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As Usual I had a Grand Time

Sunday May 24 1936                                                                                                                                     Yesterday the A.Y. went on a picnic and Jack took me.  We went dancing afterwards & Art took sick. We had an awful lot of fun.  There are a grand crowd.  Jack is swell & I enjoy Art so much more now that I’m not going with him.  Roy and Marj were there & Sam & Marg. 

Sunday June 7                                                                                                                                                     Last Wednesday night I was supposed to go down to the church & serve but arrived just in time to do dishes – Jack and Ralph walked home with me.  Thursday — recommendation lists and I got out of 1 English – have to write 7. 

Thursday night Ralph and Bill & Gladys & I played tennis. To Hunt’s afterwards – we had a lot of fun.  Friday night Jack, Marian, Al and I played bridge.  Al and I had a grand row.  I hate him more than usual.  Jack made me mad too.  Saturday morning Jim & I, Marian & Al played tennis. I beat Jim and he had to pay me a nickel.  I think he is pretty nice but it won’t last.

Sunnyside_Boardwalk_Toronto_1931Last night I went on a blind date with Jimmy Maine & Marg and Pete. We went to Sunnyside -roller coaster, merry-go-round and ended at the Palais Royal –what a joint but we had a lot of fun and Jim wasn’t bad at all.  The only thing I had against him was that he knew Al. 

Apparently Albert K. has given Doreen the go-by.  He came over last Sunday night & we picked up Mary and Ed, Al and Betty and went driving.  The back seat was a lot of fun but I was bored stiff in the front.  Over to Mary’s afterwards. I met a ‘handy” four in Al and we had a lot of fun.  I want to go sailing again so I hope I can stand Albert till they get the old boat out on the lake.  I don’t think he’ll bother me till the end of June – exams.

Friday June 12                                                                                                                                                     Last night after I had gotten ready for bed – not undressed at least only partly, the door bell rang & it was Jack.  Art & Betty were out with the car and we went down to Sunnyside.  I  was on the rolly (sic) coaster again & watched where I was going so I found it not as bad as before.  We also went on the little cars for kids and poor Art was very embarrassed -merry-round.  As usual I had a grand time.  I always do when I go out with those kids.  I am going for a picnic with Roy to-morrow but don’t expect to have a very good time since I don’t know anyone else.  

Sunday June 28                                                                                                                                                           I have been so busy studying for exams that I haven’t had time to write in here at all.  The exams were just one long nightmare.  But they are all over now and I look a wreck but am having a grand time. Since Mosey (I think she means her brother Morley) has gone away Jimmy has been very attentive.  He actually took me down to SunnySide last night & took me on anything I wanted to go on.  We were with Al and Marion & Vera and coming home we met Ted in a smart new roadster.  Vera got in the front with Ted and Steve Martin and the four of us piled in the rumble seat and we went for a drive. It was a bit crowded and rather coolish, but lots of fun.  I’m afraid I have fallen for Jimmy in a big way and it looks as if he might almost be a little bit interested in me.  Last night was the first time he’d ever taken a girl out.  Puddy phoned to-day and wanted me to go sailing but we wouldn’t get back until late and I think there might be some chance of me going for a walk with Jim so I refused.  On Friday night I went for a moonlight sail with Jack.  It was terribly rough going over and of course I was sick.  Coming back it was calm and I had a grand time.  Jack is really swell and we have a lot of fun together. (Hedging again). 

I had a terrible time on my picnic with Roy.  It was just one grand nightmare and I sure was glad when I got home.  I’ll never go out with Roy again –just Jimmy and Jack and Puddy from now on.

I Hope He Takes the Hint

Thursday July 2 1936                                                                                                                                       Well Puddy is off the list now which leaves just Jimmy & Jack.  I was sailing last Monday aft with him and what a general pain in the neck and a bore he is -never again.  He called me up to-day and wanted me to go but I said no very emphatically.  I hope he takes the hint. 

