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Christmas 1934

Dear Readers,                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you for your patience during our absence over the past few weeks. As editor, I was unable to maintain the weekly posts due to circumstances demanding time and attention. Bernice’s Journals are back and ready to resume right where we left off.                                       Best Regards,                                                                                                                                                                     Anne Milne

Christmas 1934                                                                                                                                                                             .     We had a lovely Xmas. Aunt Mill and Elizabeth were with us. I got up at 7:30 and Mother & Nana & I went to early church. Then Jack & Liz and I went to Sunnyside station to meet Aunt Mill. We had a lovely white Xmas. Not too cold. After we got home we had the Xmas tree. I got chocolates, stockings, a dress, a ring, a komona (sic), goloshes, chesterfield slippers, powder, cream nail polish. Liz got a camera and Jack & she and I went out in the back yard & took pictures. They turned out terribly. Liz, Nora & I and Dad went visiting, got lots of Xmas cheer. Went down to Margee’s in my new komona (sic) & goloshes (had my picture taken in them). Had a swell dinner about five, went to Smith’s and slept with Liz.


This photo is circa 1914.  The slides Bernice refers to in this post were likely very similar.
This photo is circa 1914. The slides at Grenadier that Bernice refers to in this post were likely very similar.

Wednesday night Marion D., Helen S., Marg H., and myself went tobogganing on the slides at Grenadier. Thursday night Helen S. Marion D & I went again. This time Pauley took back the borrowed toboggan and we got a ride with a very nice man & also went down with the Milne kids & Bruce. Those kids are really human after all. We had a swell spill at the bottom. We expect to go again tonight.

.     I am going to make a list of the people I got cards from with an X beside the people whom I did not send to so next year I shall be sure to send to them.

Jan 2 – 1935                                                                                                                                                                             .      .     Helen came down New Year’s Eve and we talked & popped popcorn & listened to the radio. She went home at two. We drank grape juice to a happy New Year and made one resolution — to enjoy ourselves all the time in 1935 and when I get bored I’ll call her up & when she gets bored she’ll call me up and we’ll try to find remedies. There are four things I want for 1934 (sic) — to be in a play at school (play night if possible), health, a boy friend, (Toronto is ideal) pass all my exams in June & not have to try more than five, to get to know a certain family (Milnes). I want the first four things terribly and if I get them I shall be satisfied. The last on I’d like but it doesn’t matter terribly.

.     Mrs. Poole died New Year’s Eve. New Year’s day Mrs. Speare and Bert came over. Marion & I went for a walk. Played bridge after supper.

He spoke to me for the first time

Saturday Jan 26 1935                                                                                                                                                         Last night the Hodgin’s Family threw a party.  At first we were just going to have the Wilson family out & ourselves, then we invited Kay Stewart & Jim Scott and we didn’t have enough girls so we invited Helen & Nancy S., also Elizabeth.  We played cards & danced & ate.  Had met Doug & her before but not Bob.  They are all swell kids.

Monday Feb 18                                                                                                                                                                         I’ve been feeling rotten for the last couple of weeks but have kept on going to school.  However I was sick in school this morning & thought I’d never get home at noon.  –eyes. Slept most of this p.m. & feel punk.  I had a nice week-end though.  Marion wanted to know what I was doing at noon & we decided to go to a show since Helen S. & Marg Hough were both going out. However we didn’t see any show on that we wanted to see & since everybody was going out to Dance’s we decided we’d play double solitaire.  However Jack Milne & Bruce were there & after much humming & hawing around on the part of Bruce we got them to play bridge.  Jack’s a swell kid & so is Bruce.  Expecting to have a very boring evening & had a swell time instead.

Saturday night Marion & I had decided to go up to the library when Margee phoned & wanted us to play bridge.  We said we would but she couldn’t get a fourth so she said her mother would play.  However Marion had told me that Bruce & Jack would play bridge with us again after we went up to the library so I managed to call it off.  Every time I see Jack I him better, ditto with Bruce.  Much better than playing bridge with Windy & Morley who snubbed us Friday night.  Bruce took the smartest picture of Jim & he’ll take my picture for 50 cents.  I found out that Jim (Jim Milne, Jack’s older brother) is going on 20.   (hands – Tiny & kisses – Uncle Jack & Gramma Bernice). (Editor’s note; I am unsure of her handwriting here and can only assume she is referring to jokes that were made during their bridge games.)

