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Picked Grapes all Day. Earned $3.00


Sep 16 Tues.  Very warm to-day.  I drove Jim to work & then went shopping.  Jim came home at noon to tell me he was going to play golf.  We had a fight over the usual thing.  Bea came for supper & we went for walk after supper.

Sep 17 Wed.  Jim trying to be very nice to me.  Brought me flowers to-night, the usual make-up bribe.  I told him last time I wanted music instead of flowers, but, as usual, he forgot.  Everything fine now.  I hate being mad at him.

Sep 18 Thurs.  To-night we went for a walk & brought in the cows.  We certainly are having beautiful warm sunny weather for September.  I hope it lasts.

Sep 19 Fri.  As Jim was playing golf & poker & we had been invited to Norma’s, Owen came & got me & I went in.  We played bridge etc. & had a lot of fun.  Had intended going to the show but couldn’t get the car started.

Sep 20 Sat.  As the battery in the car was run down, Jim & I drove to Fort Erie & back.  Then went to the library & did our shopping at the Falls.  The first bit of unnecessary gas we have used.

Sep 21 Sun.  Mother & Dad, Nana & Nora came to see us to-day.  I was sick this morning so Jim got up & tidied up & it was well done.  Beautiful day.  We took them to the Glen & the Falls.  They left about 5.

Sep 22 Mon.  They brought us word yesterday that Glen has volunteered for overseas service & expects to leave anytime without leave.  Poor Mrs. Milne.  (Bernice is referring to Glen, Jim’s younger brother.  The reference to Mrs. Milne is regarding having two of her three sons, Jack and Glen both overseas.)

They_Met_in_Bombay-886210927-largeSep 23 Tues.  Washed & then picked grapes all day with Mrs. Johnson.  Earned $3.00.  Jim & I went into the show after.  Saw “They Met in Bombay” -very good.  Bowled afterwards.

Sep 24 Wed.  Tried my hand to-day at making grape juice & jam.  the grape juice tastes pretty good but the jam is pretty tough.

Sep 25 Thurs.  Terrific wind storm here to-day.  Quite a few trees blown down on the farm.  Jim & I spent the evening inside -knitting & playing solitaire.

Sep 26 Fri.  Got a letter from Nora to-day.  Glen has left for Halifax.  Jim played golf to-night.  He brought home a letter from Jack who is apparently much better.  He says his Aunt & Uncle in Scotland gave him money for us for a wedding present.

Sep 27 Sat.  Made my first tarts to-day.  (Butter)  Jim & I went shopping & dropped into Liscombes’ to see if the were coming out to-morrow.  While buying fruit met an SPS man & he invited us to his place for to-morrow night.

Sep 28 Sun.  We spent a very lazy day.  Outside of following a fire reel in a wild goose-chase and Jim fixing the brakes, we spent our anniversary in bed.  (4 times).  After supper we went to see Ted & Mildred.  They are very nice.  She is going to have a baby in 3 weeks.

Sep 29 Mon.  I got a letter from George to-day.  He is a Pilot Officer.  He says England isn’t as bad as he expected & also England is the only place in the world to live.  Did pears & made plum jam.  Helped Jim fix the breaks (sic) at night.  Nearly froze holding a candle for him.

I Like to be Alone


Oct. 1 Wed.  Intended to go to town but the wouldn’t go so walked up to the Centre.  Got a new battery for the car before supper.  Went to Mildred while Jim bowled.  She had 2 other girls we played bridge.  I would rather have just had Mildred.  Very nice of her though.

Oct 2 Thurs.  I made my first chili sauce to-day.  Also some more plum jam.  Jim came in at noon, not expecting to get permission to play golf but I let him & he is beginning to wonder what’s up.  I like to be alone.  I get more done & can loaf more.  He got in about 7:30 p.m.

Oct. 3 Fri.  We had our first really rainy day to-day.  It is just as nice here when it rains.  It is so fresh.  We spent a quiet evening at home listening to the radio & reading.

Oct 4 Sat.  Went shopping this morning without mishap.  Nora came this aft.  We went to St. Catharine’s at night to see the show “Belle Star”.  Not much good.