I have been having a perfectly grand week.  I stayed in Toronto for a rest but am certainly not getting one.  Monday I played tennis from 9-12 a.m. with Jim, Al and Marion.  Went sailing in the aft with Pauly and to the show at night.  Tuesday Marion and I went downtown and Jm came over after supper.  Mother had a burglar.  Wednesday we all went out to Dance’s farm for a picnic and had a grand time and got some screwy pictures.  Jimmy and I had a fight.  To-day we were up at 7 o’clock and off to play tennis by 8.  Al had the car so we went down to the lake shore.  Hamish pushed me in.  We sure had a lot of fun.  Al is going away to-morrow so will likely get some rest next week.  I hope to go up to Seaforth the following week.

Friday July 3                                                                                                                                                                 I had a swell quarrel with Jim last night so I guess he goes off my list too – leaving only Jack whom I haven’t seen for a week.  If I hadn’t forgotten about tennis I would have seen him last night and not have seen Jim.

Fri. July 10

1936 Heat WaveThe weather has been stifling.  It has broken an all time record.  In 1911 it was 103 but Wednesday it was 104 and yesterday 105.  Jim and I played tennis Wednesday and I was tagging yesterday.  We had a grand time and went through all the parliament buildings.  We were royally welcomed and going over to the island to-day for a swim.

Thursday July 16                                                 Have been going on beaucoup de picnics both with Puddy and without.  Tuesday went on a sailing picnic over to the island and lost my stocking.  Drove the car for the first time.  Haven’t seen Jim since last Saturday night when I had a grand time with him driving in a rumble seat.  Am going to Seaforth to-morrow so hope to see him to-night.  Tiny Hill is coming along fine.

Thursday July 23                                                                                                                                                       I have been in Seaforth almost a week now and am bored to death.  Nobody seems to be interested in me so I sit at home.  Last Sunday I went out to Bayfield and saw the same old gang.  Jim Scott seemed quite glad to see me.  We are going out to stay for 2 weeks next Sunday.  The crowd is much younger as all the older crowd is working.  I haven’t seen Ken since I came and Keith is going steady with Mary McInnes.  Ewan Rennie has been very nice to me but so far no dates.  Stan is here from Windsor but hasn’t yet spoken to me.  Eileen Chapman was married last Friday in Brantford and it was a big surprise to us all.  It was fun at first seeing every body again but now I’m finding it terribly lonesome and counting the days till I get to Bayfield.   

A Note from the Editor; There are so many people and boys in Bernice’s life, it can be hard to keep track.  I believe the Jim she had fun with in the rumble seat would have been Jim Milne, Jack’s brother.  The Jimmy she had the row with is someone else.

This weeks photo is taken from  The record temperatures of 1936 held until the heat wave of 2012.

Does anyone know what she means by ‘tagging’?

Hi Duchess!

Friday July 24 1936                                                                                                                                                   I was sitting on the verandah to-night when Ken (Beatty) drove past in the car and actually stopped – “Hi Duchess!”.  We sat out in the car and talked from 6 to 7:30 p.m.  He came down again after supper.  We wanted to go to Bayfield but no car.

Saturday July 25                                                                                                                                                         This morning Jean and I went swimming.  Pool all cemented in and very nice – a nice life guard too.

To-night Mother picked up Mrs. Beatty up town and Ken and I talked on the verandah while she and Mrs Beatty talked in the car.  Then to station to meet Eileen who didn’t come – nickel and pint of milk.

Sunday July 26                                                                                                                                                     Ken brought me out to Bayfield to-day – the cottage is very nice -beach very cold, wrapped up in steamer rug.

Thursday July 30                                                                                                                                                       I went to the dance last night with Ken and had a lot of fun.  Same old gang there -wild carrot corsage.

Sunday Aug. 2                                                                                                                                                   Friday night I went to Grand Bend with Neil.  Neil very amusing down on beach – had a lot of fun with him and like him beaucoup.  Saturday night I went to the Bend with him again but bigger crowd.  Phil there and Jim with Marg.

