Easter Sunday was a very drab sort of day…

Thursday March 29 1934                                                                                                                                                    .     Well isn’t this nice.  The beginning of the Easter Holidays and lots of snow. (Let’s go ski-ing) and nothing doing.  I had fond hopes of going up to Seaforth with Anna & her boyfriend but he isn’t going up now & Anna is going by train so that lets me out.  Elizabeth is singing in the Easter chorus down at the Imperial.  Helen & I and Nora went up to the library to-night and Helen came in afterwards.  The cat was badly abused by Morley & he knocked the lamp over.  Lucky the chair was there.  We had coffee & ginger bread and decided that to-morrow afternoon we’re going to (Helen & I) write for a tennis permit and we have to have about 20 names so I suggested the boys & call it the “Pacific Tennis Club”.  I hope they don’t all come though I suppose we’ll have to tell them we put their names down.

Friday March 30                                                                                                                                                                      .     Went to church in the morning.  Helen and I wrote for an application for a tennis permit in the afternoon also to Campbells soup for tickets for their programe.  Went to church again at night.  Helen & I are considering cleaning chickens to-morrow.   “Fellow inmates” –nearly put the class to sleep and ______ finished the job.

Monday April 2nd                                                                                                                                                                  .       Saturday was a very dull day.  After supper Nancy, Nora, Helen and I went after Easter Lillies.  After which Helen and I tried to puzzle out “Die Woche”.  It was a lot of fun.

Easter Sunday was a very drab sort of day and didn’t seem the least like Easter Sunday.

Sunnyside Easter Fashion Parade 1934
Sunnyside Easter Fashion Parade 1924

They broadcasted the fashion parade from Sunnyside.  I went to our church in the morning and High Park Church at night with Helen who was all decked out in Easter finery.  Mike and Morley went to Seaforth at 8 Sunday morning & I wanted to go but Mum didn’t think much of the idea of my coming back with the cattle.  So that was off.

Got a letter from Joan on Saturday. About time. Apparently my letters have had a very good effect on two cases.

11:15 and everybody in bed but me.  Helen & I went to the show and had a long drawn out talk out in front (we were both nearly frozen).  She told me a few shocking things about some people then when I got in the house Mother told me that she had phoned Mrs. Campbell & that she told Mother that Mr. Moon had told her (get it?) that Mother had said to him just to ignore the letter he had got from Dad and that Dad had said that he hadn’t meant the letter at all but the other men had made him write it.  I simply cannot understand that man.  Dad hasn’t seen or heard from him since he sent the letter & Mother didn’t say anything of the kind.  Well we won’t go to the affair on Thursday night & Mother’s going to phone up Mrs. Dr. Campbell & give her the low down & Mr. Moon will likely be asked to resign his position in the Huron Old Boys sooner or later & the sooner the better. Here Helen & I were quite disgusted with how uninteresting everything has been & its all turning out quite exciting.

(the show was Janet Gaynor in “Carolina”)

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