Oct 5 Sun.  Got up about 10.  Jim went to work.  Nora gets me down.  We all went up to Chippawa in the rain.  Then I took Nora to the Glen.  She left about 6:30.  I felt ashamed of myself for acting the way I did but Nora & Jim & I just don’t go.

Oct 6 Mon.  Ted & Mildred Phillips came for tea & I fussed all day getting things ready.  When it comes to entertaining I certainly have the wherewithall with all my dishes & crystal.  After tea we played cards.

Oct 7 Tues.  Spent the day putting away all the tea finery.  The weather is still perfect.  It is so warm.

Oct 8 Wed.  I went to Mildred’s for lunch.  Then we went to an auction sale but there was none, so we went to the fruit shop.  Jim went bowling after supper & I packed for my trip to Toronto.  The only thing I’m afraid of is the car might act up.

Oct 9 Thurs.  I left for Toronto this morning driving myself.  No mishaps.  Went into the market first.  It took me just 2 hours.  I went straight to Betty’s then home, then shopping with Betty & there for supper.  Down to Milne’s after until 1 a.m.

A_YankOct. 10 Fri.  I went down town, to the office for lunch.  Surprised Miss Watt not there.  Took them preserves.  Met Betty at 5.  We had supper & then went to see “A Yank in the RAF.”  Very good.  Didn’t get all my shopping done.  Elizabeth B. very cute.  (Betty’s baby).

Oct 11 Sat.  Did my washing this morning & some of Mother’s.  Jim came home about 3 p.m.  We went to Bromley’s for supper.  Played bridge after.  It certainly is good to see old friends again.

Oct 12 Sun.  Got up & drove to church with Mother.  We went down to Milne’s for supper then home after as I had asked Lois & Ted.  We had a lot of fun with them.  We are hoping they can get over for a weekend.  We slept at Milne’s.

Oct 13 Mon.  Spent the morning at Milne’s.  In the aft I went to see Alice. D. & Helen S.  Then to a tea at the Girl’s Group for Gladys M.  We had thanksgiving supper at home.  All the family home.  We got back to Stamford about 8:30.  Good to be back again (in Toronto) but good to get home.

Oct 14 Tues.  Mother gave us a big chest when we were home so I covered it to-day with the chintz I had left.  Also unpacked our crystal.  It certainly is nice.

Oct 15 Wed.  I met Mrs. Calder to-day.  She seems very nice.  I walked up to the Centre it was so lovely & bought some meat.  Jim went bowling to-night.

Picked up 4 Soldiers and an English Airman


Oct 17 Fri.  Jim & I went to St. Catharines to the show.  Saw “The Stars Look Down”  –very morbid.  Picked up 4 soldiers & an English airman on the way home.  Found out 2 of the soldiers come from C4th & the Englishman from Leeds where Jim used to live.

Oct 18 Sat.  Picked up Mildred & went shopping this morning.  Jim & I went to the library this aft.  It is very rainy and nasty out.

Oct 19 Sun.  Jim got my breakfast this morning. Then he went to work.  It rained all day & we spent a very lazy day.  I tried to get him to go to church to-night but no sale.

Oct 20 Mon.  Felt pretty rotten to-day.  Daphne & Vic House came out to-night.  The two of them certainly are tall.  They are building a house.  They are very lucky to be able to.

Oct 21 Tues.  Jim went to the Chemical Club meeting in St. Catharines.  I stayed at home & read & knitted.  It is pretty cold without the furnace on.  We have our coal oil burner going but it is pretty smelly.

Oct 22 Wed.  Jim went bowling to-night as I went to see Mildred.  I knit while they sat & talked to me & listened to the radio.  When Jim came in, we had toast & marmalade & tea.  They are very hospitable.

Oct 23 Thurs.  I went into town shopping this aft & then did the washing when I came home.  Jim & I went to the Hollywood at night & saw “Sailors Three”. English – very funny.

Oct 25 Sat.  I didn’t go shopping this morning but went in to the library & got wool for my ski sweater in the aft.  Spent a quiet evening at home.  They have at last put on the furnace & it is very cozy.

