I am a Real Invalid

Monday April 23 1934                                                                                                                                                                        Well I had a great time of it yesterday.  I felt pretty rotten on Saturday and Sunday about one o’clock I got the most terrible pains.  Boy I thought I was passing out.  Dr. McIntire came about 6:30 and another doctor came about 8.  They decided it was appendicitis but I wouldn’t have to be operated on me (sic) just now.  He came again at noon to-day.  (Doc McIntire)  He said that he didn’t get me last night but he’d get me yet.  Wasn’t that cheerful of him?  He actually said I could have something to eat and if that stayed down I could have a good supper.  I sure was starved.  Nothing to eat since yesterday morning. I feel a lot better now since I had something to eat.  It’s still a bit painfull (sic) to walk but otherwise I feel pretty good.  I have a latin exam to-morrow.  The doctor said if I felt o-kay to-morrow I could go for but otherwise to stay home.  6 more exams besides that this week.   Mrs. Speare sent me over a beautiful bouquette (sic) last night and Aunt Mill brought me some marvellous (sic) sweet peas.  Also have some snow drops from from the back yard.  I am a real invalid.  Two doctors and flowers.  Kitty is a the bottom of the bed.  Helen came down this afternoon for some latin sentences She has to go to a practise (sic) for “Lord Simcoe” again to-night.  I have become quite an important figure all of a sudden.  My temperature hasn’t gone down yet.

Got a letter from Joan the other day – very prompt for her.  (I lost it before I read it and then found it again)  Also got one from Jim on Friday – says he stopped school.

Wednesday April 25                                                                                                                                                                 Am back at school again plugging at exams.   Have written 3.  Lat comp and two Germans.  Made some silly mistakes.  Don’t feel very good.  I sure get babyed (sic) around the house now.  It’s funny.  Bed at 9 a.m. sharp. (sic)

Thursday April 26                                                                                                                                                                        .   History – awful.  French Authors a bit long but not too bad.  Had a few pains to-day.

Saturday April 28th                                                                                                                                                               .    Has been very cold.  We had snow yesterday.  All the Abells came over for dinner yesterday.  Most of them left for the farm about 12:30. Helen is going to board at Campbells.  I went over and helped her sweep the house up after school. Our exams weren’t bad.  Latin authors and Lit.  Got history marks. 5 8 and latin 63.  The two things I depended on to get good marks in I flunked in.  Felt very tired to-day.  I’m supposed to take a lesson but I think I’ll call it off.  Nana has gone up to Aunt Edith’s for the week-end.

Monday May 2                                                                                                                                                                              .    Marvellous day.  The most spring-like yet.  Algebra this morning – terrible.  Got the afternoon off and Helen & I went for a walk over in the park.  I got 73 in Latin Authors.  Grace phoned to-night.

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