I Want to Listen to Rudy

Rudy Vallee

Thursday Feb 8 1934

Terribly cold out 20 below.  If it wasn’t for my muff I think I’d just about pass out.  So far however the muff has saved the day.  That certainly was a most good buy. I have to say my oral on Monday.  Some fun eh?  I do dread it because I’m sure to make a fool of myself like I always do.  To-night there is a fire in the grate & the sitting room is very popular.  I want to go down and listen to Rudy but I don’t think even he can get me out of this cozy place.

Friday Feb 9                                                                                                                                                                              .     Still terribly cold.  I took my lunch to school to-day.  First time this year.  I’m glad I took it instead of buyng it.  What a line up.  I think the whole school stayed.  I’m in at Mrs. Taylor’s there’s a nice fire in the grate thank goodness.  Old Tammecock (spelling?) just about took off my head to-day.  Wouldn’t have been much of a loss.   You should see some of the crazy hats the boys are wearing to school. Oh well they serve the purpose.  One kid came with  (she did not finish this sentence)

Monday Feb 12                                                                                                                                                                       .     Last night the family, except the boys went to tea at the Mils.  Met some of my relations I’d never seen before.  I was terribly sick this morning. I just about thought I was going to pass out.  However I’m still here & feeling somewhat better.  Mr. Moon phoned the other day.  They’ve decided to form a Huron Old Boys Young People society.  A smart idea.  We are going to meet at Moon’s a week next Friday.  I was supposed to give my oral to-day & have missed it for the second time.  Is she going to (be) suspicious?  She’d better not take off any marks any ways because I  have been sick both times.

Wednesday Feb 14                                                                                                                                                               .     Valentines day but it doesn’t seem to mean much to me.  I went to school to-day & believe it or not (this one should really be sent to Ripley) Mrs. Lynch had a box of chocolates there & she treated the class to them.  Each had one!  Was I surprised!  & considering that I didn’t have my homework done.  Was my face red!  She’s a Catholic & I guess she doesn’t eat candy in Lent.  It must be something although it was very good of her to give them to us. Speaking of Lent reminds my that I’ve decided to go to church every Sunday in Lent.  I don’t think I’ll give up anything I’ve given up too much already. (please don’t ask me what ) I was informed by most of the class that I have to five my oral “the next time I appear in English class”  sounds as if she’s kind of mad.  Oh well I shall go & do a bit of explaining & everything will be smoothed over — I hope, am hoping & do hope.

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