January 1931 Continued…Two Kisses for a Quarter

Note from the editor; Unfortunately this journal has some water damage to the bottom of the pages.  In the interest of keeping the story fluent and entertaining I have done some guess work to fill in the illegible passages.  I believe I have kept the nature of the story and Bernice’s intent true.    

     Coming home from school one day Dorthy and Helen and I were joined by Fred Gailler.  (the said Dorthy’s boyfriend)  Fred seemed very worried about something and wanted to talk to Dorthy but Dorthy said if he had something to say, he could say it out loud.  At first Fred refused but at last he gave in.
     “I’ve got to have a quarter,” he said “and I want you to lend me that quarter that you got back from Mary.”
     “But I can’t” said Dorthy.  “It’s not mine it’s mother’s.”
     “Oh your mother wouldn’t mind” said the irresistible Fred “and anyways I’ll pay it back in couple of days.”
     “Well what will you give me for it?” asked Dorthy.
     Fred then named many things but Dorthy wanted none of them and at last we were called upon to suggest (things)  I have forgotten what I suggested but I remember that Helen first in fun suggested that a 25 cent for 2 kisses would be only fair.  Dorthy thought that an excellent idea & asked Fred if he would do it.  At first Fred resisted but he seemed to need the quarter terribly badly.  At last he said he would do it but,  “Would would your friends be along?”
     “Oh yes let them, please” said Dorthy.  “They won’t look, will you?”
     No we said we wouldn’t but I am afraid the temptation became to great and in the end we did look.
     The question then was where would they do it?
     “The only place said Dorthy is to do it over in the park.”
     “All right” said Fred “But lets hurry.” So we started off Helen & I expecting to enjoy it hugely and Dorthy rather anxious about the quarter, & Fred nervous lest Dorthy should change her mind.
     The said park was one of the most natural park in Toronto and was grown over with underbrush & trees these were run through by winding paths and it was off one of these paths that we found a log amongst the bushes.
     “You kids have got to promise not to tell” said Fred as he and Dorthy sat down on the log.  Helen and I promised and then sat down facing them our hands covering our eyes (with small spaces between &) then I said one, two, three go and we heard two loud smacks.  The kissing was over and now the money belonged to Fred who now seemed anxious to get away.
     “I’ve gotta go now Dorthy” he said.
     “All right” replied Dorthy “but don’t forget I’ve only lent you the quarter.”
     “O.K. Goodbye” and he was off along the path.
     We started home the other way and as we neared home Dorthy became rather sorry that she had done it.
     “I wouldn’t mind so much if it had of been my quarter” she grumbled explained complained.  “but mother’s sure to ask for it to-night and I’m sure I don’t know what I’ll say.”
     We had come to our street now and the boys who were out playing began to yell out at Dorthy.
(I could not make out what was written here –it has to be left to your imagination. Editor)
    I don’t know who found out but it soon spread all over the street and worst of all our names were associated with it.
     However, Dorthy told her mother that she had lost the quarter and for punishment she was sent to bed right after supper.  She got up though and came out on the veranda roof in her night gown and through (sic) us down notes until Mr. McFee phoned her mother.
     She never got the quarter back though and I know she still grieves over it.  I know that I should.

     I rather like that story that is why I wrote it down.  The following story is also true with a little exagerration.
 Stay tuned for next week’s installment.

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