Oct 26 Sun.  It was my turn to get up & get Jim’s breakfast.  Then I cleaned up while he went into work. We then went for a walk.  A bit chilly but bright.  I finished Jessie’s babie’s (sic) outfit.  It has taken me 2 mos. & I started my own sweater. 

Oct 27 Mon.  I went in to get Mildred this morning to take her to St. Catharines to get her hair cut.  She felt as if she should go to the hospital instead so went by myself.  Washed my hair & finished the left front of my sweater.

Oct 28 Tues.  Jim & I went to the show. Saw “Old Bill & Son” English -quite good.  I have finished the right front of my sweater.  War news not very cheerful from Russia.  I am reading “Squadron Up”.

Oct 29 Wed.  We got a letter from Jack to-day.  His other aunt from Scotland gave him $5. (English pounds) for us.  That makes $50 we are to get from his account.  We can certainly use it.  Jim went bowling so I spent a quiet evening by myself.

Oct 30 Thurs.  Mildred has a 6&3/4 lb. baby boy born Monday night at 12 or  so.  I answered Jack’s letter, also wrote to Mother & Helen S.  We spent the evening at home listening to the radio – a good night.

Oct 31 Fri.  Jim came home for lunch & I went into town to look for an Xmas job, also to see Mildred.  Arrived just in time for wine & birthday cake.  Baby very cute & Mildred looks fine.  Called for Jim at Cyanamid.  We went to the show in St. C. at night.    


I Was Rather a Mess


Nov 1 Sat.  I went into town shopping in the pouring rain this a.m.  The car stalled while waiting for a train.  Jim & I slept this p.m. & then went for a walk.  Got a letter from Mother-in-Law.  She and Daddy expect to come on Tuesday. 

Old St John's Anglican StamfordNov 2 Sun.  Not a very nice day.  We loafed all day.  I finally convinced Jim that we should go to church at night.  It is certainly the smallest church I have ever been in.  The minister seemed very nice.

Nov 3 Mon.  I was busy getting the house cleaned to-day for Mr. & Mrs. Milne.

Nov 4 Tues.  Baked this morning.  Mr. & Mrs. Milne arrived about 12.  Jim came home for lunch.  Mrs. M & I went shopping in aft and up to see the falls.  I had my first chicken & it was quite good.  We spent the evening talking and listening to the radio.  J & I slept on the sofa.

Nov 5 Wed.  Mrs.  M. & I spent the morning talking.  I think I would like her a lot better if I knew her better.  She certainly can criticize though.  J. & Mr. M. home for lunch.  They left about 3.  J went bowling at night.

Nov 6 Thurs.  Mrs.  Calder called on me this aft.  I was rather a mess.  The minister & his wife called on us to-night.  I was in my blue satin housecoat & the place was rather untidy.  His wife is very nice & asked me to bridge.

Nov 7 Fri.  Jim came home for lunch & I went shopping.  Got the stuff for overseas boxes.  I couldn’t seem to get the right size box to put them in and they have to be mailed by the 10th.  Will try again on Monday.

Nov 8 Sat.  Got furious at Jim to-day.  He let me clean all the windows all by myself while he sat & listened to the radio.  Went to town at night & picked up the Johnson’s & brought them home.  Snowing.  Very wicked night out.  Still very annoyed.

Nov 9 Sun.  Thinking Nora & Morley weren’t coming, we had a silent dinner about 2.  They came about 3.  Snow on the ground here to-day –no where else.  We went down to the Glen.  They left after a sandwich supper about 7:30.

Nov 10 Mon.  Jim came home for lunch.  I tore around in the car all aft trying to get boxes for overseas parcels.  Finally got George’s & Glen’s off.  Also cigarettes for Charlie.  Deposited first money since married, $15.00.  We went to separate shows at night as we both wanted to see different pictures.

Nov 11 Tues.  Tidied and baked this morning with hope that Betty & Art or Mr. Milne might come but none came.  Very disappointed.  Took a walk up to the Centre in the aft.  Bitterly cold.  Jim made popcorn at night.