Monday Aug 3                                                                                                                                                 Yesterday Ken came out and we went for a drive – had a lot of fun with him but got autographed.  Last night Marg & I went to the mid nite (sic) dance with Phil & Jim Stevenson.  

Tuesday Aug 4                                                                                                                                                         Last night Jim Scott took me to the dance believe it or not.  He looked very smart in a white suit and I take back all I said about him being (illegible). He danced very well – into Maxwell’s afterwards for hot dog & drink & got peppermint sticks.  To-day Neil was up the beach with another girl.  🙁  I guess maybe I like the guy.  Yesterday on beach Lawrence make girl very angry and girl walk off.  (sic)

Wednesday Aug 5                                                                                                                                                       To-night Ken was supposed to come and take me to the dance but did not turn up so I went by myself.  Lawrence was very attentive – took my pulse which is 96 and I took his – 98.  He has a bad heart so I must.  I came home with Phil and Jim Stevenson and Marg up to Log Cabin.  Jim is swell fellow.

Thursday Aug 6                                                                                                                                                         Neil made me very angry down on beach – pants episode and watermelon.

To-night I was at a beach fire with the General.  I like him very much but think I like Neil better.

Mr Deeds Goes to WashingtonFriday Aug 7                                                                                                                                                     Neil actually appeared on the beach to-day.  Jim Stevenson – good old pal – fixed it all up between us and the 3 of us & Jean Dungy went to see Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington at Goderich. I seem to be crazy about the guy and he definitely got serious.

The Letter was Perfectly Horrid

Saturday Aug 8 1936                                                                                                                                     To-day I got H___ for waking up Rolly last night which was Neil’s fault.  Last night Ken came out for me & of course I wasn’t home – out with Neil.  Then I poured hot tea on Rolly and she was very angry.  

To-day got bad dose of sick.  To-night Neil & I, Phil & Marg, Jim & Joan went to Goderich.  After to a restaurant, home on the side of car.  Afterwards I sneaked out of the house and Neil and I went swimming down on the beach.  He can get just as serious as he can be silly.  He doesn’t like me like I do him so I guess it’s all off.  He isn’t even going to look me up in Toronto, which doesn’t makes it very easy to leave here.

Monday Aug 10                                                                                                                                                       Here I am back in Seaforth again.  Neil brought me in last night & Rita and Jim –definitely I like him.  He is supposed to come to-night but hasn’t arrived yet so I hardly expect him now, 9:30.  I had a chance to go out with Evan Rennie to-night too but turned him down for Neil.  I tried to get down to Toronto last night but couldn’t and expect to get down. (sic)

Well Neil has just come and gone and so has Ken.  Ken dropped in before Neil got here and when Neil arrived Ken was comfortably established in the sitting room.  Neil had Jim Stevenson and Dot with him and I waxed and coaxed them to come in but they wouldn’t.  I told them I’d get rid of Ken in 20 minutes and they said they’d come back then but didn’t.  Being kind of crazy about Neil and just a friend to Ken I am terribly disappointed –Neil said he’d come around to-morrow night but I don’t think he will.  Things always seem to work out that way. 

Neil didn’t come by Tuesday night.

Thursday August 13                                                                                                                                           Arrived home (Toronto) yesterday morning at 8:30 a.m. and left C4th (Seaforth) at 12 with Mike.  Left for Bolton at 12 last night.  Am in cabin with 2 very nice girls.  Both go to Vic. –Mary McCutcheon and Doris White.  The former is in 2nd year meds, the latter 2nd year Eng and hist.

Sunday Aug 16                                                                                                                                               Thursday night the 3 of us skipped out & met 3 boys from Rotary.  Friday night we skipped out but didn’t meet any one.  I like it here a lot but sometimes I get terribly homesick for Bayfield.  They are terribly strict and you can’t go anywhere without permission.  The meals are grand and the kids are swell. 

letter imageFriday Aug 21                                                                                 A great deal has happened since I last wrote here.  First I got an awful letter from Dot about Neil.  Apparently he was just taking me out to see how hard I’d fall for him and making fun of me to the other kids all the time.  The letter was perfectly horrid and served in making me dislike Neil intensely which he wanted.  I can now appreciate what a swell guy Ken is in comparison to Neil.  I sincerely hope I never see the guy again and if I do I shall be very cool.

