In a Pickle January 1931

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The following story is also true with a little exagerration.

     “Have another pickle” urged Dorthy as she and Helen were doing the dishes in the Walker kitchen.  (they lived on the second floor of … illegible due to water damage)  Helen however didn’t need to be urged to have another one since pickles were her weakness.  She had already had 5 out of a freshly opened bottle and kept having another one until the dishes as well as the pickles were done.
     “I’m glad I’ve got them done at last,” said Dorthy.  “Mother won’t be able to scold me now when she gets home.”
     “I guess I’d better go now,” said Helen looking at her watch.”  “Your mother will be home anytime.”
     “Listen!” said Dorthy as footsteps sounded on the stairs.  “Make for the bathroom quick.”
     Helen ‘made’ for the bathroom & in a few minutes she heard Dorthy and mother conversing.
     “I’m going out with Charly tonight dear,” she heard Mrs. Walker say, “and I want you to get the supper while I have a bath.”
     A bath! (illegible sentence) The bathroom was at the end of the hall so there was no way to escape.  She could just walk out & present herself to Mrs. Walker but this, Helen knew too well would bring Dorthy a punishment and to herself embarrassment.  She looked wildly about her and a glint of hope came into her eyes as she noticed a door that she had not seen before. She made a dash for this and turned the knob.  Much to her surprise the door came open and revealed a closet with few clothes.  She entered this and closed the door just as Mrs. Walker came into the bathroom.
     Then came an endless half hour which seemed to Helen hours.  The air in the closet became very close and she was terrified lest Mrs. Walker should open the door in search of clothes.
     Would Mrs. Walker ever finish? she thought and if she did finish and come to the closet what would she do?  Make a dash for the door or stand there horrified?
     Helen could not make up her mind which she would do but as Mrs. Walker came out of the bathroom and went along the hall just thenit was not necessary to deside. (sic)
     Helen opened the door and waited for a few minutes hoping that Dorthy would come in.
     No Dorthy appeared however and Helen crept cautiously to the door.  Here she stopped to listen and heard Dorthy and her mother conversing in the kitchen apparently eating their supper.
     Helen stuck her head out and fining the way clear she jumped up and raced joyously down the hall and stairs as fast as her legs would carry her.
     As soon as her mind settled down she became quite enraged at Mrs. Walker for taking a bath such an awful time.  When she became very angriest (sic) she vowed she would never again help Dorthy with the dishes and to this day that promise has been kept.

Next week Bernice gets a detention…


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  1. Can’t imagine trying to explain that had she been caught.

    No doubt it felt like the longest 30 minutes ever!

    I have a similar story…only I got caught and had to do the walk of shame! Rather mortifying.

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