If She can get him She’s Welcome to Him

Monday Feb. 26 1934                                                                                                                                                          .    Left out 21 lines in memory work this morning.  Just where yours truly gets an invitation to-morrow to “come up & see her sometime.”

 I      I got a letter from Jessie to-day.  She says “Edna Plant was down here a few weeks ago for supper and somehow or other we got talking about Merle Keating.  Edna asked me if she went around with some fellow by the name of Jim Forth when we were in Bayfield.  She said that Merle told her he kind of went around with Bernice but she really thought he liked her.  So you better be careful.”  A bit of a surprise.  I must admit he seems partial to redheads or sumpin‘ (sic) but if she can get him she’s welcome to him.  She also said “I went up to see Eileen a week ago.  She is terribly thin & pale and the doctor says she can’t go back to school till after Easter.  Poor Eileen.  I must write her.  I got a letter from Eileen she says “Joan hasn’t been up to see me I guess she doesn’t realize I exist anymore.  I never even hear anything about her anymore.  The last time I heard her name mentioned the person said she wondered what Mrs. Devereaux was thinking of to let Joan walk the streets the way she does.”  Small town gossip.  So there you are.  I can’t understand Joan after the way she marched around Eileen in the summer & then when Eileen gets sick not to even go near her.  Is she another fair weather friend?Toronto Steetcar

Thursday March 1st                                                                                                                                                                .     Just arrived home from a final hockey game.  Oakwood beat us 4 to 0.  Isn’t that awful? Will I get razed at the next meeting of C.B.C.  We got out at half past twelve.  I think I skipped German period.  Coming home the conductor said we had to get off at Dundas and get onto another car.  So we got off but instead of getting onto another car we walked home and saved three tickets.  Helen S. Margee and I.  It’s about time the T.T.C. got chizzled out of something.  This has been a swell week at school.  A hall on Tuesday, one on Wednesday afternoon for the Sr. oratorical finals, short periods today and believe-it-or-not Miss Lynch has been away and we’ve had the dumbest teacher in her place.  I’m quite sure he doesn’t know any latin.


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