Last night I got my results and got all the exams I wrote.  That means I have 7 uppers.  –2 more and I’ll have my senior. 

Wednesday night Mother and Dad and Elizabeth came up to see me and we went over to Sherbourne to see Muriel Beatty.  Mac and Toots go out every night & to-night I have a date through them.  I don’t want to go very much because I think they are pretty fast.  But they made a date for me so I suppose I shall have to go. 


Monday Aug 24 1936                                                                                                                                             Went out with the kids Friday night and had a pretty good time but didn’t get in ’til five and it rained.  Saturday night a very bad thunderstorm.  Last night I went up and slept with Helen H. and Mary A. and Mother came.  There was a fair Saturday aft. & the five of us got dressed the same and had a lot of fun getting our pictures taken etc.  Last night church service with Rotary.

Sunday August 30                                                                                                                                               edited-1936-adHome from Bolton Tuesday in the rain.  Got driven to Bloor.  Tuesday night Elizabeth took me to show.  Wednesday night the Bolton kids went to Uptown but only 3 of us turned up.  Helen, Marg & I.  Thursday & Friday very sore back.  Went down town Friday and bought many new clothes.  Nora sent me $2.  I invested in a girdle for which I have much need.  I now weigh 99 lbs.  (She was 5’2”)

Got letter from Ken Wednesday.  Have not seen Jim yet.  To-night I am going down to the Toronto General Hospital where Helen is sick.  This aft I went over to Marg’s and got all the Commerce books.  I start work Tuesday.

Sunday Sept 6                                                                                                                                                             Well this is the week end Ken was supposed to come down and we were going to have such a grand time.  I suppose he decided the gas would cost too much & I wasn’t worth the price.  He didn’t even write me & tell me he wasn’t coming and I could have gone up to Seaforth with Mother & Dad.  I am definitely through with that guy.  He’s played his last dirty trick on me.  He’s about as dependable as a snail or something. 

Last night, being fed up with sitting at home I went after my man.  I got him.  Henceforth I shall always go after my man and it won’t be my fault if I don’t get him.  Jim (Milne) is the man in question & he was over at Dance’s.  Our Star Weekly hadn’t come & since Glen (Jim’s youngest brother) usually brings it so I went over to ask Jim why it hadn’t come – a good excuse.  So he came down to the store with me and we sat on the verandah afterwards and then went for a walk.  He was awfully nice to me. 

I have started over to Commerce & so far I think it is grand except noon hour which keeps me rushing – 40 mins.  Betty is going over there too so I have some one to walk over with.  I am terribly disappointed because instead of sitting at home all week end I was looking forward to a good time. 

Monday Sept 9                                                                                                                                                           Last night Elizabeth & I went over to Anne’s and I met the Corbett’s who all seem very nice.  I don’t know whether I am disappointed in Aunt Ray or not.  After we left the apartment w went to the Uptown and saw the mid-nite.  To-night Mother has just come home & informed me that Ken came down to the city.  Why he didn’t look me up I can’t understand.  If there isn’t some mistake some place I shall certainly never speak to him again.  Knowing he was in the city just makes in harder.

Joan and I Hitch Hiked to Stratford

Wednesday Sept 11 1936                                                                                      

Well the mystery has cleared.  Yesterday I got a letter from Ken dated Seaforth 2 and Toronto Sept 8 and wrong address written on it.  Where it was for the 6 days between I don’t know.  If I had gotten that when I should have I could have answered it and told him wasn’t going to C4th.  Naturally he wondered why I didn’t write and probably thought I didn’t want him.  Anyway when he got home and his Mother told him I had been in Toronto he felt as badly as I did and wrote immediately which I got to-day.  He had arrived late Saturday night and drove out here about 2 p.m. Suday and there was nobody home –apparently we were all asleep.  Anyway he decided we were all up in C4th.  Of course I would have to miss him.  Apparently we weren’t meant to get along together because that is the second mess we have been in.  However he wrote me a lovely letter to-day and he certainly was not to blame.  It might have been the Seaforth post office I don’t know.  I guess the best thing to do is just forget about it.