Nov 12 Wed.  Mr. Milne came today –just at supper time.  Jim went bowling so he spent the evening listening to news & I sewed –making Elizabeth Bromley a dress for her birthday.

Nov 13 Thurs.  To-night I went with Mrs. Walker to a social meeting of the young married group at the church.  We played bridge.  Had a very nice time.  I met a girl from Kirkland Lake who seems quite lonely.

Nov 15 Fri.  On my way shopping this aft I went into see the girl from Kirkland Lake.  They have a lovely house & a cute little girl.  Jim & I went to the library & to see Ted & Mildred at night .  The baby cried a lot. 

Note; The photo accompanying  this week’s post is from I believe this would have been the church Jim and Bernice attended.

Morning Sickness Sounds Bad

220px-Hold_Back_The_Dawn_-_1941_-_posterNov 15 Sat.  Jim and I went into St. Catharines about 5:30.  We shopped & then saw “Hold Back the Dawn” –very good.  Picked up a soldier on the way home & took him to where Lieut. Barbour still is.

Nov 16 Sun.  In the aft Jim & I went for a walk at the gravel pits.  You get in a lot of climbing there.  Went to church at night and then to see George & Marion Ashby.  We played bridge & had a lovely time.  They seem awfully nice.

Nov 17 Mon.  Jim went bowling to-night.  I went up to see Mrs. Breeden.  There (sic) apartment is very cute & very private.  I hope the buy a house in the spring so we can have it. 

Nov 18 Tues.  Called for Marion & we went shopping.  A beautiful warm day.  We drove along to the Glen.  Got a letter from Mother saying she & Dad are coming over some time on business. Jim to Chem Club (Chemical) meeting.

Nov 19 Wed.  Started Nora’s sweater for Xmas.  Still very warm so I cleaned storm windows on the outside.  Jim went bowling again.  We had a fight over the usual thing.

Nov 20 Thurs.  Jim in to-night.  First time this week.  We listened to the radio.  He brought me some Laura’s to make up the fight instead of flowers.  British starting a drive in the desert again against the Italians.

Nov 21 Fri.  Finished my book.  J. & I went to bed early & read & ate Laura’s.  Mrs. Breeden came in to-day & borrowed some of my mags.  I copied out a lot of her recipes.

Nov 22 Sat.  Made my first chocolate pie this a.m.  It tasted alright.  Jim & Geo played golf in the aft while Marion & daughter & I went shopping.  Jim & I went to the library at night.

Nov 23 Sun.  Spent the morning in bed & then played my first 9 hole game of golf with Geo & Jim.  We came back to Ashby’s for supper & after supper Marion & I went to church, then played bridge with the boys. 

Nov 24 Mon.  I woke up this morning & was sick at my stomach.  Felt pretty rotten all day.  Jim came home at noon.  Morning sickness sounds bad.  Marion & Geo were supposed to come for supper but I put them off.

Nov 25 Tues.  Still feeling pretty punk.  Terrific appetite.  Thought if I got out to-night I would feel better so Jim took me to the show.  We saw “Unfinished Business”.  Quite good.

Nov 26 Wed.  I don’t seem to be feeling any better.  Jim went bowling to-night.

Nov 27 Thurs.  I walked up to see Marion this aft & then phoned Mildred who said I am going to have a baby.  Wept over the fact as it is rather a shock.  I went out to Mrs. ? (sic) with Mrs. Walker to the ? (illegible word) to-night.

Nov 28 Fri.  Jim threw a party for the boys to-night.  I went shopping with Marion this aft.  I felt awfully miserable to-night.  The party didn’t break up until 3:30.  I don’t know what the Johnson’s thought.

Nov 29 Sat.  Felt miserable again to-day.  Jim played golf in the aft while I lay around.  We went to St. Catharines at night & saw “Honky Tonk”.  Not bad.  I felt better after getting out. 

Nov 30 Sun.  I felt much better to-day.  I drove up to the Ashby’s with Jim to find out if they would come for supper.  Jim & Geo played golf.  I walked back & got a salad supper ready.  J & G went to church.  M & I did dishes and then played bridge after. 

Slept at Milne’s and Nearly Froze.

