Going Hollywood with Bing Crosby was Swell

Sunday March 4 1934                                                                                                                                                                  Somehow it doesn’t seem any time since we were having a great time out at Bayfield and here it is March.  I went swimming Friday.  I love swimming but I don’t like taking the after results such as two very sore legs and there (sic) still sore.  Old Gerty gave me a lecture about not standing up straight but even when I do she doesn’t give me credit for it so what’s the use?  Friday night just as supper the phone rang and there was Helen asking me if I wanted to go to the show.  Did I?  It had been raining like everything & the snow had melted and it was a bit slippery out so you can imagine just what kind of a night it was. Margee came with us and we went up on the street car.  When we got off it was just like standing in a big river but by doing some manovering (sic) and crawling over a car or two (along the bumper) we finally got into the show.  Sat in the show from 7:30 to one.  You see it was this way. smilin-through-norma-shearer-1932 We only wanted to pay a quarter so we got up there before 7:30 and we wanted to see the revival “Smiling Thro” with Norma Shearer so we had to stay till eleven because it didn’t start till then.  “Smiling Thro” was a beautiful picture and that other one “Going Hollywood” with Bing Crosby was swell too.   I went to my lesson yesterday and last night (again at supper) Margee phoned and asked me to go over to the church with her to some kid’s entertainment. Goinghollywood I didn’t want to go and neither did she but she had to take Boris and wanted company so I went.  After the concert Margee, feeling that we needed some kind of a revival, treated me to herself & me to an ice cream soda at the Greek’s.  I didn’t get in till eleven & since that was a good turn I guess my not going to church to-day won’t matter much.

Monday March 5th.                                                                                                                                                        Another aud. (sic) this morning and Miss McGonigal made us write a newspaper report on it.  The only draw back.  Our Sr. hockey basketball (pardon me) team won the city championship.  Hooray!  A marvellous (sic)day.  Spring sure has sprung.

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