Monday Sept 21

I’ve had such an exciting week and I simply must write it up.  Granma is ill again so Mother & Dad had to go up to Lucan for the weekend and Mosey (her brother Morley) and I coaxed them to take us to Seaforth.  San Francisco posterWe arrived Friday afternoon and Joan and Alice & I went to the show and saw San Francisco which is the best picture I have seen for a long time.  After the show we went to a shower at the Catholic school.  It was for Mrs. Beatty’s maid and she was there so she came over and apologized for forgetting to give Jack (I believe this would be referring to Bernice’s brother Jack) the message. 

Saturday aft. Joan & I hitch hiked to Stratford.  We got there alright but had an awful time getting back.  First we got a ride to Mitchell.  Then we started walking the 11 miles to Seaforth & it began to get dark.  Finally an old man came along and took us as far as Dublin.  There we were forced to phone Porky who eventually came & got us.  We had a lot of fun out of it and I’d do it again any time.  I arrived home about 8 p.m. and was just sitting down to a piece of pie, my only supper, when the door bell rang and there stood Mr. Beatty (Ken) in person so I donned my coat and we drove down to Dublin and back.  We sure had a lot of fun and I am beginning to think he is pretty nice.  He has been transferred to Stratford and may be able to come down to Toronto oftener.  He expected to bring Muriel (Ken’s sister) down at the end of the month. 

Sunday morning I went to church.  Then to Lucan & so home leaving Mother and & Mosey & Elizabeth behind.  Just the three of us in Toronto now.  To-night Jack 🙂 (Milne, I believe) phoned and asked me to go to the Embassy Thursday night.  It is Betty’s birthday and Art is throwing a party to celebrate.  It will be swell to go out with Jack again instead of Puddy. 

Tuesday Sept 22

I got the nicest letter from Ken to-day. Quoting “I want to get down to Toronto to see you the very first chance I get and I am hoping it will not be very long until I do.  I think probably you know how I feel towards you but if you don’t I would love to tell you sometime.” ♥ Thanks.

I Think I Like Him Better than Jack

Monday Sept 28 1936

Went to the Old Mill with Jack on Thursday night and had a grand time.  All the old crowd were there Betty and Art are engaged and Art gave her the ring for her birthday.  He is just as big a flirt as ever and he says he will get me a job.  “The Two Troublemakers.” 

Very quiet weekend.  Went downtown Saturday morn, & Marion and Al over at night.  Mother and Dad up in Lucan and brought Granma back.

Sunday Oct 21

Have had a very nice weekend.  Thursday night, first meeting of A.Y.  Lake SimcoeFriday night the gang went on a wiener roast up to Lake Simcoe  –Bromleigh’s cottage.  I went with Jack and had a very nice time.  Saturday aft I went to Marion Haugh’s wedding.  Marg was the bride’s maid and she looked much nicer than Marion.  Saturday night Marg Beasley came over & I ironed & mended my clothes.  To-night I was out again with Jack. We went driving with Doreen & Bill and Jack asked me to Bill’s birthday party for a week next Saturday night. Lucky it wasn’t this Saturday night if Ken comes down. This aft I was over talking to Wilma and she seems to be having a pretty good time. 

Tuesday Oct 6

Was talking to Jimmy (Milne, Jack’s older brother) last night for the first time in quite a while and he is just as nice as ever.  I think I like him better than Jack (Milne) but it doesn’t do me any good.  If he can get passes for Marion & I we will go to the game on Saturday aft if he is playing (football).  I got a letter from Ken to-day and he is not sure whether he is coming down or not.  If he isn’t he will phone me Friday night.  Here’s hoping I don’t get a phone call.

