Three Boys came along in a Car…

Sunday July 8 1934
…..I’m up in Seaforth now trying to get up a camp.  But it’s pretty hopeless.  A lot of the kids are backing out and we can’t get anybody to chaperone us.  However I’ll have a week out at Chapman’s anyway.  Joan and I were playing tennis with Stan and the new ministers son. Doug came over & was talking to me at the Catholic church garden party and he asked me up to play tennis.  The first Saturday night I was here he wanted me to go out with him but we (Margee & I) had told Liz and Jack that we were going to bed and had sneaked out the back door so that’s what they told Doug.

Wednesday June 11
…..Camp looking up. We’ve got Dolly Carlon for chaperone and we are raking the town for kids to go.  We will have to take some younger kinds.  Mad at Doug.

Bayfield July 17. Tuesday
…..I’m out at Chapman’s and Scott’s cottage now and having a grand time (very sunburned) I came out Saturday night in the Devereaux car (Tom Sills driving) Sunday Peggy Reynolds came down.  (She was staying at the hotel and has gone back now.)  After supper Soup Forthgate and I went cottage hunting.  We decided on Deer Lodge and Monday morning I looked over Boxe’s at $12 a week and decided on it.  We have yet to find out whether we can have it or not.  Soup’s coming out to-morrow.  The water has been terribly cold also the land.  Went in on Sunday and that has been all.

…..Resorted to pulling peddles (sic) off a daisy to find out whether “he” loves me. –he does.

…..The lady next door was asking me where I lived in Toronto & I said Pacific Ave. and she said she knew a Dr. Fowler who used to live there at 52.  Funny world.  Small (very).

…..We spent the afternoon out on the pier getting burned up to-day.  I was going to jump off the diving board but it was too cold. (the water)

Bayfield June 19

This is a photo from our family archives.  It is Bayfield, but much earlier than 1934.  Bernice may be one of the children in the picture.
This is a photo from our family archives. It is Bayfield, but much earlier than 1934. Bernice may be one of the children in the picture.

Went in swimming three times yesterday.  Twice off the pier.  Got a card from Lloyd as he promised and to-day I sent he and Betty one – Betty’s for her birthday.  Last night Jessie and I had a hamburger –very good.  We went down on the pier after and three boys came along in a car.  Two from Clinton and on from Detroit.  First they offered us cigarettes and then beer which they had in the car.  They said they were just out for a good time.  They wanted to take us to the dance but we wouldn’t go.  We had fun with them.  Went swimming this morning – very cold and we had a thunderstorm.

Saturday July 21st
…..My birthday (18) and I’ve been sick all day.  Didn’t eat any dinner and they all say I’m homesick but I’m not.  I didn’t get and mail from home but didn’t expect it. Got a letter from Betty.  I sent her a card and apparently she got it too soon.  It’s a rotten dull day. I’m supposed to have a date with Charlie Ferguson to-night and Eileen with Fred Weston but don’t know whether it will come off or not. Eileen and Jessie and I got caught “Sking”* down on a fisherman’s boat Thursday afternoon by Don & Hank.  It was a beautiful day yesterday and the water was the nicest its been since I came out here.

…..Mary McIver was out and says the kids are making a great fuss out me getting Boxe’s cottage instead of Deer Lodge.  After all the trouble I went to.  I’m disgusted.  They don’t know what’s good for them.

*Editor’s Note; I do not know what she meant by “Sking”.  I could be misreading her handwriting, or she could have misspelled something.  I doubt if she meant skiing as it was a fisherman’s boat.  

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