Something Exciting for a Change, April 1931

Sunday morning (before breakfast)
April 19th – I must unload myself first about Grace.  Last Monday night coming home from Guides she was serious positively serious & told me a few thing about her father.  She never told us last winter that he had nuemonia (sic) & it wasn’t until Monday night that she told me.  Then she told me that her father (so the doctors told him) had only a few months to live.  It gave me an awful shock and made me feel quite different about her.
     Second – yesterday we went for a hike to the creek.  We had lots of fun & all fell in several times (especially Marian who afterwards went in wading up to her knees with her shoes & stockings on.)  We played ball & ate & explored & played with our “yo-yos” (the latest fad)

     Third – I must tell you what happened last night.  Something exciting for a change.
     The first scene is in our sitting room where Nora & I were reading before the fire.  The telephone rang & Nora answered it. “Its Helen” she said “she says there’s a man over there knocking on there (sic) door who won’t go away.  She wanted Jack (Bernice’s older brother would have been about 19 at the time) or Daddy to go over but since there (sic) out we’ll have to go.”
     Eager for adventure I jumped up & we both ran downstairs & out the front door.
     From the veranda we could see a man knocking on the front door so or curiosity rising we drew nearer to Abell’s.  The parlor light was on & presently Helen and Bob came to the window.
     “What’s the matter with him?” questioned Nora as Helen stuck her head out the open window.
     “Search me” said Helen “He’s been knocking there for ten minutes now and he’s been saying the strangest things, that’s why I’m not going to the door.”
     The man had evidently heard the conversation and came down the steps to where Nora was.
     He was dressed rather richly, was about thirty years old, and had a old thin knoted (sic) piece of cord around his neck.  As he approached her he held out the two ends of the rope.  “Tie this,” he said thickly, apparently wanted to hang himself on a thin piece of cord about a yard long.  Nora drew back & it was Helen who took the place.
     “Get out of here you big ham” she cried, in the roughest tone she could manufacture.  “Or I’ll lay off and sock you one.”
  “N-now just tie this please” he said holding the ends out to her.  It was then that Mr. and Mrs. Abell drove up in the car.
  “Dad make this big bozo get out of here ” called Helen to her father.
     The man, seeing the car in the driveway, tried to get Mrs. Abell to tie the rope & would not even go away at Mr. Abell’s commands.  This angered Mr. Abell & getting out of the car he punched the man onto the sidewalk & told him to go home.
     The man presently got into a car parked in front of our place & drove up the street.  Here he stopped & Helen and Grace & I going up later found him calmly smoking a cigarette.
Next week Bernice gives her opinions on all her teachers, reveals a crush on a boy, and gives her opinion on all of her teachers.

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