School Blues

Sunday Feb 9th
I have not written in this for a long time in story or diary form.  I suppose one of the causes is the fact that I have had the flu and have missed 2 weeks of school.  Thus I have had to do a lot of extra homework.
At school, “all’s well” as usual.  I had a detention from Hatch the other night.  He gives me a pain now and seems to delight in making girls cry.  But he won’t make me.
I hate school now and I never want to do my homework or anything.  I doubt if I’ll pass next time.
I went down to Hart House to see the “Gondoliers” yesterday and enjoyed it very much.

Tuesday March 24th
We have all our exams over and are not doing much at school.  My marks are very discusting (sic) and there are only 2 that I am pleased with, art and algebra.
Composition 68
Literature 66
Geography 66
Algebra 90
Art 70
Botany 65
Latin 77
French 66
Gymn 68
History 68
Standing – 9   %70.5

I have decided that I hate Mr. Ford.  Of all the pains I took with my note book and wrote a page on nearly every city and then I only got 12 term marks out of 20 and Helen Abell got 18.  I won’t say that my writing’s better that hers (b I got higher marks on all my other note books but geography than she did.)  I took the trouble to do mine in red ink and all the other teachers gave me higher marks for my writing than they did her and then he went and gave me –illegible words- old pig.  If I get him in third for English I’m done for.  And how!
I’m beginning to steam my hair and its twice as curly although nobody seems to like it much.  At least they don’t say so.

Next week, Bernice, Nora and Helen have an adventures with a strange man on their street… stay tuned.

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