack Rankin, and R. Hawkins have been here. Stan sent the pictures he took & they are awful.  Have been sleeping with Liz the last few nights as Granma came down & brought some people down (Aletha & Harold) who proceeded to park in our house for the rest of the week.  Thank goodness they are gone.  Helen & I went down to the Eaton Aud.  last Saturday to see “As You Like It”.   Sign of the Cross 1932Last night we went to the Parkdale & saw “Hide Away” & a revival of  “The Sign of the Cross”.  Got home after one & was locked out.
Tuesday Nov 13
Gave my oral this morning.  Bell rang when I was half way through – not as nervous as usual.  This afternoon final rugby game. Our Juniors against North Toronto.  Score 6-5.  Rain & snow.  Saturday night Helen & Margee & I went up to Windy’s.  Morley & Gord Poole there. Had a big row with Windy but he apologized later.  Yesterday Helen & I went to a Dramatic Club meeting after school.  Didn’t get home till 6 o’clock.  Read parts.  Helen is director of the Ranger play.  Went to a French picture & could understand only one sentence.
Fall Exams 1934 – 4B
Eng comp 60                                 Lat Auth 63
Eng Lit 80 (highest in form)  Lat Comp 75
Geom 54                                         French A. 70
Am Hist 87                                     French C. 59
Germ A 61                                      P.T. 80
Germ C 59
Percent 68 and standing 13 in class of 43.

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