Thursday night Marg Bouchon, Marion & I went to the Rutakin (spelling?)hockey game & the R’s won at last 1-0.  Then I went to AYPA (I’ve started  AYPA at St. Martin’s) with Marg and Marion came home with Jack Milne.  Monday night I went to a social at St Pat’s & Here_is_My_Heart_PosterSaturday night Marion & I went to see Bing Crosby in “Here is my Heart”.  Friday night Liz and Marg H., Marion & I went tobogganing.  The first time we went down we had a grand spill & I was thrown into a snow drift.  When I worked my way up for air everybody was standing around laughing at me. I was so covered with snow that all they could see was two holes for my eyes.

Saturday I met Jim M. on the street & he spoke to me for the first time, or rather I spoke to him.

Last Week was Quite Thrilling

Sun. Feb 23rd 1935                                                                                                                                                                            Last night Marion, Morley, Windy & I popped popcorn & ate ice cream & fought.  Absolutely through with Windy for good.  David_Copperfield_(1935_film)_posterFriday after school Betty & I went down to see “David Copperfield”. Met Margee down there.  The picture was wonderful.  All the characters just seemed to fit into the book.  After the show about 7:30 I went over to St. Paul’s church to a Ranger thing. I was supposed to be a little kid in a skit showing how you should not act in a sick room. We’d only had one practice & I hadn’t been there so I had to make it all out of my head.  If I hadn’t had to go to the Ranger thing I could have played bridge over at Dance’s.  Jack M. asked Marion to get me.

Saturday March 2                                                                                                                                                                   Last week was quite thrilling. Wednesday night Helen & I went down to a meeting of the Ranger Dramatic Society. Thursday night A.Y.P.A. had a social & I had a grand time. One boy seemed to take an awful interest in me. Walked home with me. I think his first name is Albert. Grace was at A.Y. The_Little_MinisterFriday night Marion & I saw the Little Minister -very good.

Tuesday March 5                                                                                                                                                            Saturday night Marion & I were supposed to play bridge with Bruce & Jack. However Bruce was down cellar with Jim & we couldn’t get him to come up. So it finally ended up with us playing with Mr. & Mrs. Dance. Jack had to go home. Sunday morning I went to church & heard the new minister – very good sermon. Sunday afternoon I went down to the Western Nurse’s Residence to see Mary Smith. to-day there was an amature (sic) night in the aud. & we went in after our 8th period.

Sunday March 10                                                                                                                                                                 This morning Marg B. & I went to St. Martins. Its just like a Catholic Church down there. Saw Albert & Art.  Last night Marion & I went to the bazaare (sic). Jack gave us tickets to get into everything but by the time we found the places everything was over. Friday night Marion, Bruce, Jack & I played bridge. Thursday night the A.Y. went out to the Good Year tire plant. Grace made a play for Art but Art gave me a small compliment. (hair episode). I went out with Albert. Coming home it was only 10:30 & he was bound he was going to take me someplace. However I wet-blanketed all the places he suggested & we finally ended up by going for a drive out to Weston. Wednesday night I went to the Ranger Dramatic club & got a very minor part. I’m supposed to be young & romantic. He didn’t even give me a chance at any of the other parts because I’m too small. He wants somebody who looks about 21.

Sunday March 17                                                                                                                                                               Easter exams have been posted. Thursday night I went to A.Y. Art was there but Albert wasn’t. Friday night we had a bridge for the Huron Old Boys. -58 people –4 tables of young people in the sitting room. Met Phyllis & she’s quite nice. Kay Campbell -swell. June McGrath – terrible. Saturday aft I went to a Ranger’s tea accompanied by Elizabeth. Saturday night Jack & Marion & I played bridge. Bruce wouldn’t play.

Miracles Never Cease

Monday March 25 1935                                                                                                                                                                    .     Last Thursday night I went to A.Y. What a speaker. Grace or Albert were not there. Friday night I went to play night at Humberside. Helen pretty good. Saturday afternoon Margee & I & Marion went walking. It was the most gorgeous. I just had a blazer on & I was hot. Saturday night Marion, Jack & I played bridge in the kitchen. I heard some awful thumping overhead & here it was Bruce & Jim practicing for the “Follies”. Some of the kids dropped out. They are going to put it on at “Amateur Night” at the Runnymede Theatre. Of all the people in the world those are the last two that I would have thought would do that. Miracles never cease.