Dec 1 Mon.  I felt better again to-day.  I got a letter from Mother saying she is coming over tomorrow.  I will going back with them.

Dec 2 Tues.  Got up this a.m. cleaned the house and baked.  Mother & Dad arrived at 11:30.  Jim came home for dinner.  We left at 3 and got home about 5.  Dad let me drive.  Went to see Betty after supper.  Convinced her of my condition.

Dec 3 Wed.  Did my washing this p.m.  Went down to see Alice to-night.  She is being married in Feb.  She doesn’t want to go and see my Dr. now.  It certainly is wonderful to be home again.  I feel fine. 

Dec 4 Thurs.  Hung my washing out this a.m.  Went to Jessie’s for lunch.  Saw her baby.  Betty & I walked up to the church bazaar & to the Junction, then to her place for my supper.  Marg Haugh called for me & then Betty & I went to Deaconess House.

Dec 5 Fri.  Went downtown & had lunch at the office.  Good to go back again but also good to leave.  Went in to see Mr. & Mrs. Milne at night.  Letters from Jack and Glen.  Expect Jack home again soon.

Dec 6 Sat.  Jim arrived about 12:30.  I went to a Group tea in the aft & to see Helen Smith.  We went to Milne’s for supper & then up to see Lois & Ted at night.  Slept at the Milne’s and nearly froze.

Pearl Harbour HeadlineDec 7 Sun.  Got up very late.  Jim & I went to see Betty & Art.  Got news when there that Japan had attacked the Philippines and Hawaii.  Left after supper at our place and arrived home about 9 p.m.

Dec 8 Mon.  Great excitement on the radio all day to-day.  Jim & I went to see Mildred & Ted at night.  We listened to the false alarm that San Francisco was being bombed.  Mildred said I looked much better.

Dec 9 Tues.  I went to the church bazaar & tea today.  Enjoyed myself very much .  Waited on the tables.  Marion was there. Getting quite cold now. 

Dec 10 Wed.  This aft very cold.  Marion & I went shopping.

Dec 11 Thurs.  I drove Mrs. Walker & Marion to Group meeting.  Heard of someone moving.  Mrs.  Walker told me where it was & will go & look to-morrow.  I got a cute little dog for an ?? present at the meeing.

Dec 12 Fri.  This aft walked around & looked at the house & was quite taken with it.  Went in to see Mrs. Calder after & Mrs. Hayes.  Had tea there.  They are very nice.

Dec 13 Sat.  Snow to-day and lots of it.  Jim & I went around to see the house.  He found all the faults which, of course, I had overlooked.  She will let us have it at our price, $25. & paper it in the spring.  We walked up to see  Marion & Geo at night.  Their advice was take it.

Dec 14 Sun.  We talked the matter over with Mrs. J. & she is agreeable providing we rent our place.  Then went over to see the people.  They seem awfully nice & told them we’d take it.  To church at night & then up to Ashby’s to play bridge.

Dec 15 Mon.  A friend of Dr. Johnson’s came to look at the place but didn’t take it because of the transportation.   

I Told Mother about Junior

1941 New Year's EveDec 16 Tues.  Jim put an ad in the paper this a.m.  At night we went into the Falls & did some shopping & then went to Norma’s.  They are a queer outfit but a lot of fun.

Dec 17 Wed.  Took my washing up to Marion’s to-day.  Did it and had my lunch there.  I like Marion very much.  We spent the aft talking.

Dec 18 Thurs.  I called for Marion to go shopping to-day but she had gone on by bus so had to go by myself.  Missed meeting her in town.  Met Mrs. Johnson & decided to put the ad in again.

Dec 19 Fri.  Marion & Judith came down to-day for lunch & sewed.  We went around to look at the house.  I like it better than ever.  Put an ad again in the paper & no applicants.

Dec 20 Sat.  Mildred & Ted dropped in at lunch time.  In the aft we picked up the Ashby’s & went Xmas shopping.  Very cold.  Stayed in at night.  Again no answer to our ad.  Had a fight over the usual thing.  Junior 2 months old.

Dec 21 Sun.  We went over to see the Johnson’s to-day & she said she thought we could have it for half the rent the 1st of Feb.  We went to a carol service at the church to-night.

