Makes One Proud of One’s City

Tuesday March 6, 1934                                                                                                                                                           .royalyork1       Had an aud. (sic) this morning to celebrate Toronto’s centenary year.  Lasted from nine to eleven.  Some speeches, two plays and some dances.  Do you know that Humberside is the biggest collegiate in the Br. Empire, that the Royal York is the biggest hotel, that the bank of Commerce the highest building?  Makes one proud of one’s city to hear things like that.  Rose and I went down to Mr. Melbourne to-night.  Can you see any sense in a dizzy problem like this “Show that it is impossible to divide a line six inches in length into two parts such that the area of the rectangle untrained (unclear handwriting, ed.) by them may be ten sq. inches.”  Now I could have told him before I ever started the thing that it was impossible.  Anyone can see that.  Then to make matters worse I drew  Δ for a rectangle.  And he says “that’s your idea of a rectangle is it & walks away.  I was nearly finished it when the bell rang and was making a dash for the door when he caught me and asked me if I’d finished it and of course I had to say “no” and even though I told him I’d come back to-morrow night and finish it he made me go back and finish it then.  What a man!

Wednesday March 7                                                                                                                                                                  .        Went for algebra after school.  Very uninteresting day.  Nora pretty sick.  I hate McAllister more & more.  Miss MacIntosh is very sick.  She’s supposed to be in the asylum but I asked Pop and he said no one my that name had come in.  Mr. Wren says that its the kids fault that she’s in the condition she is.  She was never made to teach school.

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