Sunday March 31                                                                                                                                                                   .     Amateur night at A.Y. on Thursday – not so hot. Albert walked home with me.  FlirtationWalkFriday night Marion & Helen & I went to see “Flirtation Walk” -not bad. Saturday Mother & I went down town -just looked around. Have decided to remodel my old blue coat instead of getting a new one. Jack wanted us to play bridge Saturday night but Bruce said he had to study so it was called off. Met Miss Stock twice on street car. Got a letter from Jessie.

Sunday April 7                                                                                                                                                                      Have been studying hard. Did not go to A.Y. on Thursday. Saturday night Jack & Marion & I played bridge. Snowy’s gone for good I guess. He’s been gone for two weeks to-day. How we miss him! Sunday April 14 Have been studying hard. Last night Marion, Jack, Bruce & I played bridge. This afternoon Helen & Marion & I went for a walk. A beautiful day. We’ve decided to start a tea room & dog kennels & farm.

I’ve Never had such a Wild Night

Monday April 22 1935                                                                                                                                                                   Have just arrived home from C4th (Seaforth) where Elizabeth, Jack (Bernice’s brother), Mother & I spent Easter. We went up Friday morning.  School closed Thursday at noon. We had our second last exam Thursday afternoon. Betty C., Marion & Margee & I went over in the park. After supper Jack (Milne), Bruce, Marion & I played bridge.

Friday when we got to C4th we went on to Clinton to see Nana & the Counters.  Mr. Counter is pretty sick.  We are to have their cottage this summer at Bayfield.  Isn’t that marvellous?  Miracles never cease.

Saturday Jessie and I walked out to the country & sat on the bridge all day in the sun.  Jack & I were staying at Mrs. Chapman’s although Eileen was not home. sunday I went to United chuch in the morning with Mrs. Chapman & the Presbyterian at night with Jessie.  After that I went to see Aunt Jean & then to Devereaux.  They had a lot of company so Joan & I thought we’d go outside & her cousin Bruce came out and took us for a ride in his smart new car.  We went out and got Keith Sharpe (although Joan did not want us to) and brought him in to see Issy who was in Pete’s car with Ken Beatty.  Of all the crazy people, that Bruce takes the cake.  I’ve never had such a wild night in my life.  He finally drove me home.

Going home Monday we dropped in to see Eileen.  She wanted me to stay but I felt I couldn’t.  They have a lovely place there.

Saturday April 27                                                                                                                                                                                I have had the grandest Easter holdays. Tuesday afternoon we, Marion & I were playing skipping with Jack M. & Gord P. & Morley in Hough’s. Then we had a wild time in Haugh’s kitchen where Margee was baking. Even Jim M. (Milne) came in and we had a grand time acting crazy and generally getting in Margee’s way.

Tuesday night Helen, Marion & I went to the library and then played cards at our place with Jack Milne & Morley. Neither Morley or Jack hardly opened their mouths the whole evening.

Wednesday Mother & I went down town. I got shoes but I couldn’t get any stuff for a coat.  Wednesday night I went to a party at Kennedy’s. Art was there.

Thursday night I went roller skating with A.Y.. I had a grand time.  Art wanted to bring me home but there was a mix up about cars so I had to go in with somebody else. (sigh!)

This image is of Middle Road which eventually became the QEW.  A usable photo of Lake Shore Road circa 1935 was not available.
This image is of Middle Road which eventually became the QEW. A usable photo of Lake Shore Road circa 1935 was not available.

Friday, Margee, Betty C, Marion & I borrowed McPhee’s bicycles & went bicycling. we went thru the park & along the Lake Shore Road.  Then we got off & lay on the beach for a long time.  It was a grand day.  After supper Albert phoned up & wanted me to go out with him but I said I had another date. (what a fool I am) Grace also phoned & I told her I’d be busy!  Then I went over & helped Marion do the dishes.  Finally six boys – Gord Haugh, Windy, Morley, Jack Milne, George V. and Jack Alberts and Marion, Margee & I landed at Haugh’s and we played cards.  We had a smart time.  Windy lost his hat and spent half an hour looking for it –Marion & I did some chiselling.  The best way to pep up a game is to start doing that — take it from me.

I’m Sort of Scared

Thursday May 2 1935                                                                                                                                                              It seems impossible for me to get any home work done to-night.  Interferences from across the street.  Jack & Bruce have a great big flash light and they keep flooding it over here & just for spite I turn off the light and then I don’t get any homework done.  Bruce won $21 at the Camera Club & he has to make a speech (sic) to-morrow.  I think they are composing it. I set Marion’s hair to-night for her and have yet to set Mother’s and learn my geometry and latin.