Dec 22 Mon.  To-night Jim & I went to the Dr.  He is awfully nice.  Seemed to think I was OK and said July 27 would be the day.  Dropped in to see Marion & Geo. after doing our shopping & having a soda at Thorburn’s.

Dec 23 Tues.  Jim & I picked up Marion & George & they went shopping while we went to see Bea.  After we brought M & Geo here & played bridge & ate.

Dec 24 Wed.  We left for Toronto about 3.  Had to get a new fan belt at St. Cath.’s After supper we went shopping & to see the Milne’s & then up to Betty & Art’s where Mother & I left for church.  Had to sleep at Milne’s.

Dec 25 Thurs.  We had a lovely Xmas.  I got mostly furniture.  Mr. & Mrs. Milne & Aunt May & Uncle Ben came for dinner which I enjoyed very much.

Dec 26 Fri.  Jim left early this a.m. for the Falls.  Aunt Mill came to-day so I spent the day at home knitting and sewing.

Dec 27 Sat.  Betty B., Mrs. M. and Mother & I went to the show to-night –Runneymede.  Just like old times.  After we came home I told Mother about Junior and she was very pleased.

Dec 28 Sun.  I found to-day rather long and a bit lonesome.  Nora & I went to Smith’s to see their presents.  Nora had a tea and after I told her about Junior. She was very pleased too — thought it was about time.

Dec 29 Mon.  I went down town to-day.  Spent most of my time at the office.  Nice to go back as a guest.  Went to Group party with Betty sans husbands and had a grand time which we didn’t expect.

Dec 30 Tues.  Mother & I went downtown to-day.  Bought 30 yds. of flanalette  & material for a smock.  Home in time to hear Churchill from Ottawa –excellent.  Went in to see Marg Haugh at night. 

Dec 31 Wed.  Jim came to-day about 2.  Very glad to see him.  Grand New Year’s Eve.  Went to Betty B. first, then Mary W., and Betty C. and back to Mary’s.  Progressive dinner.  Grand eats.  Missed out on a chicken dinner at Milne’s though.   

Hated to Leave Toronto


Jan 1 Thurs.  We slept at the Milne’s, got up rather late and spent the rest of the time at our place.  We had another turkey which was very good.  Nora & Jim & I went for a walk in the aft in the rain.  Miserable day.  After supper we went up to Bromley’s for awhile, then back to Milne’s and early to bed.

Jan 2 Fri.  We got up early this morning.  It was only snowing slightly when we left but by the time we reached Stamford a blizzard was blowing such as I have never been out in.  I was glad to get back to Jim but hated to leave Toronto I had such a good time and such good meals.

Jan 3 Sat.  Jim & I went shopping.  We were going to see a show & have dinner downtown.  We met Mildred & Ted & went up to their place for dinner.  Came home fairly early & I was sick at my stomach, 2nd time at night.   

Jan 4  Sun.  We went to church to-night and then walked to Marion & Geo. & had a game of bridge.  Nice to see them again.

Jan 5 Mon.  Jim got anti-freeze for the car to-day so we drove to St. Catharine’s to mix it and went to the show.  It was quite good.  Very cold but the car went.

Jan 6 Tues.  Very cold to-day, 5 below.  The car wouldn’t go so Jim & I started out to Marion’s with two suit cases full of washing.  Fortunately Mrs. Walker picked us up.  I think I’d have been frozen otherwise.  Marion made a mince pie for me.  Was it good.  Blizzard blowing at 5.  So Jim couldn’t bring the clothes home.

Jan 7 Wed.  Woke with quite a bad cold to-day and spent most of the day lying around.  Jim walked into bowl and came back again without my washing.  Grrrrr.

Jan 8 Thurs.  Mr. Walker came in this aft to tell me where the group meeting was and I said I’d go — delighted to get out for a change since I was getting a ride.  After he had gone I started to sneeze and my nose filled up so much that I couldn’t go.  I certainly was disappointed.

Jan 9 Fri.  I am busy these days trying out new recipes and going through magazines to find them.  Some of them aren’t so good and others are fine.  I am enjoying my meals much more because I am fussing with them more.

