Isn’t that life for you?

Friday Jan 19th 1934
We had swimming to-day the water was grand.  Don’t feel any bad effects so far but will probably begin feeling to-morrow.  Mrs. Taylor phoned this afternoon and asked me to come in.  I said I would, not having been asked anywhere else.  After that the phone rang three times each time an invite for me to go out and I had told Mrs. Taylor I’d come in there. Isn’t that life for you?  After school Grace and I walked out Runnymede and did some shopping.  She sure can talk.  I can’t get a word in edgewise or any other way for that matter.  I intend to write up “camp” in this diary if I can so to help me I got some old letters from Margee.

Editor’s Note;
She did in fact write up “camp” in this diary.  Sadly, it is written on the pages with the water damage. From the legible bits, it sounds like she had a wonderful time.  Camp, to her meant something quite different than it does now. As near as I can tell, ‘camp’ meant several kids from different families staying together at a place called Deer Lodge in Bayfield.  One or two adults would act as chaperone, and it seems as though the kids were mostly of adolescent age.

Monday January 22nd
Saturday morning I took my lesson (piano). Yesterday Anna and Elizabeth came out for supper.  We had a lot of fun.  I’m going there next Friday.  Was sick in school this afternoon. The usual thing.  Roslyn and I went down to the medical room but Miss Thompson wouldn’t let her stay.  There was another girl down there.  At the end of the second period who should land in but Helen Tenute and Ruth Scott.  It’s a small school after all.  We had a regular reunion.  Helen had a tooth ache and Ruth had cramps or sompin’. (sic) We got a big laugh out of Helen’s story about her mother although it was an awful thing. Mrs. Tenute had a tooth ache so she went to the dentist.  It was before she got married I guess.  Anyways the crazy sap went and pulled every one of her top teeth without gas or freezing. She just about passed out. He was tight. (drunk) She sued but that wouldn’t bring back her teeth.  That struck Ruth and I as funny although it sure wasn’t.  We laughed so hard we thought sure Miss Thompson would come in and send us back to our classrooms.

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