Tuesday May 7                                                                                                                                                                      Roberta_1935_movie_posterHave just been to see “Roberta” with Marion & Mrs. Dance.  A swell picture.  Well its stopped raining at last and its lovely and springlike out for a change.  Last Friday night Bruce, Jack, Marion & I played bridge.  Saturday night Margee, Marion & I fooled around. The boys couldn’t get the old car to go to take them out to Norval.  Sunday Marg Smith came out for supper.  It poured all day.  After supper Marg & I played solitaire.  Monday Marion & I went out to the farm – rained.  Marion & I had supper at our place and rushed off to the show but there was a big line up for second show so we didn’t wait.  I came home and settled down to homework when the telephone rang and it was Jack.  He wanted me to play bridge and of course I couldn’t refuse.  I should be rejoicing to-day.  Miss Stock stopped me in the hall and told me I got 68 in German comp.  Am I glad.

Sunday May 12                                                                                                                                                              Thursday night there was a social at A.Y. (closing banquet) and Art asked me to go to the Embassy with him on Wednesday night.  A pack from his office are going.  Friday night Marion, Jack, Well and I played bridge.  Saturday Nora and I housecleaned our room and put the mattresses out on the side veranda.  We spent the rest of the day lying out on them. Jack came over and fixed my ring. (Much to my surprise)  We watched them taking the boat down that Jack & Charlie made.  It sure is a swell boat.  It looks like one of these millionaire launches.

Wednesday May 15                                                                                                                                                                        I am just waiting for Art to come and get me.  The dance was called off and we are going to a show.  I’m sort of scared. Last Monday Coleman gave me his opinion of Grace & Helen which certainly isn’t much.  He said he had some extra tickets for a private dance at the Savorn (her handwriting is difficult to read here, ‘Savorn’ is a best guess, ed.) and told me he’d give me two if I’d get Art to go.  However I refused since I felt I did not know Art well enough.

Saturday Night was spent Fighting

Sunday May 19 1935                                                                                                                                                                           We had a swell time at the show. Went into Diana’s afterwards and danced. Art is a swell person. Friday night Marion, Will, Margee and I played tennis and when we came home we played cards in at our place with Gord. P., Morley, and Jim Milne. Jim isn’t nearly as quiet as I thought he was and he is a darn nice kid.

A 1935 tennis player named Susan Noel.
A 1935 tennis player named Susan Noel.

Saturday I got up at 6 o’clock and went to down to the lake front with Helen, Marg and Nancy Smith, Royce and Cliff to play tennis. It was grand but slightly cool at times. Helen and I walked into the Parkdale Canoe Club and got a drink. A snooty place that.

In the afternoon I fooled around in Haugh’s backyard trying to write an essay for Margee & writing poetry on the sly. The boys were trying to fix the old car. I had told Jack that I had broken my ring again (he had fixed it again form me on Thursday night) just to see if I could get him mad (I really had not broken it) But he didn’t get the least bit mad just said he’d fix it another way so I had to tell him I was only fooling.

Saturday night was spent fighting & finally Marion and I ended up by playing bridge with Bruce and Jack. Bruce made me mad. Jack sure must be good natured to put up with him all the time. To-day I am so stiff I could hardly get out of bed. My right arm feels as if it is all swollen and I certainly can’t do anything strenuous with it.

Sunday May 26                                                                                                                                                                           It has been a glorious weekend. I was to have gone out to Norval but complications arose. However I really have had a swell time in the city (or out of it) Thursday night I went up to play tennis with A.Y.  Art walked home with me and we are going to have a game of tennis together next Monday.  Friday I went out to the farm with the Dances’ plus of course Jack. We met Jim & Morley & Poole out there and took some pictures. It was a grand day. After supper we played bridge (Jack, Bruce & Marion) with interference from the family.

Saturday afternoon was spent in Walker’s back yard, sitting in the sun, knitting & looking at movie magazines. Incidentally Grace told Wilma that I thought Art liked me but he was really crazy about her. That was before he took me out –Is that a laugh.

Saturday night Marion & I bought a pineapple and Wilma & Jack helped us eat it. Sunday the family went for a picnic & Marion. She had her camera and we took a lot of dumb pictures.

