This Town is so Dead

Saturday Aug 4                                                                                                                                                                           .     Got up and spent the day on the beach. (Little man you’re swearing)  Walked up to the pav (pavilion) with Stan after supper.  Crick & Soup & I ate some buns & so to bed.  Tom Sills came in after we got into bed, broke a glass & lay down on Dolly’s bed and went to sleep.  Joan & Hamilton & Alice went out with the orchestra boys Eve & I met on the road.  One of them wanted to know where the blonde was they met.  Hamilton said it was Isabelle but I’m sure it was me because they couldn’t have seen Isabelle as she walked right on and I was talking to them.

Sunday Aug 5                                                                                                                                                                                   I should like to meet the orchestra boys.  They are just a bunch of high school kids from St Thomas. One is only 14.  I’m writing this down on the beach sheltered by a bush from the wind.  Every body but Crich & I have gone to church.

Monday Aug 6                                                                                                                                                                                         .     The orchestra boys came over last night. They are funny kids.  Marg Crick walked in on us.  They had to leave early for St. Thomas. We ended up eating marshmallows (roasted) over at the boy’s tents.  Pat and Isabelle went to the midnight dance. Stan wanted me to go but I wouldn’t.  I broke a lamp chimney – fell down stairs.  The boys left this afternoon – chocolate cake – It seems lonely without the boys camp.  The kids are going to the dance to-night.  I don’t know whether I’ll go or not – Dolly seems to have deserted us. Ken Beatty came out in the car & brought his cousin, Tom Sills and Stan, so I went to the dance after all.

Wednesday Aug 8

"This town is so dead."
“This town is so dead.”

Soup and Aggie (Helen Crick) went home on Monday. Dolly was gone so the rest of us were left to clean up the cottage – broke another lamp chimney – spent the day on the beach – Had a swell meal about four in the afternoon.  Frank came up and said he’d been  talking to Mrs. Forth – they had just moved in & we were just moving out.  Jim is coming later.  I hope he comes over to Seaforth to see me. Another reason why I hated to leave.    Edward & Mrs. Devereaux brought Isabelle, Joan & I home.  Dr. Ross was out for Pat, and Helen & Alice.  Had supper at Aunt Jean’s.  Mother is here.  Was talking to a gang of the camp kids in front of Devereaux’s.  Went for a drive with Box & Sharpe, Joan & I.  Picked up Mary M. & Jim Chuff.  — Disgusted with Mary.  Camp is over & this town is so dead & I didn’t see Jim but I had a swell time.  Van told Stan he must be hard up. –what a crack.

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  1. Hi Annie, You are doing great work with the blog. Find it hard to believe that this is our Mom! ” Got home at 3:30 AM “? All the grief we took over being out too late. She must have been doing something naughty and thought we we would be doing the same!
    One has to realize that this is 1934, the hieght of the depression! Her life sounds pretty tough to me. Let’s see? Go to the show, dance, or ice cream? Her Dad was a dentist, so I guess he had work through the depression and could fund all this. I compare this to my spending my summers working in the lime kilns at Cyanamid! My camping days were over! Cheers, Gunny

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