A Break for Yours Truly


Editor’s Note; So much of Bernice’s journals at this point in her life are about her high school life.  Attached is a photo of Humberside Collegiate, circa 1921.  It probably had not changed very much in 1934.  The architect was James Ellis, famous for his contributions to ‘the Junction’ region of Toronto.


Wednesday Jan 23rd 1934                                                                                                                                                         Jack smashed his toe at work.  Dr. says he can’t go back for a while he doesn’t know whether its broken as he can’t take an x-ray till the swelling goes down.                                                    Is broken.

Monday Jan 29th                                                                                                                                                                Went over to Anna’s and Elizabeth’s apartment Friday after school.  After supper Peggy Reynolds came down. I’ve promised to phone her as she won’t phone me. I stayed all night and came home Saturday morning.  I was very displeased with my dress but Mother fixed it over again and now it looks swell. Elizabeth is going to the Huron Old Boy’s with us.  I went to church yesterday.  Finished “Wuthering Heights” the end was much better than the rest of it.  To-day its just freezing out if it wasn’t for my muff I don’t know what I’d do.  We had a smart aud. (auditorium) this morning (illegible words) in Deutsch test.  I’d better get at my home work now as I have tons of English to do.

Tuesday Jan 30th                                                                                                                                                                   Had to read a part in Caesar to-day.  Started laughing and made a perfect mess of it.  In Algebra period Pills told me if I put the wrong thing down I’d come up after school and write it out 50 times.  Sweet little lad.  I already had the wrong thing down but I got it crossed out before he saw it. What a break for yours truly.  I had a perfectly terrible history test to-day.   He never tells us when there going to come.  Besides that he has the sweetest habit of coming down and standing right beside us.  I guess he think our intentions aren’t altogether honourable.  I worked hours trying to get my English finished up last night. Got it finished too. Mother didn’t get my shoes so I suppose I’ll be able to skip school and go down to-morrow afternoon.  I simply have to get a pair for the Huron Old Boys Dance.

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