Jan 10 Sat.  Jim spent the aft trying to get the car to go but it wouldn’t budge so we spent Saturday aft and night at home.  Still cold.

Jan 11 Sun.  To-night we went to church and then walked up to Ashby’s with George and played euchre.  It was a lovely crisp night.

Jan 13 Tues. To-night Jim needed a hair cut so I walked up to the Centre with him & waited at Ashby’s while he went to the barber’s.  It is not quite so cold out and is just a nice walk up to the Centre.

Jan 14 Wed.  Jim got the battery charged and the car actually went.  He went bowling & out with the “boys” after and I stayed at home.

The_Feminine_Touch_posterJan 15 Thurs.  Jim took me into the show to-night.  We saw the “Feminine Touch” which was an awfully good picture.  It certainly is nice to get out again.

Jan 16 Fri.  Marion & Judith came down this aft. I spent the morning cleaning a much needed kitchen.  We knit and then had tea.  At night as Jim was going to a stag party, George and Marion & I went to the show. They to the one we saw, and I to another.  Luckily we had Geo. as it was quite cold and hard to get the car started.          

Wish We Could Get Back to Toronto


Jan 17 Sat.  We picked up the Ashby’s about 3:30 and went shopping.  As it was our first shopping in town since the first Saturday home we certainly bought a lot of stuff.  Came home, went right to bed & slept the clock around. 

Jan 18 Sun.  No church to-night.  Marion & Geo came down & we played bridge.  Very mild out yesterday & to-day.

Jan 19 Mon.  Tidied up the house this a.m. & washed my hair.  Went to bed early and read.

Jan 20 Tues.  Gave the kitchen a good cleaning this a.m.  Then went to the church to a luncheon and heard a woman speak on China.  It was very interesting.  Marion was there.  Got a letter from Mother & one from Aunt Mill.

Jan 21 Wed.  Went up to Marion’s to wash this a.m.  Got a letter from Mrs. Milne,  Jack is instructing in England.  Jim went bowling to-night and after a sleep I did most of the ironing.

Jan 22 Thurs.  Finished the ironing.  Went into town for the first time since I came home.  Picked up a Mrs. Dennis.  Got stalled outside of Marion’s and had to have the garage man.  Went to the Dr’s but he wasn’t in.  Took my pyrex into the hardware and then came home & went to bed with a bad headache.  Poor Jim got his own supper & did the dishes.  I didn’t go to the Group.

Jan 23 Fri.  Spent all morning baking.  Cleaned the house in the aft.  Bea, Norma, Owen and Bea’s boyfriend came out.  We played Rummy Royal & had quite a nice time.

Jan 24 Sat.  Cleaned up the mess from the party this a.m. Went into town about 6:30.  Got a couple of good books from the library & spent the night reading. 

Jan 25 Sun.  We were deep in our books most of the day.  Geo. & Judith came in in the aft to tell us Marion was sick & couldn’t have us at night.  No church, so we spent a lazy evening.

Jan 26 Mon.  Woke up with terrific cold so spent the day in bed trying to get rid of it but not to much avail.

Jan 27 Tues.  Spent another day in bed.  My cold seems pretty much the same.  Mildred phoned Jim to-day & Ted has a job in Toronto & they are moving in a couple of weeks.

Jan 28 Wed.  My cold seems slightly better to-day but stayed in bed to make sure of getting rid of it.  Jim went to bowling to-night.

Jan 29 Thurs.  Jim came home at noon & we picked up Marion & went shopping, then up to the Dr’s where I waited 2 hours.  I am ok, of course.  We went in to see Mildred & Ted.  He seems to have a very good job & is certainly bettering himself.  They are coming out to see us Saturday night.  I have gained 4 lbs.

Major BarbaraJan 30 Fri.  To-day I baked & cleaned the house.  I was awfully tired but there was a good show on GB Shaw’s “Major Barbara” at the Seneca so we went.  Enjoyed both pictures immensely.