Thursday  Oct 8

Jack phoned to-night to see if I was going to the A.Y. wiener roast but I had to stay home & study and he didn’t think he’d go because he had a cold and of course because I wasn’t going. 

Monday Oct 12

Thanksgiving Day and very bright and cold.  Ken phoned me from Stratford Friday night and told me he couldn’t come on account of the bank.  He said he’d write me and try and explain. I was very disappointed. 

Saturday Marion and I went downtown and had a lot of fun.  Sunday morning I went to church with Mother spent the aft. reading Noel Coward’s plays. Sunday night I spent over at the Dance’s.  Al and Jim were there.

Sunday Oct 18

I went to Bill’s party last night with Jack and had a grand time.  The Rest family are patients of Dad’s.  (Her father was a dentist.)  I went downtown Friday aft noon and got a blue evening dress which I wore and every one admired.  Also saw about glasses and went down and got them Saturday.  Got a letter from Ken Thursday and he had to work. 

Saturday Oct 25

I have had a very busy week.  Tuesday night I went to the bridge club that Gladys Mason invited me to.  I had a very nice time and am going to join.  I know quite a few of the girls and Betty belongs.  Wednesday night Marion, Elizabeth & I went out in the pouring rain to the show.  Saw two very good pictures.  Both nights Al and Bert had come in and of course I was out and didn’t meet Bert.  Thursday night I went to A.Y. with Jack and Friday night Al & Mike came in.  Al was supposed to bring Bert but his father was sick and he couldn’t come.  However Mike was very nice & we played bridge.  The two kids missed the bus home and had to hitch hike home.  Left about 12.  Wilma phoned up last night & Marg came over. Apparently Helen rogers is having a party on Friday and I am invited although I haven’t got the invitation yet.

A Darn Smart Picture but a bit Risque

Tuesday Nov 3 1937

I went to Helen Roger’s party Friday night and was disgusted with Wilma otherwise didn’t have a bad time.  SaturdayJack & I went to Betty C’s party and I met the much talked of Jack and he isn’t bad at all.  Jack & I found him very amusing. Jack H liked Jack W. and he wants us to go out with Betty and him sometime.  Last night I went to the bridge club and am going over to Marion’s to-night.  Won the booby prize last night.  The much talked of Bill is boarding at Dance’s and he isn’t a bit as nice looking as Marion said, but is an awful lot of fun.

Sunday Nov 15

I haven’t been doing much but have been very busy.  Thursday might was to A.Y. Banquet and I had a lot of fun at it. Betty is lot of fun.  Wednesday night I was at the church to a practice of the play I am in and Art drove me home & we sat out in front and talked for a long time and kind of got into trouble over it.  I have at last received a letter from Ken and he has been sick but that doesn’t explain the 3 weeks.  I shall write him this aft and tell him what I think of him.  Last Saturday aft Jim gave Marion and I tickets for the Argonaut-Tiger game.  We had box seats $1.50 and it was a grand game.  Yesterday I was downtown and met Mrs. Cook from Clinton and Norma phoned me last night.  To-day I am going down to the church for a practice of the play.  My report is terrible.  Tiny Hill coming along fine.  Nora up at Aunt Edith’s and Jack (her brother Jack) at the mine makes the family very small.

Friday Nov 20

Well I have realized one of my ambitions at last.  I am a leading lady in a short play which the A.Y are putting on.  There are to be 3 short plays. I am Mrs. Campbell and the fellow who is my husband is an awful sap but I suppose I’ll have to bear him.  I was down at A.Y.  last night and Art was there but no Betty so Art made an awful nuisance of himself.   

