I’m 18 and he’s too young for me

Bayfield Tuesday July 24 1934                                                                                                                                                    Bayfield Harbour 1910Have moved to camp.  Last nite (sic) was a wild night for all concerned.  Went riding down to pier in Mackellar’s truck and Mrs. Chapman & Mrs. Scott saw us.  Went to pav (pavillion) and swimming off pier afterwards.  Some night. Hamilton took us for a ride in McKellars truck at noon.  Like cottage very much.  Pat going out with Charlie.  Spend time swimming.

Thursday July 26                                                                                                                                                                    .     Last night went up to the pav. (pavillion) intending to go in but such a crowd I changed my mind.  I bunged up the works between Helen Crich, Dru & Grieve.  Finally landed home with Crich, Grieve and Van Bell.  They didn’t go home till 1:30.  McKellar and Rankin were tight and the kids had a lot of fun watching them.  To-day Soup and Joan & I went to Seaforth with Sharpe (Keith) took Tom Sills in and brought Ken Beatty out.  Had a hard time getting the car to go & spent the short time chasing around town in slacks.  We invited the boys from the tent over for the evening as its a dull rainy day.

Saturday July 28                                                                                                                                                                    .     Writing this down on the beach with Joan beside me reading the funnies.  There’s a very cold wind to-day but we found a nice sheltered spot and are getting warmed up. This morning about 8:30 Sharpe and Beatty and Dru dropped in on us on the way to Seaforth, also Mary & Jean McIver and Peg Case.  We were awake but still in bed.  Hamilton & Alice & Soup went to Seaforth with them. It was terribly cold but we managed to get up and get some breakfast.  Last night Helen Crich, Joan, Van Bell, Frank Grieve, Keith Sharpe & I had a marshmallow roast.  Lots of fun but very cold.  (Van) Bell is only 15 and has never gone out with any girls before.  I’m 18 and he’s too young for me.  He asked me what I was doing to-night and I changed the subject.  He’s all right but I don’t really like him and every time I go near the camp they all start yelling, “Van, here’s Berny.”  I don’t want to turn him down so I’m in sort of a mess.

Sunday July 29                                                                                                                                                                       .    Marie Dressler is dead — war has broken out in Europe (Austria) – Dillinger has been caught – poor Cricket is a sick as a dog – Van & Ted & Mac Southgate were sick at the boys camp and they had to take Ted home.  Last night Crich told a little white lie for me and I got out of going with Van.  Pete, Dru, Ken Beatty, and Grieve came over & Crich and I were left to entertain them.  Ken left and I went after him and told him to take the rest of the crowd home.  He’s a swell kid and Hamilton went & walked out on him.  I wish he’d take me out but he calls me the “Duchess” and teases me about Van so I guess there’s no hope.  Tom Sills came in & ate all our chocolate cake & then went up to the pav. (Pavillion) for Hamilton and left me flat with Grieve & Crich.  I was mad.  I went to bed and was wakened up three times.  Also moved from Isabelle’s bed.

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