Thursday May 30                                                                                                                                                                     Last night Jack, Marion & I and Margee went over to the park to see the Ratakin (not sure of the handwriting here) ball team play. To-night I went up to play tennis with A.Y.  Art and Ralph Day walked home with me.  Got teased about Rolly.  Went down to the drug store and got a drink.  Coming home eating ice cream cones we met Glen M. (Milne) He really spoke  to me. And I got razed about him. Jack came out of Dances while we were talking. I was praying that he would not come over and he didn’t. (Mirabile dictu)

Isabelle Chesterfield phoned while I was out I phoned her back and she is coming our for supper Saturday night.

Jack’s a Darn Devil

Thursday June 6 1935                                                                                                                                                       Last weekend was pretty dry.  Isabelle Chesterfield came out for supper Saturday night and we had a nice time talking over old times.  Sunday night Wilma & Dorothea and I went up to High Park Church and a walk after.  Monday, was June 3rd and I was sick all day. Monday night Albert came for me and we went sailing out over the Bay.  It was grand.  There was just four of us. Ed, the boy who owned to boat and his girl Claire -had popcorn and ice cream afterwards and got home about 12.  Jack M. was away for the weekend. Wednesday night Ewan MacTavish from Seaforth took me to the show.  We saw “Royal Cavlcade” and “Folies Bergere”.  Both good pictures.  To-night I played tennis.  Art wasn’t there.

To-morrow is the big day.  We find out what exams we have to try.  Mine are so uncertain that I don’t know how I shall ever get up the nerve to look at that list.  To-day I was out skipping with Jim and Doris. Also playing cribbage with Pete.  Elizabeth has gone to Seaforth.  It’s lonesome without her.  What shall it be like when she goes home?

Tuesday June 11                                                                                                                                                                          Went for a walk with Wilma to-night. Met George Rulman.  It’s funny he sat across from me all year in school and I just got interested in him now.

Thursday June 13                                                                                                                                                                        I spent the afternoon out in the yard playing double solitaire with Jack M.  We did a little bit of geometry.  Jim did a swell imitation of Abby which amused me last night Jack and Marion and I went to the Ratakin game.  Jack absolutely ruined a pair of my stockings (they only had 3 runs in them to begin with) He pulled a thread and cut them almost in half consequently I had a time of it getting home.  However I got an ice cream cone out of him and Marion knocked it out of my hand and so I got another out of her.  It was a great night and Jack’s a darn devil.  We’ve got a bet on and he has to kiss Marion with me as witness.

Monday June 17                                                                                                                                                                To-day Jack came over and tried to help me with my geometry but Liz and I had been fooling around up stairs (Mickey Mouse legs & dances) and I was in too good a mood and I’d just laugh at him every time he’d try to explain everything. So I heard his memory work and got blood all over his book. (I stabbed my finger with my compass).  Saturday Jack wanted me to go out to the farm for a swim but Marion wouldn’t go.  Saturday night Jack bought Marion and I a brick of ice cream and then said he had to study and went home. Margee came over afterwards and we talked.  Sunday Aunt Mill came out and Margee fooled around at night and read and sizzled on the verandah.

Poor Margee had to be Carried Home

Wednesday June 19 1935                                                                                                                                                  Well Elizabeth and Jack have both gone – Jack kissed me good bye, Jack Hodgins that is. Monday night I slept with Liz and I found out how she really feels about Jack. Knowing that I felt darn sorry for her having to leave but once Jack had gone she did not find it so hard.

Jack M. came over at one o’clock Tuesday afternoon and stayed till five and I’ll bet we didn’t get fifteen minutes geometry done. Pete came up and stayed most of the aft and “he’s not afraid to put his mouth in a dog’s hand.”

Elizabeth’s train did not leave till 11:20 p.m. and we all went down to the Union station to see her off. How I hate to see her go! I hope she comes back again but I’m afraid she won’t. To-day Jack M. came over early in the aft. but I sent him home and he came over later. I’m getting too darn fond of him. A letter came for Liz and the top part was not sealed very well so I stuck in a note from me and changed the address.

Thursday June 20                                                                                                                                                              This was the big day. Jack came over about 8:30 a.m. to borrow a protractor and so to school for the exam and what an exam. Mr. Milne’s pupil did not get along too well. I found out that he told Marion that he didn’t think I’d get my geometry. How right he was! To-night Margee and I went for a ride with Gord. We were sitting on the verandah afterwards and Ted and Jack M. came along. Did Jack make me mad! grrrrrrr

Sunday June 23

I believe this photo is the Runnymede Theatre, not the Lyndhurst.
I believe this photo is the Runnymede Theatre, not the Lyndhurst, but both theatres would have been similar in style.