Tuesday Nov 24

Theodora_Goes_WildI had a perfectly grand weekend. Ken came down and we painted the town.  Sat night we saw “Theodora Goes Wild” at the Uptown and a darn smart picture but a bit risqué!  Before & after we went over to his aunt’s and left notes on the front door.  His Mother & Father were down staying at the Ford Hotel.  Sunday morning he came out at 6:30 (he had the car) and Mother, he and I went to church.  -2nd row.  Then he went down to the Ford to have dinner with his Mother and Father.  At four he came back and we went down to the church & I got out of play practice.  Then we bought a film and took some pictures but I am very much afraid they won’t come out because it was starting to snow when we took them. After dinner we went down to Avenue Rd. to pick up his friend.  We went right past Avenue Rd. almost to Yonge St. before we realized where we were. I think Ken is pretty nice. I hope he comes down again soon.

Sat. aft I went to a Bolton luncheon at the Lantern Tea room and Helen & Mary & I went to the museum afterwards.  We tried to get into the Varsity game but couldn’t.  Then to Diana’s Sunday night to the Royal York with Mrs. Taylor and Mother to hear Elizabeth sing and home to bed.  Dead tired but very happy.  Betty’s Jack has sugar diabetes and Mike H. has broken his leg.

He Came to the Church Just Drunk Enough

postcard-toronto-front-street-aerial-union-station-royal-york-c1930Saturday Dec 5 1936

Last night I was at a West End A.Y. dance with Jack.  It was down at the Oak Room of the Union Station.  We went with Betty & Art and Cliff & Edna.  Betty & I got in wrong with our boyfriends, all right.  We went thru the tunnel over to the Royal York and left them because they wouldn’t come with us.  However they followed us and found us sitting in the lounge trying to pick up some new boy friends and was Art mad!  However we went back through the tunnel and they went back across the street and we couldn’t find them – but finally every thing was cleared up except Betty and Art –who wouldn’t speak to each other all the way home.  Art and I had a heart to heart talk about (sic) and tried to coax Betty out of a sulk.  Jack is swell and we had a lot of fun.  Tomorrow I am going to early Communion with Jack.  I got a very nice letter from Ken on Thursday and he expects to spend his holidays in Boston. 

Saturday Dec 12

Well the play is over and what a mess.  Cec, my husband and incidentally the leading man came down to the church just drunk enough to be able not to remember his lines at all.  They didn’t tell me he couldn’t go on until we had the whole stage set and I was already to go on and then R. came to me and said he couldn’t go on it was all off we couldn’t put the play on at all.  First I thought of all the people in the audience that had come to see me — Al, Marion, Mother, Helen Smith, Jim Milne, Marg, Betty Colston, & Helen Hamilton – then I thought of all the time we had spent on it, the last two weeks –practices every night and I just sat down and cried.  When they came and told me Art was going to take the part I just felt that I couldn’t possibly go on after that.  Everybody was swell to me though.  I’ve always thought it would be rather romantic to cry on somebody’s shoulder -well it wasn’t very romantic especially with everybody around and poor Jack’s shoulder.  As soon as Marg saw me crying she came and put her arms around me and started to cry too.  Then the two of us proceeded to move the furniture off the stage with tears streaming down our faces.  If they could only have seen behind the curtains then.  However they put our play on last instead of in the middle and I went into the A.Y. room and Doris put my make up on again and did Art.  Poor Art had cut his finger just before the program started and he couldn’t go on and make his opening speech.  The rector had to do it for him so I thought it was pretty nice of him to go on with me and he really was twice as good as Cec ever was and everybody said that he looked awfully nice & very good looking – handsome – up on the stage.  Of course he didn’t know the right actions or anything but he did swell considering.  I had to stick in quite a bit that wasn’t there e.g. Art; “This bell won’t ring.” Me; “No, it never does.  Oh Jane.” Then when Art didn’t ring the bell at the right time I had to stand there making up things to say to Ralph e.g. “Oh, isn’t it awful” –that got a big laugh out of the audience, I don’t know why.  They tell me it was the way I said it.  Everybody said I did awfully well.  Anyway I have realized one of my ambitions and I have made my debut.  Now it won’t be so hard to get into other plays. Cec had the nerve to come into the kitchen afterwards and tell me –not ask me – to get his slippers.  I told him to get his own slippers in no uncertain words.  He probably got tight because he didn’t know his part a bit well.  But I have no sympathy with him because it was certainly a coward’s way out letting us all down like that.  The least he could have done was to come and apologize to me afterwards especially when he saw how badly I felt about it.  Jim came over last night and told me I had done at least 3 times better than he had expected me to and that I had surprised him greatly.  However he admitted that the part really suited me and I guess that was one reason why I did it so well.  He went to the library & got me a book and then came back and he and Elizabeth and I played “Old Maid” and had a lot of fun.  “It’s against the laws of nature.”  He is awfully cute and I thought it was awfully swell of him to come out and see my play especially since he had to come down all by himself.

