See how much Chizzling you can do Without Getting Caught

Sunday March 18th 1934                                                                                                                                                                       I haven’t written in this book for so long that I ought to have a lot to say.  To begin with last Friday night I was in at Mrs. Taylor’s and the kids got this book & my German reader mixed up with some other books and put them in the book case.  Consequently they were lost for awhile.  Incidentally Mary & Joan between them smashed a china table lamp, a glass and Joan sat on Mrs. Taylor’s knitting needle and broke it.  Great fun.  On Sunday Elizabeth came out.  I went to school Monday (we got off at 2 because of someone’s death) the next 3 days I stayed at home, felt perfectly rotten and went back on Friday. Helen S. did the same thing.  Had to hand in an essay on “My Choice of Profession” -social service work. ahem!  Got 6 out of 30 in another algebra test and we had a history test.  Tests are good for (you)-yah-see how much chizzling you can do without getting caught.

Friday night Jack and I upheld the honour of the Hodgins family by going to the CSC. Morley didn’t want to go and Nora was sick.  It was held at Mrs. MacGammond’s on Oriole Parkway.  What a marvelous house!  Two or three bathrooms and a maid answers the door.  Chuck wasn’t there and neither was the French boy.  Half-Moon was and was there a row? Dad wrote him a letter and he was supposed to disband.  Instead of that he collected the fees first without saying anything about the letter.  Jack and I and June MacCreath (whose father made her resign) were about the only ones didn’t pay fees.  They collected $7.50.  I’m afraid Mr. Moon is going to get into serious trouble.  The two people that I really don’t like now are June and Malcolm.  I actually had two dances with Max and quite a few with Jack McFarlane.  I went and wore my evening dress and half of the kids that wore evening dresses before were there in sports dresses.  Well anyway we can’t go next time so I won’t have to worry about what I’ll wear.

s0071_it10161Last night I was going to do homework but Helen S phoned and she and Margee and I went up to the library.  It just began to pour rain and of course we got caught in it.  Went into Haugh’s after and played court whist.  Grace phoned yesterday.  This morning I was so surprised when I looked out and the ground was covered with snow. Disgusting  and I didn’t go to church either.  Have finished Stalky and co. by R. Kipling.  Great book.

Helen S. and I have decided to go to Europe.  The date isn’t quite settled upon yet.

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