Friday night Marion and I went to the Lyndhurst. Saw two smart pictures. Saturday night I went to see the doctor. He told me just what I thought he would. I’d be feeling fine after the summer. However he says that within the next 2 or 3 years I’ll lose my appendix. Something to look forward to.

At night Jack and Jim, Bruce, Marion and I took turns playing bridge. Si vales bene est, ego vales. (Your beloved editor had to google this one; it is Latin for “If you are well, I am well.”)

Tuesday June 25                                                                                                                                                        Yesterday Morley gave Jim the most awful picture of me in a bathing suit and he wouldn’t give it back. However he promised me he wouldn’t show it to Jack and only to anyone else with my permission. I walked over to the R. game with Jack, Windy, Jim, Morley, Margee and I had a wild time out on our verandah afterwards — so wild that poor Margee had to be carried home by the three of them. I got my picture back.

Sick again and Nora has put me on a diet. What fun I have swiping things behind her back! I’m in at Mrs. Taylor’s to-night playing cards with Margee and Mary. I was talking to Marg Beasley to-night, met her on the street.

It Sure Took a lot of Nerve

Friday June 28 1935                                                                                                                                               Wednesday night Margee and I went over to the game and Jack and I looked after Doris afterwards at Hough’s. Terribly busy getting ready to go away.

Monday July 1                                                                                                                                                                             Well here I am out at Bayfield and quite settled. Yesterday morning Nora, Mum, and Dad and I went up to Mustard’s. Just Betty was there, and some more are coming up on Tuesday. She was very nice and lent me a book. The Scotts are out here from Seaforth we had quite a time over there last night. (our hero)

Friday July 5                                                                                                                                                                    Monday night Ruth S. and I went to the dance. Got a letter from Liz. Jessie came out Wednesday night and treated Ruth and I to a hamburger and a drink. The water was grand yesterday. I spent most of my time there. Last night Morley and George, Ruth, Jessie and I went up to watch the old time dancer. We met a Charlie Mulch, Fred Harvey, and Dougan from Clinton up there. About 12 o’clock we decided we wanted to go in so they went up and told the man at the door to close his eyes and count to ten –and he did and in we walked. We had about 8 dances (shirt-hop-lightening & lic) They came home with us about one.

To-night the boys climbed in on the verandah got some stubs for us and we got in on the stubs but it sure took a lot of nerve.

Monday July 8                                                                                                                                                              Saturday morning I got up at 9 o’clock and went swimming off the pier with Pilot and Rip. The rest were supposed to come but they didn’t. Saturday night I didn’t go to the dance. Sunday Aunt Mill came out out with the Counter’s and Sunday night Jessie and I spent S. out on the pier. Jim & Betty, Marg and Morley came out later and we had some fun in at Max’s asking for Western sandwiches. (Lawrence of Bayfield)

Thursday July 11                                                                                                                                                                   Last night I went to the dance and Ken Beatty brought me home. Mother and Aunt Mill were sleeping on the veranda and they heard everything we said –so did the Scott’s. I was trying to get him a drink at the Spring. I’ve got a date for next Wednesday night.

Saturday July 14

The Grand Bend Lakeview Casino; I believe this would be the dance hall Bernice refers to.
The Grand Bend Lakeview Casino; I believe this would be the dance hall Bernice refers to.

Last night Ken B. and Evan W. came out and took Betty and I to the dance at Grand Bend. I don’t like the Bend but they have a swell dance hall and orchestra. Betty and Wrennie certainly set a stunning example for us in the back seat. I sure was disgusted with her.

We had hamburgers and an orange drink afterwards. I met Bruce Chesterfield there –and me with Ken.

Yesterday morning Jessie and I went up to Mustard’s to return the book and get others.  I met Neil, but Lucius wasn’t there.

Tuesday July 16                                                                                                                                                                  Sunday I was bet a quarter that I wouldn’t wear an awful celophane (sic) purple beach hat to church. I accepted and wore it bravely up the steps of the church but because there was only a front seat left I would not wear it in, so lost a quarter.

Monday -cold. Met Edna Plant and Stewart up at Dance. –eclipse of moon –sat on beach.