Jan 31 Sat.  Baked & tidied up this a.m.  Slept this p.m.  Miserable night.  We picked up Geo & Judith, shopped, then got Mildred & Ted & brought them out.  We’ll be sorry to see them go.  Wish we could get back to Toronto. 

It cost $52. What a blow.


Feb 1 Sun.  Spent the a.m. in bed then got up & looked for a house advertised for rent.  Could not find –called on the Ashby’s –out.  Mrs. Calder came in & asked us out there for to-night.  They are a very lovely couple. 

Feb 2 Mon.  Very ambitious to-day.  Cleaned the silverware which badly needed it as it was the first time since I’ve been married.  Also I polished the furniture.  I was glad to get into bed early.

Feb 3 Tues.  Mrs. Walker had asked me to go over to the sunday school to help her with a children’s party.  I am afraid I wasn’t much help & i nearly froze.  I didn’t feel very good either.  Was glad to hop into bed right after supper.  Mother wrote me saying Dad was coming to St. Cath. so I can have a few days at home.  My last I expect.

Feb 4 Wed.  to-night I went to a supper at the Presbyterian Church that the Mary Marthas were having with Mrs. Calder.  Marion was there too.  We had a lovely supper & enjoyed ourselves immensely.  We liked the people better than the Anglicans.  Mrs. Robinson told me her house if for rent if I wanted it.  Jim & I are going to look at it to-morrow night.

Feb 5 Thurs.  Jim & I went to look at the house to-day.  It is a very nice house with lovely grounds but they want $35.00 a month for it & we think it is too much.  The Guild was meeting next door so I went in there.  It was a very boring meeting & I was glad to get home again.

Feb 6 Fri.  Jim & I drove to the library to-night.  Coming home the car broke down on Victoria St. & had to be hauled to the garage.  We came home in a taxi.  I am afraid it will be a very expensive job so it is just as well we didn’t take the house.  I had been debating the idea all day.

Feb 7 Sat.  Snowing all day to-day.  Jim went over to Calder’s to phone about the car & it isn’t done yet.  We asked the Calder for bridge but they couldn’t come. 

Feb 8 Sun.  We spent the day reading, quite snowed in.  We went to church at night and into the Walker’s after.  The are really very nice & a lot of fun.

Feb 9 Mon.  I spent the day baking & getting the house ready for my visit to Toronto.

Feb 10 Tues.  I looked for Mother & Dad all day to-day but they didn’t come.  Ted West came through on his way to Buffaloe (sic).  Supposed to be going back to-morrow & will pick me up if Mother and Dad don’t.  Jim came in with the car.  It cost $52.   What a blow.  Snowing some more to-night.

The King's Highway 1939Feb 11 Wed.  Mother & Dad came for me to-day about noon.  We had our lunch & then drove to St. Caths. on business.  In to see a friend of Mother’s, then on to Toronto.  The highway was not too bad.  After supper I went to see the Milne’s, then to see a play at the church Betty was in.  Very good to get home.

Feb 12 Thurs.  Mother & I went downtown to-day.  I got shoes & dress material for the event.  I went into see Alice on the way home.  her apartment is very sweet.  Mother & I served to-night & Helen Smith came in.   

Feb 13 Fri.  I washed this a.m., served this p.m. and went up to Betty’s for supper.  Elizabeth is walking now & is perfectly adorable.  I had a lot of fun with her.  After supper Betty & I got caught up on the news & gossip.   When I got into bed I felt awfully sick & dizzy.  I was really scared.  I guess I have been doing too much. 

Feb 14 Sat.  Jim & I went to Alice’s wedding to-day.  She looked lovely & it was a grand wedding every one was so friendly.  We went to Milne’s for supper.  Jim told her.  She rose to the occasion just as I had expected & was perfectly horrid.  Went to Betty & Art’s at night. 

Feb 15 Sun.  Slept at Milne’s but left as soon as possible.  Spent a quiet day at home.  Left for Niagara about 6.  Dropped into Dymond’s.  Brought Nana back with us.

Note; The photo for this post is of the Queen Elizabeth Way at Jordan Harbour west of St. Catharines, facing west towards Grimsby. In 1942 it would still have been known as the Kingsway;  Taken from