This week’s postcard of Union Station and the Royal York, circa 1930 is from a blog featuring many fine old photos and postcards from Toronto’s past;

King Edward VII Abdicated

Duke and Duchess of WindsorTuesday Dec 15 1936

We had a holiday yesterday because King Edward VII abdicated because of Mrs. Simpson and the Duke of York became King George VI on Saturday and Monday was his birthday so we got a holiday. 

Sunday night Jim came over and brought me another book – His taste in books is quite remarkable and we had a lot of fun til Morley came in and took him away.  Last night was bridge club and I heard some very nasty jokes about the ex-King and Mrs. Simpson.  Just as Jack said –somebody would get a lot of dirty jokes out about him and royalty would be dragged into the gutter.  Gladys has been stepping out with Ralph.

Monday Dec 21

Friday night Jim came over & Elizabeth and I had a lot of fun with him.  Saturday night Betty had a “Surprise” party for Art & Jack & I went.  Art was really surprised and we had a lot of fun – Indian Giver.  Sunday to church in the morning and spent the aft writing Ken a very crazy letter. 

This morning I woke up to the pounding of heavy feet up the stairs & into Mosey’s (Morley’s) room.  Then I heard someone talking who sounded suspiciously like my dear brother.  Then someone pounded on the door and sure enough it was Jack – long hair & mustache & he looks very well.  He is here till Jan 2.  To-day Marion & I went & visited families for the neighbourhood workers –very tiresome and cold.

Sunday Dec 27

We had a grand Xmas with the whole family at home plus Elizabeth, Nana and Aunt Mill.  I got everything I wanted and much more than I expected –ski boots, money for a ski suit, diary 5 years, stockings, bed socks, -$9.00  in money.  Xmas morning Jack came over and brought me a box of Laura’s which I thought was very nice of him.  Xmas night Mosey & Jim & I amused ourselves by playing “Pin the Tail on Mickey” and Blind Man’s Bluff.   Then we took Maria and Mosey home & Jim & I had a fight and he took my hat home with him. 

Saturday night I got a big surprise when I answered the phone and heard Ken speaking.  I had told Marion I would meet her at the show at 8 o’clock so we went up & waited ‘till about 8:45 & finally Marion came in with her Mother & Eleanor.  Was I mad!  Then Ken & I went down to Yonge St, picked up a parcel and came home by way of Fleet St. and through the park.  It was my fault I purposely diverted him through the park and of course we stopped –-must I go any further?  A very rude man came along and told us we didn’t have our tail light on and flashed a flash light in on us.  Were we embarrassed.  He came back later just after we had turned the tail light off and we very nearly got punched.  (Not sure if ‘punched’ is the correct word due to her handwriting.)

Sunday morning Ken got me up out of bed at 10:30 and we went to church.  After church he went to his Aunt’s for dinner then on to Seaforth.  It was just as well he went early because Jack came over at night.  Apparently we aren’t going to have a party. Darn it.  I guess Jack & I will got to the show –some fun. To-day Helen Hicks phoned and asked me to a tea on Wednesday and I had to decline because I am going to Clare Bowe’s tea Wednesday afternoon.  How disgusting.  I am going to meet Helen down town to-morrow & we are going to see “Love on the Run”.