I’m writing this in a “Place of Places”

Sunday May 20 1934                                                                                                                                                            .     Have had the grandest weekend.  Friday after school Margee & I knitted (Incidentally I’ve ended the sleeves with 60 stitches and have to rip it all out.)  After supper Margee, Betty Harnell & Marion & I played tennis and when it got too dark we went down to the Greeks & had sundaes.  Then we went for a walk & visited Betty’s aunt and she wanted to give us a lemon drink on top of the sundaes but we “just couldn’t take it”.   Saturday Mrs. Hogan took me down to see “The House of Rothschild” a swell picture (George Arliss is going to get knighted for it).  Lunch in the Honey Dew afterwards & then shopping.  She’s a dear, she insisted on buying me a box of candy before we came home & she’s promised me a trip across the lake for the summer time.  It’s nice to have somebody take you places.  Mrs. Speare & she are both so good to me.  After supper I went to a lesson (what a lesson!) and then played tennis.  Elizabeth came out to-night. It sure is a hot day.

Wednesday May 23                                                                                                                                                               .    Played at the recital last night.  Made an awful mess of things (so did Jean for which reason she wouldn’t play the duet with me – was I mad after all that practising (sic) – so Ruth & I played it and got along fine.)

Friday May 25                                                                                                                                                                              I’m writing this in a “place of places”.  At Nobles farm in the kitchen.  We came out here yesterday morning – Ruth, & Marion Farthering, Marg & Helen Smith, Marg Brown and myself on the bus and we’ve been having the grandest time ever since.  We moved all the beds of the old farmhouse into one room and lit the fire and were swell and cosy.  We walked to the village about seven times.  This morning Ruth went home and the rest of us put on our bathing suits and had a sun bath (by rights Helen & I and Marg should be at school).  I am just waiting for Helen to come back from the village with weiners and then we are hiking along the river and back to the old farm house.  The country around here is beautiful.

L.M. Montgomery's home,  1933
L.M. Montgomery’s home, 1933

L.M. Montgomery lives in Norval and I was disappointed in her house.  I haven’t seen her yet but we expect to see her in church on Sunday.

Saturday May 26                                                                                                                                                                           .      3 o’clock day light saving time and I am reclining in a deck chair on the lawn in front of the house waiting for Helen & M.B. to return with Dora, Eileen Lawson & Marg Sinclair (Pen ran out).   We had quite an eventful hike yesterday.  Met a swell (devastating) looking boy named Ed Hoare and his two dogs.  He was hunting.  We took his picture and then he sort of stuck around so we had to invite him to stay for supper.  We are going to send him his picture.  Last night Helen, M.B. & myself went into Norval for chocolate bars. (Swiping milk & fisherman on the bridge and garden) and this morning Helen & I had a swell time paddling around the river in Mr. P.’s canoe.

Monday May 28                                                                                                                                                                      .     Well I’m home again & it’s not much fun.  We came home on the 10 o’clock (standard time) bus.  We had to wait for the 3rd bus and even then it was so crowded I had to sit on Marg’s knee all the way home.  Saturday night did some shopping at Norval and then had to sleep 3 in a bed.  Sunday morning we went for a breakfast hike.  We came home early on purpose to go to L.M. Montgomery’s church so imagine how mad I was when a lady told us that they were having church at Union that Sunday.  So I didn’t see her after all but I saw her son who is sort of a sap.  We went swimming both Saturday and Sunday and we had Sunday dinner out on the lawn. You should have seen us hiking along the road to Norval at 9:30 (St. T.) with all our luggage the poor bus driver nearly had a fit when he saw it all.  He asked us why we didn’t charter a bus.  There were just ten of us.

Smith’s have got a dog about the size of a flea.  Got an invitation to Peggy’s graduation to-day.

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